[openstack-dev] How to re-route flows to my L2 device

2016-03-01 Thread shiva m
Hi All, I have a L2 filter VM. I want VM flows and outside traffic to go via this L2 filter VM. I have 2 interfaces in L2 filter VM. But in openstack when I launch my L2 filter VM with 2 interfaces it is taking 2 different private IP's. How do I add flows in br-int to route packets via my L2

Re: [openstack-dev] Help in writing new neutron plugin

2014-06-21 Thread shiva m
-in-openstack-neutron https://www.openstack.org/summit/openstack-summit-hong-kong-2013/session-videos/presentation/openstack-neutron-modular-layer-2-plugin-deep-dive Hope this helps, Mohammad From: shiva m anjane...@gmail.com To: openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org, Date: 06/19

[openstack-dev] Help in writing new neutron plugin

2014-06-19 Thread shiva m
HI, I am looking at documents to understand how to write a new neutron plugin. I working with devstack with ryu setup from last 4 months. I am trying to write some test plugin to get hands-on. Can any one please help where to start looking neutron code, where to embed new code. Also I am looking

[openstack-dev] How to write script to delete a port from openvswitch

2014-04-30 Thread shiva m
HI, I want to write a script to add/delete a port from openvswitch. sudo ovs-ofctl show br-int -- lists all ports on openvswitch. sudo ovs-vsctl del-port br-int qbraeedg : deletes the linux bridge interface from openvswitch How can I automate this process.? Each VM connects to

[openstack-dev] How to re-compile Devstack Code

2014-04-23 Thread shiva m
Hi, I have Devstack havana setup on Ubuntu 13.10. I am trying to modify some files in /opt/stack/* folder. How do I re-compile the Devstack to make my changes get effect. Does unstacking and stacking works?. I see unstacking and stacking installs everything fresh. Correct me if wrong.

[openstack-dev] Help in re-running openstack

2014-04-03 Thread shiva m
Hi, I am trying to modify code in /op/stack/* and did ./unstack.sh and ./stack.sh. But after ./stack.sh it reloading to previous values. Any one please help where to modify code and re-run. Say if I modify some python file or some configurtaion file like /etc/nova/nova.conf, how do I make

[openstack-dev] Regarding on iptables in openstack

2014-03-28 Thread shiva m
Hi, I installed devstack-havana on ubuntu-13.10. I see iptables-save with all iptable rules. Can any one please help me how do I add a new rule or edit iptables-save on Openstack? Thanks Shiva ___ OpenStack-dev mailing list