Re: [Origami] "folded square" brand

2020-06-20 Thread Mark Burger via Origami
Dear Dawn, I have used Folded Square origami paper quite a bit and I do like using it. While this paper is more like printer paper than kami in weight, it folds very nicely. It’s particularly useful to use when making boxes, as the end result is quite sturdy. Their “Contrasting Color

Re: [Origami] Saturday videolibrary pick from Museo del Origami - "How to make a Lilly and a Lilly pad, by Yuki Martin"

2020-06-20 Thread Laura R
Here is a link to a video we selected for this week. Yuki Martin, a Japanese educator living in Portland, OR, and a frequent volunteer for OrigamiUSA, will teach you how to make a water lilly and a lilly pad. The calm setting, her soft voice and movements and the accompanying music will be a