Re: [openstack-dev] [cinder] Why not allow deleting volume from a CG ?

2015-02-09 Thread Nilesh P Bhosale
, February 06, 2015 1:47 PM To: OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions) Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [cinder] Why not allow deleting volume from a CG ? On 15:51 Fri 06 Feb , Nilesh P Bhosale wrote: snip I understand this is as per design, but curious to understand logic behind

[openstack-dev] [manila] Manila pythonclient compatibility with Juno release

2015-02-08 Thread Nilesh P Bhosale
Hi All, We want to run python-manilaclient along with clients for other OpenStack services coming from OpenStack Juno release. But, since has only the master branch and no branch for Juno, if I try to deploy it on the same node, it breaks others

[openstack-dev] [cinder] Why not allow deleting volume from a CG ?

2015-02-06 Thread Nilesh P Bhosale
Hi All, I see the following error, while deleting a volume from a consistency group: $ [admin]cinder delete vol1 Delete for volume vol1 failed: Bad Request (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-7c958443-edb2-434f-82a2-4254ab357e99) ERROR: Unable to delete any of specified volumes. And when I tried to

Re: [openstack-dev] [Cinder] glusterfs: Looking for reviews for my patch

2014-06-01 Thread Nilesh P Bhosale
Hi Deepak, With your proposed change, as per my understanding whenever cinder service is restarted the glusterfs volume driver will ensure that the gluster mounts are unmounted and remounted so that any new mount options added to the shares config file is taken effect, post service restart. I

[openstack-dev] Efficient image cloning implementation in NetApp nfs drivers // make this part of base NFS driver

2014-04-14 Thread Nilesh P Bhosale
Hi All, I was going through the following blue print, NetApp proposed and implemented in its driver (NetAppNFSDriver - cinder/volume/drivers/netapp/ ) a while back (change): It looks quite an interesting and