Re: [osg-users] Un-share StateSets

2008-12-10 Thread Andreas Lindmark
Tom Forsythe has an entry on his blog about the cost of state changes that I've found to be very helpful. /Andreas 2008/12/9 Paul Melis [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tomlinson, Gordon wrote: Hi Vincent Of the top of my head I would assume it an

Re: [osg-users] Render Bin, Transparency, ...

2008-12-01 Thread Andreas Lindmark
It is often better to draw the skybox last. 1. Opaque objects 2. Skybox 3. Transparent objects ATI has published a paper called Depth in Depth, written by Emil Person aka Humus. In the paper (under paragraph: Draw the skybox last and the gun first) he explains why this order is preferable

Re: [osg-users] Render to texture problem

2008-11-07 Thread Andreas Lindmark
The camera has to be somewhere in the scenegraph under the root. Something like this: Root /\ RTTCamera Node1 \/ World Set the uniforms that you currently set at the Root in Node1 instead and they will not be used when rendering with the

Re: [osg-users] Render to texture problem

2008-11-07 Thread Andreas Lindmark
); } if (textureImage-data()) { osgDB::writeImageFile(*textureImage, h:/temp/textureImage2.bmp); } while (!viewer.done()) { viewer.frame(); } -- *Från:* [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto: [EMAIL PROTECTED] *För *Andreas Lindmark *Skickat:* den 7 november 2008 10:33 *Till

Re: [osg-users] Varying shader variable /= 0 in vertex shader, is == 0 in fragment shader

2008-11-03 Thread Andreas Lindmark
This line: vec2 displacementNDC = currentPosClip.xy/currentPosClip.w - previousPosClip.xy/previousPosClip.w; should be displacementNDC = currentPosClip.xy/currentPosClip.w - previousPosClip.xy/previousPosClip.w; Otherwise you will be declaring a new variable with the name displacementNDC the main

[osg-users] Multiple parents, unique states and selective lights

2008-10-29 Thread Andreas Lindmark
::getInitialInverseMatrix)? /Andreas Lindmark ___ osg-users mailing list

Re: [osg-users] Multiple parents, unique states and selective lights

2008-10-29 Thread Andreas Lindmark
2008/10/29 Peter Hrenka [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi Andreas, Andreas Lindmark schrieb: Hi, I have a situation where I have Geodes with multiple parents. This means that the Drawables in the scenegraph might be rendered multiple times with different transforms depending on the node path

Re: [osg-users] Using osgUtil::RenderStage for selective lighting

2008-10-16 Thread Andreas Lindmark
on the drawables, but im not sure that this is the best or even a good way of doing it. Is it better to do a a separate traversal by implementing a NodeVisitor? /Andreas Lindmark 2008/10/13 Daniel Rowe [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi everyone, This is my first post to osg-users, and I'd like to thank everyone

Re: [osg-users] SSAO : Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

2008-02-28 Thread Andreas Lindmark
but when this is done i can make it public if anyone is interested. I have not tried to implement Iñigo's SSAO-method in OSG but im confident that it should be fairly easy to do and it would be significantly faster than my method. /Andreas Lindmark 2008/2/25, Adrian Egli

Re: [osg-users] Good 3d file format for exporting osg models

2008-02-15 Thread Andreas Lindmark Check out the answer for the second question in the interview. It might be what your after. Seems like they did it by converting from osg to .ac and then importing to blender via a plugin. /Andreas