Re: [Origami] Copyrighted material on a group in FB via the site that it links to.

2012-09-29 Thread Rob Hudson
So, the call to action is: if you're an origami creator (or you have permission to represent one in DMCA notices) then take a look at the list here: I'd say go a step further and refrain from posting in that group trying to argue with people about that sort of thing. Just take a breath and do

Re: [Origami] Who set all these origami definitions and conditions?

2012-11-13 Thread Rob Hudson
On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 3:56 PM, Chris Lott wrote: On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Jorge E. Jaramillo wrote: Lately there's been discussion of some conditions to consider or not consider a model this or that. So I ask who set all these definitions?

Re: [Origami] good kami

2012-12-27 Thread Rob Hudson
Regarding good kami, I have been very happy with the duo/double color stuff I've found at Michael's stores in the USA. It folds well, but of course is not white on one side. Michael's usually has a 40%-50% off coupon weekly, and if you're a teacher, you get an additional 15% off. It's a nice

Re: [Origami] Legally protecting useful models?

2013-03-19 Thread Rob Hudson
It seems unlikely Gerardo was expecting legal advice here. That said, there is a wealth of copyright knowledge on this list that is useful when someone wants general information. Some of us deal with copyright on a regular basis. Actually, it seemed like he was directly seeking legal

[Origami] RIP Russell Sutherland. Folder, Artist, Friend

2013-04-26 Thread Rob Hudson
Tonight I am mourning the death of Russell Sutherland, a good friend of mine since 2003, who died at his computer last night. Russell had struggled with many, many medical issues, and was in pain and bad shape, limiting the time he could physically work with his hands to create his origami art.

Re: [Origami] The British Origami Society Questionnaire

2013-04-26 Thread Rob Hudson
On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:49 AM, Mark Bolitho wrote: The British Origami Society Questionnaire will be remain open until 30th April 2013. We have had about 60 responses, but we would like a few more. Ack. I finished the survey before I added in a comment I

Re: [Origami] list archives?

2013-05-09 Thread Rob Hudson
I was just wondering if there might be news about the list archives coming back online (or maybe I have the wrong link(s))? Anything I/we can do to help? Also - is there the possibility of hosting what's currently there in the interim for people to access and search themselves?

[Origami] Request for nice water birds - heron, pelican, ibis

2013-08-28 Thread Rob Hudson
I'm trying to impress my boss, who likes water birds (pelican, ibis, heron, geese). Can someone point me to a nice model or two that looks like the subject enough to be recognized by a layperson? It need not be complex. Thanks! Rob

[Origami] Map NoteCubes from Viking, CA?

2013-10-24 Thread Rob Hudson
I bought some notecubes (non-sticky) made from old maps that were 4 square. It's been a few years, and I think I got them from a Canadian company called Viking. I haven't found them since. Here's what they look like:

[Origami] Ethical question for creators/authors

2013-11-12 Thread Rob Hudson
Authors/Creators: Let's pretend someone got a hold of a bootlegged, unlicensed ebook of one of your books (or diagram collections). Assuming the item is available for sale (but maybe not in this format), would it be acceptable to pay the author directly for the copy, if that venue of

Re: [Origami] Ethical question for creators/authors

2013-11-13 Thread Rob Hudson
Robert Lang writes: I'd say that if you as author made an agreement with your publisher that you would sell your book and divvy the funds in the ways spelled out in your contract, and then you went and sold it some other way, that's not very ethical. YEMV. This is where I get a little confused

Re: [Origami] Can you identify the author of this flower?

2013-11-14 Thread Rob Hudson
This is a lovely flower made from the bird base, which is turned into a four pointed star. The center is close-squashed, the points are blunted and you get the flower. Hi Leyla (and all), That flower looks like a sort of modified version of Jim Sakoda's rose.

Re: [Origami] Ethical question for creators/authors

2013-11-14 Thread Rob Hudson
Let's not be naive in the first place and think that someone who obtain a bootlegged copy really intends to pay the author or anybody for that matter! It happens, maybe not all the time, but aside from someone growing a conscience or coming to understand things, I can see a few cases where

Re: [Origami] Practigami: Neorigami's first printed book

2013-12-27 Thread Rob Hudson
On 12/25/2013 12:41 AM, Gerardo wrote: Oh happy day! You can finally buy Neorigami's printed book: Practigami Have you considered offering this as an EBook download for purchase in addition to the print copy? One of the biggest costs and prohibitions to purchasing books comes

Re: [Origami] Practigami: Neorigami's first printed book

2013-12-30 Thread Rob Hudson
. Maybe in the future we'll consider that option. That's too bad. Is it about the compensation model for contributors? I'd assume it's got to be in electronic form for publication. I'm sorry this is going to be prohibitively expensive for me as a print book. The internet has been fantastic at

Re: [Origami] Practigami: Neorigami's first printed book

2014-01-04 Thread Rob Hudson
On 1/1/2014 7:47 PM, Gerardo wrote: Rob Hudson mentioned in his last reply that the printed book would be too expensive for him. I wanna tell everyone I'm sorry. During this week I've discovered that the print on demand company I chose offer very abusive shipping costs to other

[Origami] Source for Elephant Hide or equivalent in USA, a USA chain, or Central PA?

2014-02-26 Thread Rob Hudson
Anyone know where I can either get elephant hide from the continental USA or what I can use instead to make models like palmer boxes and star springs and flashers? Thanks!

Re: [Origami] Older models/first time giveaways?

2014-02-27 Thread Rob Hudson
On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 7:38 PM, John Scully jscu...@ohiopaperfolders.comwrote: So - If you have pieces you would like to donate to this cause, please contact me. We could use duplicates, since we do have multiple display sets ... If anyone else has excess pieces they would like to donate, we

Re: [Origami] ADMIN - list mail delivery problems (possibly just for Yahoo users)

2014-04-14 Thread Rob Hudson
On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 11:30 PM, Anne LaVin wrote: On 4/13/14, Anne LaVin wrote: Not certain why (fallout from the Heartbleed bug? something else?) but the last two O-list messages, which were both from Yahoo users, caused a tremendous number of

[Origami] Violation of copyright - this vector art?

2014-04-19 Thread Rob Hudson
Hi - Was browsing for origami bunnies and came across a piece of stock/royalty free vector art that shows origami rabbit models from different designers (uncredited). Is

[Origami] Protocol for permission from deceased paperfolders

2014-05-02 Thread Rob Hudson
and designs, should the discretion, usage, and ownership (ethically) pass to the next of kin or legal inheritor of the estate? If by some horrifying twist of fate, the legacy of Dave Brill is legally granted to his long-estranged and unknown son, Rob Hudson, should Hudson now have the right

Re: [Origami] Protocol for permission from deceased paperfolders

2014-05-04 Thread Rob Hudson
Nigel said: Regarding Ligiya Montoya copyright. This is more difficult as some of her models are in Robert Harbin books.. How does the compensation agreement that Harbin had with Montoya (if any) impact future sales of the Harbin works with her models? That is, if you hold the copyright to

Re: [Origami] Square paper no cuts

2014-05-09 Thread Rob Hudson
Robert Lang wrote... A lot of my tessellations and geometrics are folded from weird shapes (like, really irregular serrated polygons). I just say what they are. Then people can decide for themselves if they want to stick their personal label of origami on them I've been making a lot of

[Origami] Hudson meetup origami

2014-07-03 Thread Rob Hudson
Those of you who know me and would like to exchange models in person this weekend, I'll be at Mark's. Send me a private email at to make arrangements. Thank you, Rob

[Origami] Rather realistic deer head model for the granddaughter whose hunter grandpa just passed away

2014-08-08 Thread Rob Hudson
Hi, My friend just told me her grandfather died and because of family issues she isn't making the funeral. She asked if I'd make her a deer head (he enjoyed hunting) for her to place in the casket when she was able to be alone there to grieve. She liked the Fuse elephant spiral, and while I

[Origami] Folders in Central PA who want to meet

2014-08-11 Thread Rob Hudson
I'm doing a few small gatherings in Lancaster, PA and am looking for folders who are around the area or who would like to participate. Email me at Thanks!

[Origami] Small origami model for condolence card for US Veteran

2015-02-11 Thread Rob Hudson
A colleague's father, a WWII veteran and teacher, passed away yesterday and I wanted to send a card with a small, flat origami piece inside. I normally send angels, but I wonder if there's a model out there that would capture the veteran angle or the teaching angle. He's also a Texan, so there's

Re: [Origami] World Origami Days-Free Online Classes at Origami Heaven

2015-11-04 Thread Rob Hudson
I had the opportunity to attend one of the World Origami Day classes at Origami Heaven (Dennis Walker's) and was impressed with how it went. A brief quirk with our local audio being muted left the group physically at OH to rely for a bit on strictly visual cues. This turned out to be a good thing:

[Origami] Copyright violation wall of shame?

2015-11-04 Thread Rob Hudson
Is there a running list somewhere of people who are ripping off origami artists without attribution or permission who currently persist? Or a party that is responsible for confirming alleged violations? Maybe it's my advancing age, but I get quite cross walking into Barnes and Noble in the States

[Origami] High intermediate or complex FLAT angel model ?

2015-12-17 Thread Rob Hudson
Anyone know of a high intermediate or complex angel model that is flat (or relatively flat; pleated wings are ok)? I'm looking for something to fold and send out to friends who have lost loved ones recently or for whom the holidays are reminders that loved ones are no longer in their lives. I'd

[Origami] Trigger Warning: glue

2015-12-22 Thread Rob Hudson
Origami scofflaws: What kind of glue do you use when you're attaching modules together permanently for sturdiness? Constraints: in the United States, need it quickly so ordering online isn't an optio

[Origami] U.S. vendor options for origami paper (or overseas with quick shipping)

2015-11-30 Thread Rob Hudson
Hi all, I'm teaching a class where I'll require a small amount of paper, but the organization for which I'm teaching insists that I get pricing from 2-3 sources, even for the small amount that I need. Some accountability process gone overboard. In any case, I would like opinions on three U.S.

[Origami] GSM vs LBS and variations. Help!

2016-01-11 Thread Rob Hudson
Hi all, I've been trying to figure how thick paper will be by glancing at the packaging in the store, but it seems like there's a difference (at least as they're expressed in US units, lbs) among brands and types. Some things listed as "65 lbs" seem to be foldable paper; others feel more like

[Origami] Book with Uchiyama Tatos, what's it like?

2016-06-06 Thread Rob Hudson
Been getting into tato folding lately after seeing Palmer's octagonal Uchiyama tato design. There's a book out that looks like it features many Uchiyama designs, but I'm not sure how many or what they're like. It's called ORIGAMI FLOWER PATTERNS WORLD OF UCHIYAMA MINGEI SERIES VOLUME 3. Anyone

[Origami] Paperfolders in or near central PA

2016-06-11 Thread Rob Hudson
Anyone here know of origami enthusiasts in the York, Harrisburg, Reading, or Lancaster Pennsylvania area? I know there are some in Philly and Allentown. Trying to get some regular local club going and it's tough to find people.

Re: [Origami] Who's model is this

2016-01-26 Thread Rob Hudson
On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 12:49 PM, Cye M. Newman wrote: > Who's model is this: > I know it's a modular star and that the diagrams are publicly available. I just can't find them now. The units, I think, are squares.

[Origami] What do you call a paperfolder

2016-05-19 Thread Rob Hudson
What do you call yourself, enthusiasts of origami? In English or in your native language. I'm looking for a title to put on a profile or calling card of some sort, and "Origami teacher" is the only thing that I seem to have enough experience in to really add a title. Things I've seen: Origami

[Origami] Diagramming standards for 2016?

2016-07-21 Thread Rob Hudson
Hi all, I'm reviewing some diagrams and I am wondering what the modern "standard" is for diagramming symbols and conventions. I know there have in the past been several schools of thought, but I am curious about what people are using today. I've been a disciple of the Robert Lang Origami

[Origami] Rarest books or publications?

2016-07-14 Thread Rob Hudson
What are the rarest books or publications that came out since about 1930 or so? I'm working on a group research project to acquire and categorize and study out of print origami. Filling in some historical gaps as well.

[Origami] Centerfold transport Lancaster to Columbus

2016-07-13 Thread Rob Hudson
Looking to catch a ride for Centerfold from Lancaster, PA to Columbus Thursday the 28th. Anyone passing near or through? Please pm me. Thanks!

[Origami] Lubbock origami?

2017-02-19 Thread Rob Hudson
I'll be in Lubbock,TX March 2-6 on business. Any folders there?

[Origami] Origami Shop Order Processing Delay

2018-01-24 Thread Rob Hudson
Has anyone else had an issue with Origami-Shop not processing orders quickly? I ordered a digital download and just assumed it would be available immediately, but the order is still hung in the queue.

Re: [Origami] Origami Shop Order Processing Delay

2018-02-08 Thread Rob Hudson
On 1/25/2018 2:24 PM, Anne LaVin wrote: You did, of course, ask via the addresses listed at the shop's website before sending this message to all of us here on the list, right? Did you not hear back, or did the mail bounce? I've seen nothing but friendly, prompt and all-around exceptional