[Openstack-qa-team] API extensions and error codes

2012-02-13 Thread David Kranz
It seems that a number of Tempest tests are broken because specific error codes are being checked that are different from those actually being returned from the API calls. I am puzzled because things like the floating ip and volume extensions seem to work fine with nova-client/diablo and some

Re: [Openstack-qa-team] API extensions and error codes

2012-02-13 Thread Anne Gentle
Hi David - The only existing API documentation for extensions was merged in with this merge request: https://review.openstack.org/#change,2045 Unfortunately, it appears it has been left behind in subsequent merges, as it doesn't appear in the Sphinx-built homepage at http://nova.openstack.org/.

[Openstack-qa-team] Flavor list changed in Essex

2012-02-13 Thread David Kranz
In tracking down a problem with the tempest flavors test I noticed that 'nova flavor-list' returns this in Essex: ++---+---+--+--+---+-+ | ID |Name | Memory_MB | Swap | Local_GB | VCPUs | RXTX_Factor |