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2006-05-12 Thread Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar
Hi! Have a look... Talk soon! __ OpenSSL Project Development Mailing List

Re: Loading CRL to Client

2006-01-13 Thread Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar
On 1/13/06, am0ykam0te (sent by [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: my version of openssl does not have the constant flags you included.. (X509_V_FLAG_CRL_CHECK|X509_V_FLAG_CRL_CHECK_ALL).. View this message in context: Re: Loading CRL to ClientSent from the OpenSSL - Dev forum at

Re: Verify a signed private key pair

2005-08-29 Thread Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar
-in ksbkey.pem -check -- Prakash Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, How to verify a signed certificate by a CA(.pem) coresponding private key(.pem) ? It is just to verify that someone has played with private key or not. Thx. Rajeshwar Singh Start your day with Yahoo! - make

OPENSSL_gmtime() is not ported for pSOS

2005-08-25 Thread Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar
Hi ALL, OPENSSL_gmtime() defines in O_time.c internally calls struct tm* through gmtime() but in pSOS gmtime() always retuen NULL. So can we say OPENSSL_gmtime() will always fails fro pSOS ? Can anyone suugest proper porting !

RSA_privtae_eccrypt() is causing the STACK DUMP !!!

2005-08-04 Thread Rajeshwar Singh Jenwar
Hi All, I am using pSOS on ARM 7.0 LE board. RSA_private_encrypt() which is needed to signing the private key with hash is causing a STACK CRASH ? The Function trace is :- RSA_private_encrypt() - RSA_eay_private_encrypt() - loop of ( BN_mod_exp_mount() - BN_from_montgomery() ) and it is