Re: [osg-users] Build error on MAc OSX 10.4 and OSG 2.7.4

2008-11-07 Thread Andrea Negri

Hi Robert,

I use XCode 2.4.1 with projects generated using CMake 2.6 (patch 2).
I didn't compile in release mode, I'll give a try. I haven't tested any 
previous version, generally I build under Windows and I took the last 
version from the Osg website.

On the mailing list I read of people using 2.6 under Mac system, I'll 
check for this version too. Thanks


Robert Osfield ha scritto:

Hi Andrea,

I'm not a OSX expert, but for those that are you don't provide quite
enough info to know what might be up.  I presume using doing an XCode
build, but you don't mentioned this explicitly.

Did the XCode projects come from the manually maintained ones or CMake
generated ones?

Does the release build compile fine?

Have you tested previous version of the OSG in this configuration?



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[osg-users] Build error on MAc OSX 10.4 and OSG 2.7.4

2008-11-07 Thread Andrea Negri

Hi folks,

I tried to build OSG 2.7.4 on my Mac (OSX 10.4.11 PPC, XCode 2.4.1)  
and I have some errors (undefined symbols):

Building target “libOsgText.dylib” of project “OpenSceneGraph” with  
configuration “Debug”

Ld /Users/andreanegri/Developement/OSG-2.7.4/ 
OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4_build/lib/ normal ppc
cd /Users/andreanegri/Developement/OSG-2.7.4/ 
/usr/bin/g++-4.0 -o /Users/andreanegri/Developement/OSG-2.7.4/ 
OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4_build/lib/ -L/Users/ 
Debug -F/Users/andreanegri/Developement/OSG-2.7.4/ 
OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4_build/lib/Debug -filelist /Users/andreanegri/ 
osgTextd.LinkFileList -arch ppc -Wl,-single_module - 
compatibility_version 49.0.0 -current_version 2.7.4 -install_name / 
lib/Debug/libosgTextd.dylib -Wl,-Y,1455 -dynamiclib -mmacosx-version- 
min=10.4 -dynamiclib -headerpad_max_install_names /Users/andreanegri/ 
libosgDBd.dylib /Users/andreanegri/Developement/OSG-2.7.4/ 
OpenSceneGraph-2.7.4_build/lib/Debug/libosgd.dylib /Users/andreanegri/ 
libOpenThreadsd.dylib -framework AGL -framework OpenGL /usr/lib/ 
libm.dylib -lpthread -framework Carbon -framework AGL -framework  
OpenGL -isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk

ld: Undefined symbols:
_acl_copy_ext_native referenced from CarbonCore expected to be  
defined in libSystem
_acl_copy_int_native referenced from CarbonCore expected to be  
defined in libSystem
_task_name_for_pid referenced from CarbonCore expected to be defined  
in libSystem

/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed

Any clues from mac users here?

Thanks in advance

Andrea Negri___
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Re: [osg-users] [ANN] The book OpenSceneGraph Design and Implementation is published

2009-11-26 Thread Andrea Negri

Hi Wang,

any chance to see an english version of your book in the near future?

Congratulation for your work, indeed. :)


Andrea Negri

Wang Rui wrote:

Hi all,
After 3 months of long waiting (from the SIGGRAPH to present), I am 
very pleased to announce that, the book /OpenSceneGraph Design and 
Implementation/, which is written by Wang Rui and Qian Xuelei and 
predicted on the OSG BOF, finally COMES OUT!
Wang Rui and Qian Xuelei, OpenSceneGraph Design and Implementation, 
Tsinghua University Press, 2009.11;
ISBN: 978-7-302-21303-1; Price: 45.00Yuan (about $6.6); Paperback, 377 
Please visit the Tsinghua University Press website for more 
information about this book:
Chinese readers may order it from:
The book resource website:
You may freely download the full examples source code and have an 
overview of them here. Hope the 38 very short examples may help you 
even without reading the book. I try to build the website 
Chinese-English bilingual, so don't worry about language limitations. :)
More snapshots could be found at
I’d like to thank Don Burns and Robert Osfield for their creative 
efforts to give birth to OpenSceneGraph, as well as over 1700 (maybe 
even more today?) members of the OSG core community and over 2400 
members of the osgChina community, for their support and contribution 
all the time!
Many thanks to Paul Martz of the Skew Matrix, for his tremendous 
passion for improving OSG documentations and great help on supporting 
the publication of this book. He also took time out of his busy 
schedule writing the foreword.
Thanks to Wei Zhanying, Guan Yanling, Chen Xuexia and Su Yuyang of 
Beijing Geo-Vision, for providing all kinds of assistance to the 
author during writing.
Thanks to Xiong Jian of Tsinghua University Press, Zhu Youhong of 
3DVRI, Gao Feng of Appsoft, Xu Mingliang of Zhejiang University, CG 
Laboratory of Beijing Forestry University and Yang Shixing, Xiao Peng 
and He Sicong of the osgChina Team, for technical reviewing, providing 
images and examples, and contributing in some other way.
Thanks to my co-author Dr. Qian Xuelei, for helping me finish some 
chapters and proofread the entire text.
Finally, I should thank my parents Wang Lihang and Bao Ximei, and my 
fiancee Leng Qin. I could not have done this without their patience 
and moral support during the whole time.
Best wishes,
Wang Rui

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