OMC VOTE: Drop the 'openssl' interactive mode as per GH #12023

2020-06-03 Thread Richard Levitte
topic: Drop the 'openssl' interactive mode as per GH #12023 comment: It is undocumented, pretty much unused, and hard to keep stable. Proposed by Richard Levitte Public: yes -- Richard Levitte OpenSSL Project

Seeking assistance

2020-06-03 Thread Dr Paul Dale
The OMC has approved working with the FIPS lab to include a number of additional algorithms in the upcoming FIPS validation. One slated for inclusion turns out to be beyond the time available for the fellows and the two others working on 3.0. This is the X9.42 KDF. What it needs is the X509

Vote re: #11577

2020-06-03 Thread Dr Paul Dale
topic: Accept and merge #11577. comment: #11577 reduces the maximum length of TLS labels. It also breaks standards compliance. 8 against, none for, no abstentions, 3 not yet voted. The vote failed, the PR will be closed. Pauli -- Dr Paul Dale | Distinguished Architect |