Re: osv-apps: HEAD detached at 7d9b71e

2018-05-10 Thread Geraldo Netto
Hello Nadav/Friends, > This is how "git submodules" work. Basically the main osv.git can decide > which > specific version of the separate apps.git "submodule" works with it. > > It's not super-convenient, but it works. > > But it means every time we add interesting commits in apps.git, we also

[COMMIT osv master] gdb: fix enum lookup for gdb 8.1

2018-05-10 Thread Commit Bot
From: Nadav Har'El Committer: Nadav Har'El Branch: master gdb: fix enum lookup for gdb 8.1 This patch fixes a problem for gdb 8.1 to find the numeric value of one enumerated types. This appears to me to be a gdb regression, it is perhaps confused by the