[openstack-dev] [puppet][fuel] stepping down from puppet/fuel core groups

2017-04-20 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hello puppet'ers! Now it's time to say "Goodbay" to you, i'm leaving Mirantis and as well stepping down from Puppet/Fuel core groups. It was a really cool to work with all of you! I've learn a lot! Thank you all for all your help and advises. Also want to especially say "Thank you" to Emilien

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] stepping down from puppet-openstack core

2017-04-05 Thread Denis Egorenko
Thank you Matt for all your work and help :) Good luck! 2017-04-05 4:20 GMT+04:00 Emilien Macchi : > On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 5:23 PM, Matt Fischer wrote: > > I am stepping down as core in the puppet openstack project. This is the > > culmination of a long

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Nominating mkarpin for core for the Puppet OpenStack modules

2017-01-20 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 2017-01-20 4:10 GMT+04:00 Emilien Macchi : > On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 5:25 PM, Alex Schultz wrote: > > Hey Puppet Cores, > > > > I would like to nominate Mykyta Karpin as a Core reviewer for the > > Puppet OpenStack modules. He has been providing

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Core nominations

2016-09-15 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1, good job 2016-09-15 17:44 GMT+03:00 Matt Fischer : > +1 to all. Thanks for your work guys! > > On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 6:59 AM, Emilien Macchi > wrote: > >> While our group keeps moving, it's time to propose again new people >> part of core team. >>

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Puppet OpenStack PTL non-candidacy

2016-09-09 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hey Emilien, It was a big pleasure to work with you! Thank you for all your help! :) And good luck on your next project and activities! 2016-09-09 19:05 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi : > Hi, > > I wrote a little blog post about the last cycle in PuppetOpenStack: >

Re: [openstack-dev] [fuel-library] Nominate Stanislaw Bogatkin to fuel-library core

2016-09-08 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 2016-09-08 13:06 GMT+03:00 Aleksandr Didenko : > +1 > > On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 11:06 AM, Sergey Vasilenko > wrote: > >> +1 >> >> >> >> >> __ >> OpenStack Development

Re: [openstack-dev] [fuel] Propose Denis Egorenko for fuel-library core

2016-08-29 Thread Denis Egorenko
Thank you all! I will do my best! :) 2016-08-29 15:21 GMT+03:00 Maksim Malchuk : > Although today is not the 31 Aug and we have a lack of core-reviewers in > the fuel-library I would like to speed up the process a little. > > And as there are no objections so, please

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Propose Sofer Athlan-Guyot (chem) part of Puppet OpenStack core

2016-07-28 Thread Denis Egorenko
big +1 from me, thanks for work Sofer! 2016-07-28 19:42 GMT+03:00 Rich Megginson : > +1 - good guy > > > On 07/28/2016 09:58 AM, Ivan Berezovskiy wrote: > > +1, good job! > > 2016-07-28 18:50 GMT+03:00 Matt Fischer : > >> +1 from me! >> >> On Jul 28,

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] proposal about puppet versions testing coverage

2016-05-26 Thread Denis Egorenko
> > * Reduce puppet versions testing to 3.6, 3.8, 4.5 and latest (keep the > last one non-voting). It seems that 3.6 and 3.8 are widely used by our > consumers (default in centos7 & ubuntu LTS), and 4.5 is the latest > release in the 4.x series. +1 from me too * Move functional puppet4 jobs

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Proposing Ivan Berezovskiy for puppet-openstack-core

2016-05-19 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 from my side :) well deserved. 2016-05-19 17:17 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi : > Hi, > > I don't need to introduce Ivan Berezovskiy (iberezovskiy on IRC), he's > been doing tremendous work in Puppet OpenStack over the last months, > in a regular way. > > Some highlights about

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Stepping down from core

2016-05-10 Thread Denis Egorenko
Thank you Yanis for your work on puppets! Good luck in your next projects! 2016-05-10 16:14 GMT+04:00 Emilien Macchi : > On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 3:52 AM, Yanis Guenane > wrote: > > Hello all, > > > > After the Mitaka summit, my main area of focus at

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet][horizon] - Add extra plugins config to puppet-horizon

2016-04-14 Thread Denis Egorenko
> > Does Murano uses the same local_settings.py file as Horizon? If yes, > we might stop using puppet-murano to manage this file. Yes, it uses same file. And maybe find a mechanism in puppet-horizon with a provider, so we > can have a plugin architecture like: > horizon::plugins::murano >

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet][horizon] - Add extra plugins config to puppet-horizon

2016-04-14 Thread Denis Egorenko
> > Some of UI plugins, like murano-dashboard, needs to add extra parameters > https://github.com/openstack/murano-dashboard/blob/master/muranodashboard/local/local_settings.py.example > to local_settings file (which comes from Horizon). > My question is: Should puppet-horizon module provide those

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] weekly meeting #77

2016-04-05 Thread Denis Egorenko
We did our meeting, and you can read the notes: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/puppet_openstack/2016/puppet_openstack.2016-04-05-15.00.html Thanks! 2016-04-04 15:29 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi : > Hi, > > We'll have our weekly meeting tomorrow at 3pm UTC on >

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet][ec2api] - Official EC2 puppet module repo

2016-04-04 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi Marcos, Are you still working on your initial commit to puppet-ec2api [1] ? [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/276103/ 2016-01-29 22:02 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi : > > > On 01/29/2016 10:35 AM, Marcos Fermin Lobo wrote: > > Hi, > > > > Since I finished to "apply" for

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Prefecting user and user_roles resources with domain-specific conf is failing.

2016-03-21 Thread Denis Egorenko
or tomorrow, so that we can take a > final decision on this and start coding: > - > https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-openstack-weekly-meeting-20160322 Yep, that have to be discussed. 2016-03-21 18:09 GMT+03:00 Sofer Athlan-Guyot <sathl...@redhat.com>: > Denis Egorenko <dego

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Prefecting user and user_roles resources with domain-specific conf is failing.

2016-03-21 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi Athlan, thanks for attention of this problem. We have one more related change [1] and bug [2] for this problem, when we option 'domain_specific_drivers' is used. I would like to vote for 3) case. As I see it there are three ways to approach this: > - iterate over all domains and keep the

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] proposal to create puppet-neutron-core and add Sergey Kolekonov

2016-03-04 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 2016-03-04 18:40 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi : > Hi, > > To scale-up our review process, we created pupept-keystone-core and it > worked pretty well until now. > > I propose that we continue this model and create puppet-neutron-core. > > I also propose to add Sergey Kolekonov

Re: [openstack-dev] [Fuel][murano][fuel-plugins] Move Murano to plugin from Fuel box

2016-02-25 Thread Denis Egorenko
nstallation of Murano > plugin on Fuel 9.0? If so, that might be a problem. > > Thanks, > - Igor > > On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Denis Egorenko <degore...@mirantis.com> > wrote: > > Hello folks, > > > > i would like to notify you, that we are going t

[openstack-dev] [Fuel][murano][fuel-plugins] Move Murano to plugin from Fuel box

2016-02-24 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hello folks, i would like to notify you, that we are going to remove Murano as built in Fuel and move this functionality to fuel-plugin. Transition from Fuel built in to Fuel plugin deployment will follow next way: * Murano deployment in Fuel 9.0 will be deprecated: we leave an ability to

Re: [openstack-dev] [Fuel][Fuel-Library] Nominating Matthew Mosesohn for Fuel Library Core

2016-02-24 Thread Denis Egorenko
I'm not a fuel core member, but i also would like to vote +1 for Matthew. He's doing great job! 2016-02-24 16:02 GMT+03:00 Aleksandr Didenko : > +1 > > On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 1:50 PM, Vladimir Kuklin > wrote: > >> Fellow Fuelers >> >> I would like

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] proposing Alex Schultz part of core team

2016-01-06 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi, Alex is doing great job! +1 from my side! 2016-01-06 16:27 GMT+03:00 Sebastien Badia : > On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 12:55:01PM (-0500), Emilien Macchi wrote: > > Hi, > > > > Alex Schultz (mwhahaha on IRC) has been a very active contributor over > > the last months in the Puppet

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] [neutron] Serious bug in puppet neutron cli json output parsing.

2015-12-31 Thread Denis Egorenko
> > Last I checked, which was quite a while ago, openstackclient didn't > support everything we were using from the neutron client. That's true. Openstack client doesn't support all features of neutron client [1]. I would prefer use 3) option, but, unfortunately, i also don't see way, how to

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] proposing Cody Herriges part of Puppet OpenStack core

2015-12-09 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 2015-12-09 0:25 GMT+03:00 Clayton O'Neill : > +1 > > On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 4:15 PM, Matt Fischer wrote: > >> +1 >> >> On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 2:07 PM, Rich Megginson >> wrote: >> >>> On 12/08/2015 09:49 AM, Emilien Macchi wrote:

Re: [openstack-dev] [swift] [oslo.messaging] [fuel] [ha] Is Swift going to support oslo.messaging?

2015-12-02 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi Mehdi, Thank you for your reply! It works for us. 2015-12-01 20:40 GMT+03:00 Mehdi Abaakouk : > Hi, > > Current scheme supports only one RabbitMQ node with url parameter. >> > > That's not true, you can pass many hosts via the url like that: >

Re: [openstack-dev] [swift] [oslo.messaging] [fuel] [ha] Is Swift going to support oslo.messaging?

2015-12-01 Thread Denis Egorenko
g file sections that > oslo_messaging relies on, right? So, this should really just require a > change to the swift-proxy conf files to add the [oslo_messaging] sections, > I think? > > Best, > -jay > > Thanks, >> Richard Hawkins >> Software Developer - Cloud Fi

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] ::db classes

2015-11-12 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi Clayton! I would like to use the same solution for this problem as we have for ::logging class. So, we just leaving those default parameters without $::os_service_default and putting old values (10, 20, etc) [1] and also we should to raise warnings, as suggests Alex Schultz (for example, [2]).

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] about $::os_service_default

2015-11-03 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 to Emilien. If somebody already have uploaded such patches - please, mark them as WIP, until we finish all work for cinder. 2015-11-03 22:57 GMT+09:00 Emilien Macchi : > I'm seeing a lot of patches using the new $::os_service_default. > > Please stop trying to using it at

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet][ec2api] - First version of puppet module

2015-10-15 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hello Marcos, I've look through on your module and it looks cool. Some code issues inline. May be just only one nitpick from my side: can you add link to the documentation in README file? Like it done in puppet-openstack modules. Also thank you for caring of that and keeping in consistent with

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] Proposing Denis Egorenko core

2015-10-15 Thread Denis Egorenko
Thank you! I will do my best! 2015-10-15 19:27 GMT+03:00 Emilien Macchi <emil...@redhat.com>: > > > On 10/13/2015 04:29 PM, Emilien Macchi wrote: > > Denis Egorenko (degorenko) is working on Puppet OpenStack modules for > > quite some time now. > > > > Some

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] service default value functions

2015-09-23 Thread Denis Egorenko
+1 to way from paste above. 2015-09-23 16:42 GMT+03:00 Martin Mágr : > > > On 09/23/2015 02:17 AM, Cody Herriges wrote: > > Alex Schultz wrote: > > Hey puppet folks, > > Based on the meeting yesterday[0], I had proposed creating a parser > function called is_service_default[1]

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet] [sahara]

2015-09-08 Thread Denis Egorenko
Sorry, wrong link [3] https://github.com/openstack/puppet-sahara <https://github.com/openstack/sahara> 2015-09-08 19:31 GMT+03:00 Denis Egorenko <degore...@mirantis.com>: > Hello everyone, > > Currently Sahara [1] keeps two run mods: stand alone mode (all-in-one) a

[openstack-dev] [puppet] [sahara]

2015-09-08 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hello everyone, Currently Sahara [1] keeps two run mods: stand alone mode (all-in-one) and distributed mode. Difference between those modes is that second mode creates separation between API and engine processes. Such architecture allows the API process to remain relatively free to handle

Re: [openstack-dev] [fuel][puppet] Module Sync for Murano and Sahara

2015-07-22 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi Andrew! Sahara already merged. All CI tests were succeeded, also was built custom iso [1] and ran bvt tests [2], which also were succeeded and we got +1 from QA team. For Murano we will do the same: resolve all comments, build custom iso, run custom bvt and wait +1 from Fuel CI and QA team.

[openstack-dev] Nailgun TypeValue error

2015-07-22 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi colleagues! I want to aware you about error in Nailgun [1]. I catched this in my patch for Sahara [2] (patchset number 11, after resolving comment in 10). CI tests were failed with error: nailgun serializer failed TypeError: Value of settings:sahara.enabled.value is undefined. Set

Re: [openstack-dev] [puppet][murano] Developing puppet module for Murano

2015-06-17 Thread Denis Egorenko
OpenStack group part of core permissions I've added puppet-manager-core to puppet-murano-core * Keep Puppet Murano folks part of core permissions for now I've added Denis Egorenko to puppet-murano-core (group was empty previously). * Do not merge a patch without at least one review from both

Re: [openstack-dev] [Fuel] Default templates for Sahara feature in 6.0

2014-11-17 Thread Denis Egorenko
Hi guys, I've created spec for this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/134937/ Please, check out it. 2014-11-17 15:41 GMT+04:00 Mike Scherbakov mscherba...@mirantis.com: I'm fine with getting this patch in... though a few things should be fixed first, in my opinion: 1. I don't see