Re: [Origami] Name of these models and their creators?

2019-09-03 Thread Judith Powell
A year or two ago I ran across the second spinner and it is, indeed, by Taichiro Hasegawa. It can be made as a two-piece “Lotus Spinner,” which is made to spin by blowing down on it from above, or you can add a third piece, a sort of handle, which you can then spin by hand. I don’t remember

Re: [Origami] BUG BATTLE - Origami contest

2019-09-03 Thread Travis Nolan
Contest UPDATE! Competitors – big update to the contest! We will now reveal the judge for the own-design portion of the contest… Our judge will be the world-renown origami designer, lecturer of electrical engineering at MIT, and board member of OrigamiUSA for many years, Jason Ku! An accomplished

[Origami] Difference between a Super Nobe Unit and a Sonobe Unit

2019-09-03 Thread Kate Honeyman
I was looking on the internet and found nothing..what is the difference between these two Units? Kate