Re: [osg-users] Philips WOW TV displays...

2008-03-10 Thread Rémy Deslignes
I would just like to take the oportunity to say that autostereoscopic display is a subject as such and realtime autostereoscpic display is a pretty new field of investigation. It is to say that it is quite easy to produce images on an autostereoscopic screen, but much more complex to produce

Re: [osg-users] problem when create a button in openscenegraph

2008-03-05 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Hi Tran , Please note that you must change the state of an object in a protected ( i.e. update ) portion of your OSG code . Maybe MFC has nothing to do with your problem. Regards Rémy Tran Thanh Hiep a écrit : hi all ,in my project i create a button as CButton of mfc. i have a problem in

Re: [osg-users] 3dconnexion for windows

2008-03-05 Thread Rémy Deslignes
* osg::Matrix::rotate (-(osg::PI_2),1,0,0)); with tMatrix = rot * trans; vMatrix = tMatrix.inverse (tMatrix); Dieter -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Rémy Deslignes Sent: Tuesday, 04 March, 2008 11:02 To: OpenSceneGraph

Re: [osg-users] 3dconnexion for windows

2008-03-04 Thread Rémy Deslignes
I guess that this is deeply related to the MatrixManipulator you are using . What MM are you using ? Please also note that there is a setting in the 3D connexion driver to set the translation as dominant . Rémy Dieter Pfeffer a écrit : Hi has s.o. implemented the 3dconnexion input device

Re: [osg-users] Stereoscopy, part 2

2008-02-22 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Hi Renan, Maybe you should have a look at the dual moitor management of your graphic card . If you are running on Windows for instance, you need to extend the desktop instead of using the dual mode screen Rémy ( not fully convinced that this will help anyway ) Renan Mendes a écrit : Hi,

Re: [osg-users] Stereoscopy in OSG

2008-02-13 Thread Rémy Deslignes
First have a look at the osgViewer 's doc : Environmental Variables: OSG_EYE_SEPARATION float physical distance between eyes OSG_SCREEN_DISTANCE float physical distance between eyes and screen OSG_SCREEN_HEIGHT float physical screen height OSG_SPLIT_STEREO_AUTO_ADJUST_ASPECT_RATIO

Re: [osg-users] Camera position update

2008-02-08 Thread Rémy Deslignes
I think that the best way is to write a specific MatrixManipulator, or re-use (or overwrite) the NodeTrackerManipulator. Rémy Janusz a écrit : Dear all: I am running a galaxy formation visualisation with OSG. Just to simulate and visualize the gravitational effect of 2 closely passing

Re: [osg-users] Vector/Model data inserts in VPB/OSGDEM terrain. Possible ?

2008-02-08 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Can you please explain more precisely what you intent to do by making holes in the mesh for hight fidelity vector models ? Do you want to project a lineset ( aka vector model ) onto your mesh ? Wojciech Lewandowski a écrit : Hi everyone, Does VPB (or OSGDEM) allow to make holes in the

Re: [osg-users] Displaying cables

2008-02-05 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Just a stupid question : if the bottleneck is the update of the hose, what would you think about using VBOs ? Laurent Di Cesare a écrit : Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote : Hello, For now, we are creating some geometry (quad strips, specifically) to display the cables, and assigning texture

Re: [osg-users] Problems with picking and HUDs

2008-02-05 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Just an idea : AFAIK , If you use a CameraNode under a Transform , the display is then not consistent with the picking : The display of any geometry under the CameraNode will be affected by the Transform, but the IntersectVisitor traversal of the CameraNode will reset the transformation

Re: [osg-users] osgconv ive format

2008-01-30 Thread Rémy Deslignes
Hi The flag is an option for the reader / writer : osgconv -O noTexturesInIVEFile target.ive Rémy Anthousis Andreadis a écrit : Hello, I was wondering if i could store a file to ive format but without internal textures. osgconv is by default using internal textures and i have

Re: [osg-users] Two Manipulators at The Same Time

2007-09-11 Thread Rémy Deslignes
I think that the best way would be to create a manipulator, encapsulating the terrain manipulator and a compass manipulator ( to be created also ) and forwarding the handle() callback to the right manipulator regarding the mouse position. Nick Prudent a écrit : I'm wondering how to go about