Re: Strange SSL_shutdown() error return (SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL but errno == 0)

2010-04-11 Thread Darryl Miles
Antoine Pitrou wrote: Well, in our case, and unless I'm mistaken, ret == -1, ERR_get_error() == 0 and then errno (the Unix errno) == 0. SSL_shutdown() by virtue of its unique mechanic you will not see ret == 0 (in the way the SSL_get_error man page describes) since that has a different and

Re: Openssl tarball SHA1 checksum

2010-04-11 Thread Steffen DETTMER
* Kenneth Goldman wrote on Fri, Apr 09, 2010 at 08:12 -0400: I notice that the tarballs also include a SHA1 digest. What's the point? To have a check whether the FTP download was successful to avoid accidently using corrupt files, a file integrity check with a checksum is quite common.

RE: Problems with DSA 2048-bit keys

2010-04-11 Thread Dave Thompson
From: On Behalf Of Sad Clouds Sent: Saturday, 10 April, 2010 10:56 I'm testing a very simple SSL web server. Everything seems to work OK with RSA and DSA 1024-bit keys. I tried using DSA 2048-bit key and snip Then when I use Firefox to connect to the server