Re: [openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Stepping down from OpenStack-Ansible core

2018-09-03 Thread Hugh Saunders
Thanks for all your hard work on OSA Andy :) On Thu, 30 Aug 2018 at 18:41 Andy McCrae wrote: > Now that Rocky is all but ready it seems like a good time! Since changing > roles I've not been able to keep up enough focus on reviews and other > obligations - so I think it's time to step aside as

Re: [openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Stepping down from OpenStack-Ansible core

2018-03-27 Thread Hugh Saunders
All the best Major, thanks for all your work on OSA :) On Mon, 26 Mar 2018 at 14:05 Major Hayden wrote: > -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- > Hash: SHA256 > > Hey there, > > As promised, I am stepping down from being an OpenStack-Ansible core > reviewer since I am unable to

Re: [openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Propose Marc Gariepy as core reviewer

2017-02-06 Thread Hugh Saunders
+1 On Fri, 3 Feb 2017 at 19:50 Steve Lewis wrote: > On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 5:33 AM, Jesse Pretorius < >> wrote: > > I’d like to propose Marc Gariepy [1] as a core reviewer for > OpenStack-Ansible. > > > +1. > -- > SteveL >

Re: [openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Nominating Jean-Philippe Evrard for core in openstack-ansible and all openstack-ansible-* roles

2016-07-13 Thread Hugh Saunders
+1 JP :) On Tue, 12 Jul 2016 at 19:34 Truman, Travis wrote: > Jean-Philippe has been providing great code reviews and patches for some > time. His recent commitment to running bug triage every week shows his > willingness to step up and take responsibilities within

[openstack-dev] [defcore] Determine latest set of tests for a given release

2016-01-14 Thread Hugh Saunders
of the defcore repo, but that seems brittle. Thanks. -- Hugh Saunders -- -- Hugh Saunders __ OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions) Unsubscribe:

Re: [openstack-dev] [defcore] Determine latest set of tests for a given release

2016-01-14 Thread Hugh Saunders
release json files, so I'd need to parse all the .json files in the root of the repo, then find the latest file that has status approved and the release I'm interested in. Thanks again. -- Hugh Saunders -- -- Hugh Saunders

Re: [openstack-dev] [os-ansible-deployment] Core team nomination

2015-06-18 Thread Hugh Saunders
+1 -- Hugh Saunders On 13 June 2015 at 18:18, Kevin Carter wrote: Hello, I would like to nominate Ian Cordasco (sigmavirus24 on IRC) for the os-ansible-deployment-core team. Ian has been contributing to the OSAD project for some time now and has always had

Re: [openstack-dev] [os-ansible-deployment] Nominating Nolan Brubaker for core team

2015-03-25 Thread Hugh Saunders
Great proposal, Nolan will be an asset to the core team. +1 -- Hugh Saunders On 25 March 2015 at 15:24, Kevin Carter wrote: Greetings, I would like to nominate Nolan Brubaker (palendae on IRC) for the os-ansible-deployment-core team. Nolan has been involved

Re: [openstack-dev] [Rally] PTL Candidacy

2014-07-22 Thread Hugh Saunders
+1 Boris has the enthusiasm, and time to take Rally forwards. He is especially good at encouraging people to get involved. Ensure that everybody's use cases are fully covered - this must be balanced against the need for focus and clear scope. -- Hugh Saunders On 21 July 2014 19:38, Boris

Re: [openstack-dev] [rally] Proposing Kun to Rally Core.

2014-03-24 Thread Hugh Saunders
+1 Kun has been very active on gerrit, and contributed good patches, so will be a great addition to the core team. -- Hugh Saunders On 24 March 2014 07:31, Boris Pavlovic wrote: Hi stackers, I would like to propose Kun Huang to Rally Core team. As you saw already

Re: [openstack-dev] [rally] Proposing changes in Rally core team

2014-02-05 Thread Hugh Saunders
as a core team member, I will keep an eye on reviews and trello, see you all in IRC. -- Hugh Saunders On 5 February 2014 12:35, Boris Pavlovic wrote: Hugh, welcome to Rally core team! Best regards, Boris Pavlovic On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Ilya Kharin ikha

Re: [openstack-dev] [rally] Naming of a deployment

2014-01-15 Thread Hugh Saunders
as the name is used consistently. -- Hugh Saunders ___ OpenStack-dev mailing list