[Openstack] Host aggregates - FF-Exception request

2012-01-25 Thread Armando Migliaccio
Hi folks, I am asking for a Feature-Freeze exception for the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/host-aggregates. I appreciate that is now late for getting the bulk of this feature into E3, however we are ready to get this feature early in E4. We have got a few reviews in

Re: [Openstack] Host Aggregates ...

2011-11-10 Thread Armando Migliaccio
Hi Sandy, Thanks for taking the time to read this. My understanding is that a typical Nova deployment would span across multiple zones, that zones may have subzones, and that child zones will have a number of availability zones in them; please do correct me if I am wrong :) That stated, it

Re: [Openstack] Host Aggregates ...

2011-11-10 Thread Sandy Walsh
Ok, that helps ... now I see the abstraction your going for (a new layer under availability zones). Personally I prefer a tagging approach to a modeled hierarchy. It was something we debated at great length with Zones. In this case, the tag would be in the capabilities assigned to the host. I

Re: [Openstack] Host Aggregates ...

2011-11-10 Thread Vishvananda Ishaya
The main thing that the idea of host-aggregates provides is the ability to specify metadata at a group of hosts level. If you put 10 hosts into a single aggregate, you can specify characteristics for those hosts as a group (i.e. which san they are backing files onto, whether they support live

[Openstack] Host Aggregates ...

2011-11-09 Thread Sandy Walsh
Hi Armando, I finally got around to reading https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/host-aggregates. Perhaps you could elaborate a little on how this differs from host capabilities (key-value pairs associated with a service) that the scheduler can use when making decisions? The