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2006-02-09 Thread Gilles Casse
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Hello Chris,

Thank you very much for your mail!

Oralux is a GNU/Linux for the visually impaired persons. 

It would be excellent to have an audio theme as there is a visual theme
for the graphical desktops. 

This audio theme would include for example an introductory music, and
a set of consistent, short informative sounds. 

The theme author will choose for example a Creative Commons licence
such as ShareAlike [1]. 

Until now, we relied on two very basic sounds: the rooster (which is
the Oralux icon) and a beep [2].

The introductory music could be a more stylised rooster sing, for
example played by a synthesizer.

The set of short sounds will efficiently inform the user when she is
reading a web page: for example, if there is a long selection list, a
short sound will be played instead of saying 'this is a long list'. If
the list is short, this could be the same sound but a little bit
shorter [3]. 

A possibility to propose a consistent set of sounds would be to start
from an existing free music and extract some of the sounds. I tried
this but it is not very obvious to focus on an interesting sound
and remove all the noise around. The theme author could also play the
interesting sound using a synthesiser.

There are two musics (mp3 files) which could be interesting as a basis [4].

The chosen music could be played as a background music when the screen is

So this is a wish. I would be grateful if you can help Oralux to
design its audio theme.

Best wishes,


En réponse à Chris Norman suite a notre appel aux musiciens pour
créer un thème audio pour Oralux.

Ce thème serait un peu comme le thème visuel des environnements graphiques.
Il y aurait par exemple une musique d'introduction et un ensemble de
sons courts et cohérents pour informer l'utilisateur.

L'auteur du thème choisirait par exemple une licence Creative Commons
telle que ShareAlike [1]. 

Jusqu'à maintenant nous avons deux sons très basiques: le chant du coq
(qui est notre logo) et un bip [2].

La musique d'introduction pourrait être un chant de coq stylisé joué
par exemple par un synthétiseur.

L'ensemble de sons courts informeront efficacement l'utilisateur lors
de la lecture d'une page web: par exemple, s'il y a une longue liste
de sélection, un son court sera joué, au lieu de dire 'Ceci est une
longue liste'. Si la liste est courte, le son serait juste plus court
une possibilité pour proposer un ensemble de sons consistants serait de
partir d'une musique libre et d'en extraire un ensemble de sons. J'ai
essayé mais ce n'est pas évident de supprimer le bruit autour du son
souhaité. L'auteur du thème pourrait aussi rejoué le son intéressant
avec un synthétiseur.

Il y a deux musiques (mp3) qui pourraient être intéressantes comme
base [4].

La musique choisie serait joué en fond lorsque l'écran est verrouillé.

Ceci est un souhait. J'apprécierai beaucoup si vous pouvez aider
Oralux à concevoir son thème audio. 


[1] Creative Commons licence

[2] 2 sounds

[3] Messages

[4] 2 musics

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Re: [Oralux] Audio theme

2005-05-27 Thread Gilles Casse
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Thanks for your notices Kalyan. 
There will be a set of short sounds, from 0.5 second to around two
seconds. So this could lead to rather universal sounds.




Les sons auront une durée assez courte : probablement entre 0.5 et
environ 2 secondes.
Cela devrait nous permettre de proposer un ensemble de sons plutôt
universels (pas spécialement occidentaux).


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Re: [Oralux] Audio theme

2005-05-19 Thread Gilles Casse

This is good to read that the word peaceful suggests to you wind

The best would be that the sound helps to remember a little bit its meaning:
* for example, as a menu is a set of items, its sound could be a
repetition of the item's sound.
* the same sound effect would emphasize an item. For example, the
selected menu item or selected checkboxes, would be a lower sound.

The original format could be midi. The final format in the CD will be
wav or ogg vorbis to be compliant with most of hardwares.



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Re: [Oralux] Audio theme

2005-05-19 Thread Kalyan Mukherjea
Gilles Casse writes:
  This is good to read that the word peaceful suggests to you wind

Hello Gilles,
Knowing little or nothing about Western classical music, I feel very
nervous about posting suggestions on this topic. But I recall that 30
yers ago when I left the States, a colleague gave me a set of records of
Mozart's lesser known works. Among them were a few pieces written by
Mozart for a maker of musical clocks. I have lost these records, but
perhaps somebody on the list can dig it out; they'd be probably not be
in the copyright domain and so usable for Oralux.

Another issue concerning auditory icons: on the Emacspeak list I was
told that they can be used with a software synthesizer like flite only
if the sound card has multichannel capabilities. Will the Oralux icons
be subject to the same restrictions?

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Re: [Oralux] Audio theme

2005-05-14 Thread laurel murphy

I don't mean to sound like a child, but that sounds like a lot of fun!  I'm 
curious to learn if anyone else has some ideas for this?  I'm already hearing 
wind chimes in my head at the mention of the word peaceful.  What kind of 
format are you looking for?  Would you prefer MIDI or WAV?  I appologize for 
all the questions, but I find this exciting.

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From: Gilles Casse [EMAIL PROTECTED]
To: ML oralux
Subject: [Oralux] Audio theme
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 14:37:59 +0200

 *** La traduction en français se trouve après les 3 astérisques (*)
 We are looking for a person with musical ability to design a set of
 auditory icons for Oralux: for example to signal an email, or an input
 field, a checkbox, etc...
 Of course, there are a number of free sounds on the web, but it would
 be better to have our own audio theme and also to get more
 sophisticated and peaceful sounds than a breaking window or a flying
 It would be great also to have a more stylised rooster sing (for
 example played by a synthesizer). The sound is quite funny but it
 could be a little bit cumbersome in some circumstances.
 If you want to participate thanks to contact us,
 Nous recherchons une personne ayant des talents musicaux pour
 concevoir quelques sons pour Oralux (auditory icons) : pour signaler
 l'arrivée d'un mail, la présence d'un champ de saisie, une case à
 cocher, etc...
 Bien sûr, il y a pas mal de sons sur internet, mais ce serait mieux
 d'avoir notre propre thème audio et aussi disposer de sons un peu
 plus sophistiqués et paisibles qu'une vitre qui se brise, ou un
 missile qui décolle...
 Ce serait sympa aussi d'avoir un chant de coq un peu plus
 stylisé (par exemple joué par un synthétiseur). Le chant est assez
 rigolo mais peut devenir gênant.
 Si vous souhaitez participer, merci bien de nous contacter,
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