Simple Server

2001-02-09 Thread Scott Frazor
,SSL_CTRL_SET_TMP_DH,0,dh); Am I way off base here? I have the feeling the SSL_Connect won't handshake because the DH Key is not set up properly. I simply want to generate on-the-fly DH keys. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Scott Frazor

RE: Memory Leak?? I can't find it.

2002-01-01 Thread Scott Frazor
error queue data structures are allocated automatically for new threads, they must be freed when threads are terminated in order to avoid memory leaks. Regards Bharath - Original Message - From: Scott Frazor [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Thursday, December 27, 2001 1:58 pm Subject

RE: Memory leak

2002-02-04 Thread Scott Frazor
I have also noticed a leak under Windows/32 using 9.6a. I have started the task of locating the source of the leak. My memory tester says it is OpenSSL. I have done everything I can to insure that everything is closed and freed. The best I can get is down to a 4K leak. I'm not convicned it

Win/32 Handshake problem

2002-02-13 Thread Scott Frazor
Win/32 Client app using DH keys. Every so-often a SSL will seem to get stuck in a loop doing the handshake and call the callback function with the following error: ProcedureID:UnitCoreDataModule.ssl_infocallback Description:SSLv3 read server hello A The message SSLv3 read server hello A is the