[Origami] Earrings

2017-11-14 Thread FOLD
I've heard that the earrings must be facing the front when worn, but I'm tempted to fold something like tatos that are a bit bigger than 2.5 x 2.5 cm (1 x 1 in) for the earrings. The problem is that the sides of the jaw of the wearer would get in the way so they can't face the front. Does

[Origami] Denver Airport origami exhibit

2017-12-14 Thread FOLD
I guess I found out about the exhibit too late ... I live here in Denver :-P Anyway, just doing some searching, it looks as though the exhibit was supposed to close in September and I don't see anything contradicting that. As for what type of paper they were handing out, I didn't read anything

[Origami] Information on books

2018-06-08 Thread FOLD
Hi all ... A friend of mine just gave me a couple of origami books she found in her mother's things. One, at least by the Google translate on my phone (which is not so that great, I've found), is called "New Introduction to Creative Origami" and is by (possibly edited by) Creative Origami Group

[Origami] Waterbomb variations

2018-06-04 Thread FOLD
> > I can't recall if someone has already mentioned the traditional kettle (in > which you can allegedly boil water on a candle.) > They have mentioned it as "The Golden Snitch" - that was what the person who taught it to me called it, then I found the kettle diagrams later in an older origami

[Origami] Origami Group Handbook

2018-01-13 Thread FOLD
terests, and teach a > tie fighter fold. Also give away some paper airplane calendar pages to > participants. Also will have extra copies of Essential Origami, and a list > of resources like the 736.92 section of the library, and BOS and Origami > USA. Open to any other ideas from

[Origami] New group starting

2018-01-12 Thread FOLD
I am starting up an origami group at our local library here in the heartland.(Lincoln, Nebraska) Was wondering about a format for the first meeting. I would probably just start with an introduction of myself, try to quickly get a feel for how much experience your group has, and start folding 

[Origami] Economics of origami

2017-12-21 Thread FOLD
Hi all. Got a question of sorts from someone the other day that I'm passing along to you ... Maybe someone can help me answer it. It deals with economics. The person I was talking to is an economist and asked was there a link between economics and origami. At least I think that is what he asked

[Origami] Looking for Gilad Aharoni

2018-08-23 Thread FOLD
Hi! It's Gilad on this list? The contact button on his website doesn't go anywhere :-) if you are, please contact me off-list ... If not, could someone that knows him get in touch with him and have him contact me? Is appreciate it greatly! Thanks!! Dee

[Origami] Lexus commercial model

2018-03-18 Thread FOLD
> > > with video: > > https://lexusenthusiast.com/2018/03/08/lexus-celebrates-owners-with-new-commercial/ Thanks for passing this! I couldn't find it from the original posting. I searched "Lexus ad folding paper" and found a couple of others including one of Mark Bolitho folding a cat head in 90

[Origami] Earwig wings defy origami

2018-03-22 Thread FOLD
Hey there - Don't know if anyone has seen this... Not sure what they mean about "defying the laws of origami" - they apparently have never heard of a flasher? https://www.sciencenews.org/article/earwigs-take-origami-extremes-fold-their-wings Dee

[Origami] Origami Brain

2018-10-12 Thread FOLD
Hi! Just approached by - I think - a student doing a film project looking for someone to fold an origami brain on camera. I did a quick search on Gilad's database and don't see anything. Is there a diagram for a brain out there? They would like me to do this on the 29th of this month (another

[Origami] Christmas/Winter Exchange

2018-10-09 Thread FOLD
Hi!! Just wondering if anyone is organizing an exchange again this year? Dee

[Origami] (NO) 2018 OUSA convention badge

2018-12-26 Thread FOLD
Could someone tell me, please, was there a pin (badge) in the "Sorry I Can't Attend" bags this past summer? There usually is, but my daughter pointed out that it wasn't in my collection and I can't find one ... 廊 De

[Origami] Mention of the Demaines in a NYT article

2019-01-10 Thread FOLD
This may have been mentioned already, since my source for it is more than a month old, but as I was reading the following NYT article about Dr. Donald Knuth - an expert in the field of computer algorithms - when up pops mention of Martin and Erik Demaine and their origami work! The article is

[Origami] March models

2019-03-08 Thread FOLD
> We didn't tell the librarians at first but now they have figured it out. > So any clovers or other March pertaining models? > What a fun idea to leave models for others to find! Might have to "steal" it ... As for ideas other than clovers March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb -

[Origami] Name of the traditional offering stand

2019-02-05 Thread FOLD
I'm going through all my books ... Is the traditional offering stand a sambo, sanpo, sanbo or sanbow? LOL! Is it just being spelled phonetically different ways? Dee

[Origami] Looking for a book title translation

2019-01-29 Thread FOLD
I am beginning to think I am the only person that has this book. I can't find it on the internet anywhere other than a list of Japanese title and that doesn't help. It is a Tokomo Fuse book. ISBN 4-416-30300-9. Google translates it to something like "Origami Small Items for Living." But that

[Origami] Lock on the waterbomb/balloon

2019-06-11 Thread FOLD
Hey ... Have a question for you all ... I have always called the lock on the waterbomb where you simply fold the little triangular flap straight into the pocket, which leaves a bit of the flap still outside the "Chinese" lock. The lock where you fold the flap along the edge of

Re: [Origami] Origami Digest, Vol 159, Issue 4

2019-07-08 Thread FOLD
> > > When I fold side to side I make a book fold and I have created a ... what? > When instructing I can tell them to fold sides to sides, or to make the ... > what? Certainly not the books :-) > I usually call it a "plus" if it is both of them (and "X" fo