Re: [openstack-dev] [kolla][tripleo] Call for developers/contributors for kolla-k3

2015-02-20 Thread Christopher Aedo
Steve, thanks for sharing this - the decomposed blueprints are going to make getting involved easy. Containerizing OpenStack services looks like a great solution to the challenge of upgrades, and pace of the work you and others on the Kolla team have kept up is impressive. Regarding Fuel, we are

[openstack-dev] [kolla][tripleo] Call for developers/contributors for kolla-k3

2015-02-19 Thread Steven Dake (stdake)
Hey folks, I’d like to invite the broader OpenStack community to participate in developing milestone #3 of Kolla – a Project to Containerize the deployment of OpenStack. This is a major refactoring of Kolla to make it viable for use by projects such as TripleO or Fuel. We have an aggressive