Re: [Origami] origami snail, need creator's contact

2016-06-07 Thread Laura R
On Jun 7, 2016, at 7:01 PM, Peter Whitehouse wrote: > the instructions I have for this appear to be in Thai > > regards > > Peter Whitehouse* > Interesting… the PDF I got is in Hebrew, it has an email address but it bounced back. Laura

[Origami] origami snail, need creator's contact

2016-06-07 Thread Laura R
Hi, Are you familiar with this origami snail? If yes, maybe you have his email address? I have one, but doesn’t work. It seems the guy is from Israel. Thanks! Laura Rozenberg

[Origami] Museum of Paperfolding in Uruguay -crowdfunding update

2016-02-24 Thread Laura R
Dear Origami Folks, We’ve had a pretty good week of fundraising for the Museum of Paperfolding that we aim to open by September in Uruguay! Thank you very much to all who contributed. If you haven’t yet, please consider donating, no amount is too small. And help spread the word. Just

Re: [Origami] folders near mountain View

2016-04-08 Thread Laura R
On Apr 8, 2016, at 5:16 PM, Julieta Muller wrote: > > > I came to live in Mountain View last month and I am looking for a teacher or > a group to fold but I don´t know where I can find one. > > Could any of you help me? > > > Julieta Muller There are several

[Origami] A gentle reminder to invite you to contribute to the Museum of Origami in Uruguay

2016-03-04 Thread Laura R
Dear origami friends, About 16 days ago I started a crowdfunding campaign to support a museum of paperfolding that is developing in Uruguay (South America). To learn more about this project, mission and vision, click here: If you wish to contribute, do

[Origami] Museum of Paperfolding in Uruguay - fundraising ends in 15 days!

2016-04-03 Thread Laura R
Just a quick reminder that the fundraising for the Museum of Paperfolding in Uruguay will end in 15 days. We added new perks so please check them out! TODAY’S NEW PERK: Hoàng Tiến Quyết contributed with a video for his wonderful Orca. He is also giving diagrams for his Dove.

[Origami] Nguyễn Hùng Cường's Twin Rabbits on eBay

2016-04-13 Thread Laura R
Nguyễn Hùng Cường, one of the finest origami artists today, is putting for auction his beautiful Twin Rabbits. The money will be donated to the Origami House Colonia Project, Museum and Workshops. eBay auction ends 04/15 —> Thank you, Cường, very much for

[Origami] last day of fundraising for the Museum of Origami in Uruguay!

2016-04-17 Thread Laura R
Hi everyone! Only a few hours remaining so there’s still an opportunity for those who want to contribute with this beautiful project! The museum will be the house of Folding Paper, a great exhibition that toured the US for four years, plus many models that we’ve been collecting over the

[Origami] April 17th, last day of fundraising for Origami House Museum in Colonia, Uruguay

2016-04-15 Thread Laura R
Hi folks, Just a quick reminder that Sunday, April 17th will be the last day of the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the upcoming Museum of Origami in Colonia, Uruguay. If you want to contribute, you can do so here: There is a nice video and you can read extensively about

Re: [Origami] origami ref -- From Ask Dr. Jellowitz-Kessler

2016-09-28 Thread Laura R
On Sep 27, 2016, at 4:42 PM, Karen Reeds wrote: > "Ask Dr. Jellowitz-Kessler," by Paul Rudnick > > > See Q/A # 2. I propose OrigamiUSA should send a letter of complain to this said expert in marriage

[Origami] Science News: origami-inspired acoustic waveguides

2016-11-26 Thread Laura R
Single-duct waveguides are commonly used in cars, medical devices and many other objects. Now researchers are taking advantage of origami-related equations to study how noise can be reduced using interconnected tubes. More in Science Magazine (23 Nov 2016: Vol. 2. no. 11) Reconfigurable

Re: [Origami] recent surveys of origami artworks

2016-11-15 Thread Laura R
On Nov 15, 2016, at 11:42 AM, Robert J. Lang wrote: > Thus spake "Matthew Gardiner" on 11/14/16 9:12 PM: > >> just doing some research, in the last 10-15 years or so we have seen a >> few, what the art world would call, surveys of origami art.

[Origami] The Story of Ligia Montoya - book available

2016-11-14 Thread Laura R
Good news! I know many of you have been asking for the book about the story of Ligia Montoya. Finally the book is available on CreateSpace, an Amazon company (ships worldwide), and I am happy to give you a 10% discount. FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION (Title: Paper Life): click on this link

Re: [Origami] Toot: CNN's Great Big Story

2017-03-16 Thread Laura R
> I don’t know if it’s really a great BIG story, but CNN did a nice little > story on my folding: > > > > Robert If scale matters, I can only imagine the size of Robert's smile when he read that he is

[Origami] Mariano Zavala (Peru) -need to contact him

2017-04-04 Thread Laura R
I’ll appreciate is someone can put me in contact with Mariano Zavala from Perú. I tried facebook messages, flickr, but maybe he does not see the messages. Email or phone number would be great. Feel free to give him my email. Thank you Laura Rozenberg

Re: [Origami]

2017-04-06 Thread Laura R
On Apr 6, 2017, at 3:08 PM, Seth wrote: > Thanks for the answers everyone! Hopefully there will be a new site soon. In > the meantime google images will suffice. > Thanks! > -Seth > You may want to ask what pictures EMOZ has (the origami

Re: [Origami] Recreating Yoshizawa's unpublished models

2017-03-05 Thread Laura R
> > Would it be great to have 50,000 Yoshizawa models diagrammed, instead > of just a few hundred? And since there is literally no other way to > eventually diagram these models, why not do it? If cost is a factor, > crowdfund it. I'd donate! > > Be well, > Zack You’d first need to convince

Re: [Origami] Froebel - Seventh Gift - origami and ratios

2017-03-03 Thread Laura R
On Mar 3, 2017, at 10:37 AM, Matthew Gardiner wrote: > Dear o’listers, > > I came across something quite wonderful in my PhD research today. > > I picked up a book on Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect with a > considerable global reputation, at the University

Re: [Origami] Origami in the New York Times "Open Thread" column

2017-07-29 Thread Laura R
On Jul 29, 2017, at 12:41 AM, wrote: > > The Friday, July 28, 2017 edition of the New York Times "Open Thread" > column has an article titled "A new luxury arms race" with a photo of a > woman photographing hanging items including origami flower shapes and > birds in shades

Re: [Origami] About Leo Tolstoy and the Flapping Bird

2017-07-07 Thread Laura R
What a beautiful story, Dave! Thanks so much for sharing. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has what is probably the oldest set of origata known to date. The 128 origata are pasted in a sort of “scrapbook album” and there are 23 more loose objects. They are mostly tsutsumi (paper

Re: [Origami] Why traditional origami survived?

2017-06-08 Thread Laura R
On Jun 7, 2017, at 11:19 AM, Ali Bahmani wrote: > > Why these models survived all these years? > > Ali Bahmani > Great question! 1. We don’t know. We just can guess. 2. Of those traditional models, some very popular ones are the action models —those that “do something”.

[Origami] following on the workshops of Josep Albers (Bauhaus) at MoMA - June 22

2017-06-17 Thread Laura R
Josep Albers was one of the founders of the Bauhaus school in Germany, and he taught there an introductory course where he encouraged students to experiment with paper. Several pictures in books and on the internet show corrugations and paraboloids. Although he never used the word “origami”,

Re: [Origami] Permission question

2017-09-07 Thread Laura R
On Sep 7, 2017, at 6:12 AM, Koshiro Hatori wrote: > > I would be on the safe side and ask permissions when I use someone's > origami models in my classes. > > Hatori, Koshiro I do agree. I I were to teach a model I would search for the author to let him/her know and ask

Re: [Origami] Permission question

2017-09-06 Thread Laura R
On Sep 5, 2017, at 3:24 PM, Ilan Garibi wrote: > > Do we really ask a permission from every writer to read his book in front > of our class? It doesn't make sense at all, just like with any other > creation. Do we ask permission from a painter to talk about his paintings

Re: [Origami] Permission question

2017-09-26 Thread Laura R
On Aug 31, 2017, at 11:23 PM, Lisa Corfman wrote: > My question is, can I teach origami and whose models can I teach? > > Lisa Because Lisa’s question went further into the copyright issue, I thought I should post this information here: I just found an online course

Re: [Origami] 3D Origami

2017-09-30 Thread Laura R
On Sep 30, 2017, at 1:41 PM, Sunil Dhavalikar wrote: > In my opinion, 3D origami is nothing but a construction technique (…) > It looses the essence of the basic principles of Origami. On Sep 28, 2017, at 11:48 PM, Robert J. Lang wrote: > In

[Origami] Gabriel Vong contact

2017-10-07 Thread Laura R
I’m trying to get in touch with Gabriel Vong. I tried the email that appears in his website but got no response. If anyone is in touch with him, would you kindly let him know that I need to contact him? Thank you Laura Rozenberg

Re: [Origami] OrigamiUSA holiday tree in The New Yorker

2017-12-14 Thread Laura R
> I just opened up the December 13-26,2017 issue of The New Yorker to find a > full-page color photo of some lovely models, an anonymous folder’s hands, and > a nice caption about the history of the tree. It is at page 13, beginning of > Goings On About Town section. > > I’ll show it off at

[Origami] 100th Birthday Anniversary of Gershon Legman

2017-11-01 Thread Laura R
During the World Origami Days, tomorrow we'll celebrate the 100th Birthday Anniversary of Gershon Legman, who was born on November 2nd, 2017 in Scranton, PA (USA). Although he was not an accomplished paperfolder himself, he did help shape the origami movement of the 20th century in ways that we

Re: [Origami] 100th Birthday Anniversary of Gershon Legman

2017-11-02 Thread Laura R
On Nov 1, 2017, at 10:39 AM, Laura R <> wrote: > During the World Origami Days, tomorrow we'll celebrate the 100th Birthday > Anniversary of Gershon Legman, who was born on November 2nd, 2017 in > Scranton, PA (USA). Most of you may take it as a sim

[Origami] Origami stop motion

2018-08-19 Thread Laura R
Does anyone recognize the designer of the models and who created this video? Thanks Laura Rozenberg

[Origami] Origami sighting: Folding satellites

2018-03-09 Thread Laura R
As titled in CNN’s Biz Frontiers: Folding satellites: How origami nspired a “space geek”

Re: [Origami] Origami Sighting - the improbable connection betwen Origami and the Lottery

2018-03-31 Thread Laura R
My husband took this picture in the subway station in Manhattan.

[Origami] Origami sighting - the improbable connection between origami and the lottery

2018-03-31 Thread Laura R
[reposted, with a link to the picture] My husband sent me a picture of a lottery ad he saw in a New York subway station. The ad is asking “If you won $1,000 a day for a life, how would you spend it”? The answer is in the picture, take a look here:

Re: [Origami] Why did origami become popular in the 1980s ?

2018-03-19 Thread Laura R
> On Mar 19, 2018, at 5:32 PM, Karen Reeds wrote: > > > Hi, Wolf, 3/19/2018 > > I really hope you'll share your paper with the O-List! > > I'm skeptical that there was a single cause for the world-wide rise of > interest in origami. And I also doubt that the Ngram can

[Origami] Origami customs worn by ballet dancers

2018-10-16 Thread Laura R
Life-Size Origami Becomes a Fashion Statement in Dramatic Paper Costumes Worn by Ballet Dancers

[Origami] EMOZ crowdfunding campaign launched - please join!

2018-11-06 Thread Laura R
The Museum of Paperfolding in Spain (EMOZ - Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza) kick started a crowdfunding campaign worth supporting! These are difficult times and it would be a shame if the museum had to close its doors. EMOZ preserves the memory of countless paperfolders, thousands of models

[Origami] Albrecht Dürer polyhedron in Melencolia I

2018-11-09 Thread Laura R
Hi, I’d like to fold the polyhedron that appears in Melencolia I, the famous engraving by Albrecht Durer. What would be the best match and where can I find the diagrams? Thanks Laura Rozenberg

[Origami] Looking for a crossword creator for The Paper

2019-03-15 Thread Laura R
Hi there, I’m sure there must be a bright mind in our origami community who would like this challenge. The idea is to create crosswords for The Paper (the pring magazine of OrigamiUSA). It would be no more than three crosswords per year. Of course the theme will be origami and related

Re: [Origami] ORI* PhD thesis now available online

2019-03-14 Thread Laura R
Downloaded! Thanks :) L > On Mar 14, 2019, at 10:44 PM, Matthew Gardiner wrote: > > >> By way of thanks and for general interest, here a link to the thesis free >> for download: >> >> > > If the university link fails (as can happen…), please try this

Re: [Origami] Paperfolding in Mad Magazine

2019-06-18 Thread Laura R
> > I believe the peacock pictured with a fanned tail is by Adolfo Cerceda. Yes, that is correct. Year of creaton 1975. The peacock with a long horizonal tail is a Solorzano Sagredo. He used the image as a logo for his envelopes and advertisiment. Laura Rozenberg

Re: [Origami] Paperfolding in Mad Magazine / Cerceda’s Peacock

2019-06-19 Thread Laura R
Yes, David, Robert, I made a mistake with the model. I have in my files Cerceda’s peacock from a square, and the model depicted in the ad shown by David Mitchell is from a banknote. Yesterday Michel Grand wrote me noting the mistake. He said: I think you have made a miss-spelling about the

Re: [Origami] Origami conventions in unconventional areas

2019-05-24 Thread Laura R
Rob, thank you for sending me a private message in regards to my previous questions. The view of an American can be significantly different from the perception of a Non-American regarding delicate issues such as labeling countries as being developed or underdeveloped. I will reply to you

[Origami] origami insects needed

2019-04-28 Thread Laura R
Dear origami friends: Many of you know about the Origami Museum that I am building in Uruguay (South America). I aim at opening this year, just working on the last details. A box with the most beautiful origami insects was stolen yesterday from the table I had been preparing. I am sad and

[Origami] music for an origami exhibition

2019-07-13 Thread Laura R
Dear origami friends, If you had to ambient an origami exhibition (or an origami museum) what music would you choose? (Authors, melodies, scores, nomusic-just silence!, all ideas accepted). I’ll be grateful with your input. Kind regards Laura Rozenberg

[Origami] Origami sighting

2019-09-02 Thread Laura R
Architecture structure inspired in ladybug wings and flexagons

Re: [Origami] music for an origami exhibition

2019-07-15 Thread Laura R
I just want to thank the many suggestons and messages received. I’m happy I opened up the question about ambient music to the origami community as the suggestions received are all interesting and diverse! Kind regards Laura

[Origami] semiotics of paperfolding

2019-11-07 Thread Laura R
If you’ve read something or wrote about the semiotics of paperfolding (semiotics in visual arts applied to paperfolding/origami), let me now. I may be wrong but it seems to me like a land awaiting to be discovered or at least to become more deeply investigated. Laura Rozenberg

Re: [Origami] Amusing (if a bit hackneyed) origami reference

2019-10-16 Thread Laura R
For (other) origami-related crosswords wait for the next issue of The Fold and The Paper. Good surprises coming soon. L > On Oct 16, 2019, at 9:11 AM, Anne LaVin wrote: > > In today's New York Times crossword, origami (and possibly the most > over-used origami-related pun involving

[Origami] Origami and Math in the New York Times

2019-10-25 Thread Laura R
The New York Times has an article today about the exhibition of paperfolding at the Museum of Math (MoMath) in New York Art by the Numbers At the National Museum of Mathematics, origami helps bridge the gap between art and math and finds the beauty in both.

Re: [Origami] Box Pleating book???

2019-10-29 Thread Laura R
Neal Elias’ booklets published by the British Origami Society. Laura > On Oct 29, 2019, at 1:51 PM, Kate Honeyman wrote: > > I've not seen a primer book for box pleated modelsany recommendations > I've fought my way thru a few Manga, and some Clothing models. It would be > helpful to have

Re: [Origami] Old Momotani book(s) freely available in ...

2019-10-22 Thread Laura R
This is a topic that has always interested me. In this case, I checked that the book mentioned by Lorenzo in the previous email resides in . This humongous website explains: “Because we are a library, we pay special attention to books. Not everyone has access

[Origami] The Origami Holiday Tree is aglow

2019-11-25 Thread Laura R
Origami at MoMath. Origami in the New York Times. Origami at the American Museum of Natural History. Origami IS trendy! L > > >> >> Ring in the holiday season here at the Museum. | View in Browser >>

Re: [Origami] why november 11th is WOD

2019-10-10 Thread Laura R
oday's Topics: >> >> 1. Help contacting Tuan Pham (Gerardo >> 2. Origami artist needed in the D.C. area. (Robert C. Smith) >> 3. World Origami Days (Kate Honeyman) >> 4. Re: Technology and origami (Aviv) >> 5. why November 11th is WOD?

[Origami] why November 11th is WOD?

2019-10-08 Thread Laura R
I know Oct. 24th is Lillian Oppenheimer’s birthday, which marks the beginning of a period known as World Origami Days, until 11/11. But does anyone know why November 11th was the day chosen in Japan to be the World Origami Day? Laura Rozenberg

Re: [Origami] Engineering Origami video

2019-10-05 Thread Laura R
Released yesterday. Already has 732,182 views > On Oct 5, 2019, at 3:15 PM, Robert Lang wrote: > > Thus spake "Origami on behalf of Andrew Hans" > on > 10/4/19, 10:15 PM: > >An interesting video on engineering origami featuring Robert Lang from the > Veritasium you tube channel > >

Re: [Origami] The Difference Between Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

2020-04-19 Thread Laura R
Sometimes I feel like The New York Times is reading my mind. There are articles like this one that target to my questions (no matter how many times I look for information on “copyright”, “trademark”, etc.) It may not prevent my forgetting of the differences (they slip from my brain after a few

Re: [Origami] Origami sighting - NYTimes story in the times of coronavirus

2020-03-13 Thread Laura R
This is a very sad story of a Chinese doctor who died in the frontline while fighting coronavirus. Her desk in the hospital was filled with origami gifts from colleagues and friends. There is a picture of it.

Re: [Origami] Online Origami Meetings

2020-03-27 Thread Laura R
What a great initiative. Thank you! L > On Mar 27, 2020, at 4:01 PM, Robert Lang wrote: > > Hi all, > > > > During this time of world-wide shut-in and “social-distancing,” many > community origami groups have turned to virtual meetings, using > videoconferencing platforms like Zoom,

Re: [Origami] Better Kami?

2020-03-29 Thread Laura R
I have the same question. I wish I had the answer! because there is a bunch of kami papers in my drawer, without original envelope, that look much nicer, the color side is fuller, even the texture seems smoother, but I have no idea where I got them. Maybe is from years ago and the quality of

Re: [Origami] Transforming an origami book to ebook

2020-03-30 Thread Laura R
My experience, as I said, has been the opposite. The conversion from PDF to ebook with the Kindle platform was smooth and the result is perfect. It works on tablets, phones, laptops. It’s like browsing the book page by page and the text, pictures and diagrams are in the same position as in the

Re: [Origami] Transforming an origami book to ebook

2020-03-30 Thread Laura R
I converted my book into ebook via KDP (Amazon’s ebooks branch). The result is perfect and it is a color book with lots of text, images and photographs. The only drawback is that the file stays on KDP so it’s not yours (you cannot attach it in an email and send it to your friends, for

Re: [Origami] Source for black duo paper

2020-03-26 Thread Laura R
OrigamiUSA has black/red sheets (nice for cardinals) > > > On 3/25/2020 12:01 PM, Dawn Tucker via Origami wrote: >> Does anyone know of a source for paper (traditional squares or even large >> sheets I could cut) that is solid black on one side and another solid color >> on the other side? >>

Re: [Origami] The Difference Between Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

2020-04-28 Thread Laura R
offman (Nebraska) > <> > <> (origami) new > <> > (photography) > > > On Sun,

[Origami] Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, presents its video library

2020-04-28 Thread Laura R
Hi everyone, Every Saturday, the Video Library at the Museo del Origami in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, will add a new video featuring origami artists and researchers from around the world. Videos have English and Spanish subtitles. The link to the videolibrary is:

Re: [Origami] document cameras for origami demo-ing

2020-05-02 Thread Laura R
I was about to comment the same thing. I use my iPhone 8, which has a good camera. Also got an articulate suspension arm that you screw to the edge of the table. It’s just 25 bucks on Amazon and it has a pivotal arm, larger than the Ipevo stand so you can bring it closer or farther away from

[Origami] Museo del Origami in Colonia opened its Video Library on YouTube

2020-04-24 Thread Laura R
Each Saturday, the Museo del Origami in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, will present new videos to its YouTube VideoLibrary featuring the most well-known international origami artists and researchers. Today the Museum presents Tom C. Hull, Mathematician and professor of Western New England

[Origami] FREE BOOK to download from the Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay

2020-04-14 Thread Laura R
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe. It seemed to me this may be something to read while we stay at home. So here is the “ad”. Enjoy! (English first, Spanish below) ***FREE BOOKS*** FROM THE MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI IN COLONIA, URUGUAY To help everyone stay home, between April 12 and 18, the

[Origami] When paper is made as thin as the wings of a mayfly

2020-05-05 Thread Laura R
From The New York Times: The Thinnest Paper in the World The process of making tengujo is fairly simple, but the nearly transparent product that results is almost magical. Laura Rozenberg Home Sweet

Re: [Origami] Another flapping bird

2020-05-13 Thread Laura R
Here there is a less expensive option ($11.77 including shipping from UK)

[Origami] Video about Lisa Corfman at MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI in Colonia, Uruguay

2020-05-16 Thread Laura R
Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, is delighted to announce a new video created for its VideoLibrary. Today we present Lisa Corfman! Painter, poet, origami artist and more! Please visit the page below to enjoy this short and beautiful video about her life and work. The video is in English

Re: [Origami] Advise on paper for Ryujin

2020-05-13 Thread Laura R
Dear Keinan, Although I’m not the best person to fully and conclusively answer your question, I would suggest you check this options: 1. run by Nicolas Terry. There is a paper named Alios Kraft, which is advertised as one of the thinnest papers

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORGIAMI: Paul Jackson, video & zoom talk - Saturday 9th, check out your time

2020-05-08 Thread Laura R
Hi everyone, As part as the weekly presentation of videos that started last month, the Museo del Origami in Colonia is proud to present Paul Jackson, one of the most popular origami artists who needs little presentation, at least in this forum. So here is the announcement with links for

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI: video about Miguel Gañan and his tessellations with English subtitles

2020-05-21 Thread Laura R
Museo del Origami Videolibrary invites you to the YouTube premier about Miguel Gañán (Spain/Argentina) and his tessellations. The screening will start this Saturday, May 23, a 11:00 am Buenos Aires time (or 10:00 am NY, or 4:00 pm Madrid time, etc.). During the screening, Miguel will be

[Origami] Short video about Victoria Serova and Vladimir Serov by Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay

2020-05-30 Thread Laura R
New video by Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, featuring the work of Victoria Serova and Vladimir Serov. With English subtitles. Laura Rozenberg

[Origami] A Conversation with Felipe Moreno (Spain) from EMOZ (Origami Museum in Spain)

2020-06-05 Thread Laura R
Tomorrow, Sat. June 6th, the Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, will premier a 13min video with Felipe Moreno (Spain), curator and one of the founders of EMOZ, the first modern museum of origami in the world, located in Saragossa, Spain. After the video, please join us in the zoom meeting

[Origami] Arnold Tubis' video on his works and books

2020-06-12 Thread Laura R
This week's video produced by Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, features Arnold Tubis. A Professor Emeritus of Physics at Purdue University, California, he is also a collector of books, an artist and a writer of several books on tessellations, decorative boxes, money folds, and

Re: [Origami] Saturday videolibrary pick from Museo del Origami - "How to make a Lilly and a Lilly pad, by Yuki Martin"

2020-06-20 Thread Laura R
Here is a link to a video we selected for this week. Yuki Martin, a Japanese educator living in Portland, OR, and a frequent volunteer for OrigamiUSA, will teach you how to make a water lilly and a lilly pad. The calm setting, her soft voice and movements and the accompanying music will be a

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY: The Mystery of the Dragonfly

2020-06-28 Thread Laura R
MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY TODAY: The mystery of the Dragonfly In this new video, I will tell the story of some incomplete diagrams from the 19th century showing how to fold a dragonfly. The diagrams belonged to a Japanese encyclopedia, Kan-no-mado (also called Karagayusa) that had long been

[Origami] Museo del Origami videolibrary: on the history of the word origami

2020-07-04 Thread Laura R
Museo del Origami in Colonia Videolibrary This week’s video: On the history of the word origami In this video we will talk about the origins of the word origami and other names given in Japan over the centuries to the practice of paper folding. The video is available in English and Spanish:

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY: Paula Pietranera: "Renzuru World"

2020-07-10 Thread Laura R
Museo del Origami: Videolibrary Today: Paula Pietranera: "Renzuru World" Paula Pietranera is an Argentine artist who has been living in San Francisco (California) for several years in a Zen community, where she develops her art and passion for origami. In this video she speaks about her life

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY: "A Whip-Spider Named 'Origami'"

2020-07-24 Thread Laura R
MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY: "A WHIP-SPIDER NAMED ‘ORIGAMI'" (In Spanish with English Subtitles) Andrés Sánchez, a Colombian biologist who lives in Buenos Aires and is a CONICET postdoctoral fellow, tells us how a species of arachnid has just received the name of Heterophrynus origamii.

[Origami] Museo del Origami Videolibrary: The word "Origami" in the Western World

2020-07-17 Thread Laura R
Museo del Origami Videolibrary: Short video: The word Origami in the Western World (in Spanish with English Subtitles) Laura Rozenberg Museo del Origami

[Origami] 1000 cranes - 1000 wishes

2020-07-05 Thread Laura R
Paula Pietranera is a fantastic artist who embarked in a project "1000 cranes - 1000 wishes”. She will write your wish in one of these cranes. You just need to send it to her (see below). When she completes the thousand cranes, she'll create an installation, which is her specialty. Her

[Origami] Museo del Origami in Colonia Videolibrary: one award, one butterfly, and one video broadcast the museum's rooms

2020-08-02 Thread Laura R
This week’s video brings good news: 1) The OrigamiUSA’s Florence Temko Innovation Award was given to Laura Rozenberg, director of the Museum of Origami in Colonia, Uruguay. 2) Michael LaFosse, created a butterfly in her name. Laura feels completely overwhelmed and wants to thank for both

[Origami] MUSEO DEL ORIGAMI VIDEOLIBRARY - Pinocchio, an origami book by Anna Rosa Ventura

2020-08-07 Thread Laura R
Now that the museum is closed due to the pandemic, I want to show some of its jewels online. Today is Pinocchio, a book illustrated in origami by the italian artist Anna Rosa Ventura. The video show all of its pages while Anna Rosa narrates the famous story written by Carlo Collodi. Enjoy!