[osg-users] database pager problem in 2.6.1

2008-12-14 Thread Simba
Hi all, Recently I've found a quite strange problem in osg 2.6.1. My application needs to load/add some ive files(contains some pagedlod nodes) to the scene root after the the viewer is ran. In order to make pagedlod available, I get the database pager in osgViewer::viewer and use the

[osg-users] Chinese character problem in PagedLod

2008-12-19 Thread Simba
Hi all, I found that if filenames in pagedlod node contain Chinese character, osg will not be able to load file correctly, have anyone met this before? Even if I use setlocale(LC_ALL,chs), it will still not do. Help... This is one of my pagedlod node: PagedLOD { nodeMask

Re: [osg-users] Chinese character problem in PagedLod

2008-12-19 Thread Simba
Hi Robert, I'm using osg 2.4 and window xp. Thank you for your reply, (: Simba 在2008-12-19?21:46:09,Robert?Osfield?robert.osfi...@gmail.com?写道: Hi?Simba, What?OSG?version?and?platform?are?you?using? Robert. On?Fri,?Dec?19,?2008?at?1:38?PM,?Simba?forrestg...@126.com?wrote: ?Hi?all

[osg-users] about mipmaping

2008-07-10 Thread Simba
Hi Robert, oh, I'm sorry, I forgot it, I'm new to this. I'm using osg2.4.0, under windows-XP, I'm not sure about this machine's graphics hardware, but does that matter? I'm trying to use my own mipmap texture data, not trying to use hardwaremipmapgeneration. the effect

Re: [osg-users] DatabasePager - A little confused

2008-09-30 Thread Simba
Hi, I'm not sure whether I have understood your problem. But I think that if you want to use databasepager, you just have to make sure you have pagedLOD node in your models. If you do, then just use viewer.setScenedata(model.get()), so the osgViewer::Viewer will automatically do the rest.