Re: [openstack-dev] [networking-sfc]

2017-01-24 Thread Michael Gale
with having to set SFC_UPDATE_OVS=False in the configuration. Is this affecting the underlying functionality of SFC. Also the link to the Horizon add-on would be great. Thanks Michael On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 6:30 AM, Bernard Cafarelli <> wrote: > On 20 January 2017 at 00:06

[openstack-dev] openstacksdk and compute limits for projects

2017-01-17 Thread Michael Gale
Hello, Does anyone know what the equivalent of the following command would be via the API? `openstack limits show --absolute --project ` I am using an admin account to pull stats and information from a Mitaka environment, now I can run the above command in bash, looping over each project

[openstack-dev] [networking-sfc]

2017-01-19 Thread Michael Gale
Hello, Are there updated install docs for sfc? The only install steps for a testbed I can find are here and they seem outdated: Also from the conference videos there seems to be some Horizon menu / screens that are

[openstack-dev] devstack with neutron, OVS and sfc?

2016-12-14 Thread Michael Gale
Hello, I used posted this on the openstack user list but it might be a better question for this group. Does anyone know if neutron-sfc is working in devstack? I started to follow the instructions here:

Re: [openstack-dev] OpenStack-Ansible testing with OpenVSwitch

2017-10-02 Thread Michael Gale
I use openstack-ansible for all of my OpenStack testing and deployment needs currently so if there was an AIO that I could use as a reference that would be awesome. I personally found that having scenarios available in the AIO helps drive upgrades and adoptions of new features. As an example I

[openstack-dev] OpenStack-Ansible and Trove support

2017-09-26 Thread Michael Gale
Hello, Based on github and it looks like OpenStack-Ansible will support Trove under the Ocata release. Is that assumption correct? is there a better method to determine when a software component will likely be included in a

[openstack-dev] OpenStack-Ansible testing with OpenVSwitch

2017-09-26 Thread Michael Gale
Hello, I am trying to build a Pike All-in-One instance for OpenStack Ansible testing, currently I have a few OpenStack versions being deployed using the default Linux Bridge implementation. However I need a test environment to validate OpenVSwitch implementation, is there a simple method to

Re: [openstack-dev] OpenStack-Ansible and Trove support

2017-09-27 Thread Michael Gale
> > information. Here's a link to the Ocata release notes for > OpenStack-Ansible > > which includes the announcement of the Trove role. > > > > > > > > Thanks, > > > > Amy (spotz

Re: [openstack-dev] OpenStack-Ansible testing with OpenVSwitch

2017-09-27 Thread Michael Gale
should be close to the same explained in the blog post. > > Best regards, > JP > > On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 12:13 AM, Michael Gale <> > wrote: > > Hello, > > > > I am trying to build a Pike All-in-One instance for OpenStack Ansi