Re: [openstack-dev] [savanna][qa] How will tempest tests run?

2013-12-17 Thread Sergey Lukjanov
Hi, thank you for catching this question. Sure, we'd like to enable Savanna by default for d-g tests. We decided to have a separated jobs now to be able to develop stable enough basic API tests in Tempest to potentially not break gating. So, that's why we have savanna d-g jobs in exp pipeline of

[openstack-dev] [savanna][qa] How will tempest tests run?

2013-12-16 Thread David Kranz
So it's great to see a submission of savanna tests for tempest. We would like to see these tests run before reviewing them. Is the intent that savanna will be enabled by default in devstack? If not, then I guess there will need to be separate savanna jobs. I see that right now there are