[Openstack] [ceilometer] Release status 2012-10-05

2012-10-05 Thread Graham Binns
Hi all, Here's a better-late-than-never release status update for Ceilometer 0.9. We're now a week away from release. Release in numbers -- Bugs in progress: 5 Fixes committed: 39 Triaged bugs: 15 Confirmed bugs: 21 New bugs: 1 These numbers were generated using a

[Openstack] [ceilometer] Release plan for 0.1

2012-09-12 Thread Graham Binns
Hi all, Based on the discussion in the last Ceilometer meeting[1], here's my proposal for dates for the Ceilometer 0.1 release calendar: - Feature freeze for 0.1 QA: 2012-09-28 - Release: 2012-10-12 Arguments for / against welcome. [1]