[Openstack] Unconference CompatibleOne

2012-10-16 Thread jean-pierre laisne
There will be a talk about interoperability and portability (multi-cloud, federation, etc.) with CompatibleOne and OCCI during the unconference sessions on Wednesday 17 at 11:00. If you are interested, please join us. Thanks, Jean-Pierre. ___ Mailing

[Openstack] Open Standards for Open Cloud: Call for particpation

2012-08-10 Thread jean-pierre laisne
Dear all, As a follow up of last year's session “Open Cloud in Europe”, we have the pleasure to organize a whole Open World Forumhttp://www.openworldforum.org/entrack dedicated to open cloud and open standards, and would like to invite you to participate in this session to provide feedback

Re: [Openstack] Open Cloud Computing Interface Blueprint Implementation

2012-04-16 Thread jean-pierre laisne
Hey Andy, Great job. We will add it to the list of CompatibleOnehttp://www.compatibleone.org/ Procci ASAP. Having a 100% OCCI compliant interface will greatly help all kind of developments targeting cloud services interoperability, federation, broker, etc. Plus it makes OpenStack a pure open