[openstack-dev] [Nova] 0 byte image is created with instance snapshot if instance is booted using volume

2014-06-25 Thread Agrawal, Ankit
Hi All, When I boot an instance from volume and the take snapshot of that instance it creates a volume snapshot and also an image of 0 byte. I can boot a new instance using this 0 byte image, but I am not sure why this image with 0 byte is created here? Can someone please help me to understand

[openstack-dev] [Glance][Stable] Review request for stable/icehouse patch

2014-11-26 Thread Agrawal, Ankit
Hello All, I have submitted a back-port patch to stable/icehouse, for which I've cherry picked https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128301/ and made few additional changes. This is not 1:1 cherry pick from the one that landed to master as the retrying module is not available in the

[openstack-dev] [Nova] log request-id mappings implementation

2015-02-04 Thread Agrawal, Ankit
Hi All, I have submitted a patch in Nova [1] to log request-id mappings between cross projects which is a prerequisite for cinder-spec 'Return request ID to caller' [2] to be completed. This patch will extract cinder's request-id returned from cinder-client's response headers and will log it

[openstack-dev] [Nova] Libvirt - updates backing file permission of qcow2 image on launching instance

2015-06-30 Thread Agrawal, Ankit
Hi All, I am trying to fix a race condition between imagebackend and imagecache in nova (openstack) while creating an instance using qcow2 image backend. On creating a qcow2 image libvirt stores the base/backing file path reference while copying the image at instance disk info. While spawning