Re: [openstack-dev] [MagnetoDB] Intercycle release package versioning

2014-12-08 Thread isviridov
Hello Aleksei, Thanks for rising it. I'm ok with it and let me clarify the source code repo state for each to releases. 1:2014.2-0ubuntu1 tag: 2014.2 fixes in stable/juno 1:2014.2~rc2-0ubuntu1 tag: 2014.2.rc2 fixes in master 1:2014.2~b2-0ubuntu1 tag: 2014.2.b2 fixed in master

[openstack-dev] [MagnetoDB] Intercycle release package versioning

2014-12-05 Thread Aleksei Chuprin (CS)
Hello everyone, Because MagnetoDB project uses more frequent releases than other OpenStack projects, i propose use following versioning strategy for MagnetoDB packages: 1:2014.2-0ubuntu1 1:2014.2~rc2-0ubuntu1 1:2014.2~rc1-0ubuntu1 1:2014.2~b2-0ubuntu1