[openstack-dev] [PTL] User Research Needs for the OpenStack community session tomorrow

2015-10-27 Thread Kruithof, Piet
I wanted invite the PTLs to attend the OpenStack UX project session to discuss user research within the community. The intent of the meeting is to begin identifying research needs within the community to help the projects understand their users. The type of research will vary depending on the

[openstack-dev] [PTL] The OpenStack UX team would like to know which roles are relevant to your project

2015-09-29 Thread Kruithof, Piet
Dear PTLs, The OpenStack UX project and Product working group is conducting a persona working session in IBM's design center in Austin from October 5th - 7th. The goal of the workshop is to develop several personas that can be used by the community for creating user stories, planning, etc.

[openstack-dev] [Openstack-operators] [neutron] [nova] Nova Network/Neutron Migration Survey - need response from folks currently using Nova Networks in their deployments

2015-09-28 Thread Kruithof, Piet
There has been a significant response to the Nova Network/Neutron migration survey. However, the responses are leaning heavily on the side of deployments currently using Neutron. As a result, we would like to have more representation from folks currently using Nova Networks. If you are

[openstack-dev] [all] [neutron] [ux] [nova] Nova Network/Neutron Migration Survey

2015-09-24 Thread Kruithof, Piet
The OpenStack UX project team would like to invite you to participate in a survey to help drive product direction for the Neutron project. The survey should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete. We are specifically looking for folks with the following kinds of roles; Architect, Cloud

[openstack-dev] [TC] [All] Proposal for Project Delux to help the community improve user experience

2015-07-08 Thread Kruithof, Piet
Hello TC members and fellow stackers! We have just submitted a review for project Delux to the OpenStack governance projects list. The mission of Delux is to help the teams improve the overall user experience (UX) of their projects. We provide user research to help teams identify any issues

[openstack-dev] Help improve the OpenStack Horizon user portal!

2014-12-15 Thread Kruithof, Piet
You are invited to participate in an online card sort activity sponsored by the Horizon team. The purpose of this activity is to help us evaluate the current information architecture and find ways to improve it. We are specifically interested in individuals who use cloud services as a

[openstack-dev] We are looking for ten individuals to participate in a usability study sponsored by the Horizon team

2014-12-11 Thread Kruithof, Piet
We are looking for ten individuals to participate in a usability study sponsored by the Horizon team. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the proposed Launch Instance workflow. The study will be moderated remotely via Google Hangouts. Participant description: individuals who use cloud

[openstack-dev] FW: [horizon] [ux] Changing how the modals are closed in Horizon

2014-12-04 Thread Kruithof, Piet
My preference would be “change the default behavior to 'static’” for the following reasons: - There are plenty of ways to close the modal, so there’s not really a need for this feature. - There are no visual cues, such as an “X” or a Cancel button, that selecting outside of the modal closes