Re: [Openstack] OpenStack Folsom Install Guide

2012-11-02 Thread DarkSinclair
Greetings Skible. Great work to you and the rest on the guide. A minor change is required in nova.conf configuration for file VNC. The parameter for vncserver_proxyclient_address must be eth0's IP address, otherwise the console reports 'failed to connect to server'.

Re: [Openstack] [OpenStack][Glance] Uploading image to glance reports invalid options- kernel_id, ramdisk_id

2012-11-01 Thread DarkSinclair
Ahmed, all parameters require a double dash in front. append '--' to kernel_id and ramdisk_id. Regards, On 2012-11-01, at 4:49 AM, Ahmed Al-Mehdi wrote: Hello, I followed the steps in OpenStack Install and Deploy Manual – Ubuntu to instal glance. Section 6, sub-section

[Openstack] ERROR: Keypair data is invalid

2012-10-30 Thread DarkSinclair
Greetings all, There looks to be a problem with specifying any key name containing a special character (except dash and/or underscore) within 'nova keypair-add'. I am currently running Folsom on Ubuntu and noticed the archives at indicate