[osg-users] How to Control a 3D Point's Position with Mouse in a certain Plane.

2009-04-25 Thread Mrs. Mister
hello, i worked with OSG 1.2 in the past. and the osgProducer had function for obtaining the current position and rotation (of the camera?). i used: osgProducer::Viewer::getPosition() osgProducer::Viewer::getOrientation() and the relative mouse coordinates, obtained from:

[osg-users] Coordinate Systems and Quaternions

2008-06-09 Thread Mrs. Mister
hi, i am working with osg 2.4, osgCal 0.3.0 and cal 3d 0.11. in the cal3d faq i read: It should also be noted that Cal3D's math classes assume a left-handed rotation system. i have trouble with setting the quaternions from osg to the cal3d model. which coordinate system do osg::Quat use?

Re: [osg-users] Collision detection and Distance measuring in OSG

2008-05-06 Thread Mrs. Mister
and difficulty of integration are the big issues. google collision detection http://www.cs.unc.edu/~geom/collide/ http://www.win.tue.nl/~gino/solid/ Brian [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: - To: OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users@lists.openscenegraph.org From: Mrs. Mister [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent by: [EMAIL PROTECTED

[osg-users] Collision detection and Distance measuring in OSG

2008-05-05 Thread Mrs. Mister
hello, i want to do collision detection and distance measurung in osg between geodes. can someone advise me to a library which has been prooved with osg. so that i can start up working. i just tried SWIFT++ (http://www.cs.unc.edu/~geom/SWIFT++/) which can handle distances. but the source is