[Origami] London Origami question

2017-10-10 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hi, My family and I will be taking a trip to London from the US from Thursday, October 12 to Friday, October 20. I am wondering if there is some Origami folks in London to meet up with and tour with. Please let me know if you are in the area. Thanks! I can be reached at lbcorf...@comcast.net.

[Origami] Permission question

2017-09-04 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hey Folders! I am excited to be starting an after school job entertaining kindergarten through 3rd graders. I get to run an activity daily with the kids. My question is, can I teach origami and whose models can I teach? I am not getting paid to teach the kids origami, I am just making sure they

[Origami] Online Origami Museum

2017-10-29 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hi Folders! I am writing to invite you to be an exhibitor in an online origami museum. The museum will start online, but if interest pursues, it will become an actual museum. There will be a general page that has origamist names, countries, biographies and an image that represents the artist.

[Origami] Community Origami Art Grant Invite

2018-06-16 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hi Folders! I would like to invite you to participate in a community project, titled Goldfish Art, something free to all. Goldfish Art has 3 parts that I am asking for participation in: ·Copper Butterfly Making, ·Painting of six storytelling Murals, and ·Song audio

[Origami] Origami Goldfish Art grant article

2018-07-12 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hi Folders! I am pleased to announce, there is an article on my origami goldfish art grant project today! You can read about it at: http://maynard.wickedlocal.com/news/20180709/maynard-resident-to-create-community-art--project Lisa B. Corfman

[Origami] Call for a maker for 2 Origami 3D Honey Badgers

2018-04-14 Thread Lisa Corfman
Hi Folders! I have an Etsy commission request from someone who inquired if I can make two origami honey badgers. Since I do not know the model I am asking if I you or someone else here can make one with elegance. I am asked if you are up for the challenge. It is a paid project where I am asking