Re: [Openstack-operators] Manual router setup

2016-03-24 Thread Christopher Hull
James; Hey you know... I seem to remember zeroing out "eth0" IP and setting the static IP on br-ex under Kilo and everything worked. That was using OVS. Perhaps I do the same, as you suggest, with LinuxBridge. Wow. Thanks. Will try. And if this doesn't work I'll respond with the

Re: [Openstack-operators] Intel 10 GbE / bonding issue with hash policy layer3+4

2016-03-24 Thread Fox, Kevin M
We saw a problem recently with layer3+4. We're still working on it, but a possible datapoint: We had them connected through a cisco switch and saw iperf only use 50% of capacity about 50% of the runs, and most of the rest of the time full. Seemingly randomly. We connected the two nodes

Re: [Openstack-operators] Intel 10 GbE / bonding issue with hash policy layer3+4

2016-03-24 Thread Stig Telfer
Hi Sascha - I had a similar experience earlier this week. I was testing bond performance on a dual-port Mellanox NIC, LACP-bonded with layer 3+4 transmit hash. First run of iperf (8 streams), I saw a reasonable distribution across the links. Shortly after that, performance dropped to a

Re: [Openstack-operators] [nova] how to recover instances with different hypervisor-id on the same compute node

2016-03-24 Thread Saverio Proto
When this kind of very corner case happen I usually hack manually the database. Go with mysql in the nova database and put the new ID for those two instances. my 2 cents Saverio 2016-03-23 5:17 GMT+01:00 Rahul Sharma : > Hi All, > > Due to a hostname change, we ended

Re: [Openstack-operators] [puppet] [cinder] - some snapshots are there, but they are hidden in the snapshot-list

2016-03-24 Thread Saverio Proto
Hello there, because I need to tune osapi_max_limit I wrote this puppet patch but I am very bad at coding :) please review :) Saverio 2016-03-23 11:17 GMT+01:00 Saverio Proto : > It looks like not all snapshots are listed because