[otlkcon-devel] outlook connector update + bounty on current bug

2004-11-17 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hi, Got some time to put in some hours over the last few weeks. The majority of a minimal message store framework seems complete. The notable exception is the IMessage interface. The goal is to try to reach a proof-of-concept alpha-state in the next few weeks. If the current pace continues,

[otlkcon-devel] Roadmap: 4Q2004 and 1Q2005

2004-11-19 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, Just a few things. (i) Got to the point we referred to internally as milestone #0. Outlook loads the store completely and displays folders. http://otlkcon.sourceforge.net/images/otlkcon1.png Milestone #1 is next and involves writing the remaining interfaces and fixing

[otlkcon-devel] status report

2005-01-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Group, Here is a very brief status/roadmap on the project. If anyone has any specific questions please just ask. I was out sick for the last two days, and I am just catching up with my email. (i) OpenConnector is currently separated into 5 subprojects. All projects, except the CalDAV server

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Outlook Live

2005-01-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Larry Velez wrote: Hi all, Hello Larry, I have been following this list for a while and until now it was pretty much silent. I'm glad to see some life come back into it. I just read an article about Microsoft's latest messaging endeavor - Outlook Live:

Re: [otlkcon-devel] status report

2005-01-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Brent Sarten wrote: Will do. I'm unclear as to the goal of this portion of the project, though. As I understand it, the goal is to provide an API that exposes all the groupware functionality of Exchange, and the MAPI SP bit just exposes things that are already available...through MAPI. Is

Re: [otlkcon-devel] may we help each other?

2005-01-21 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Jason, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm the lead developer of the the MAPI toolkit at SourceXtreme, Inc. We also have the start of a MAPI message store and MAPI transport provider built using our MAPI toolkit. We haven't been working on it as fervently the last few months, but would happily join

Re: [Fwd: Re: [otlkcon-devel] undocumented MAPI in Outlook]

2005-01-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I haven't looked into the SapiMapi subproject too much, but it looks like it is basically intended for similar purposes. SapiMapi is a testing utility put together to analyse Mapi objects and properties in memory. I couldn't use OutSpy because it relied on Outlook

[otlkcon-devel] Re: debug output from otlkcon

2005-02-02 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
[sending to the list; chance to document a bit] The debugging data is sent to Sapimapi in XML format via a shared memory segment from otlkcon DLL. The relevant functions are here... http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/otlkcon/otlkcon0/otlkcon_obj2xml.h?view=markup With no modifications we can

Re: [otlkcon-devel] List problem, and hello

2005-02-04 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Charles Wyble wrote: I've been reading this list for a few weeks, trying in parallel to study Kervin's work , Microsoft mapi documentation, outlook object model and inside mapi. Well. Any questions/comments/suggestions? If so this is the place. The people here are exteremly smart and

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Project status?

2005-03-04 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Hanno, Currently, I'm shooting for a 'basic' message store provider. Current project priority is to complete the basic/generic message store. The last interface I believe that is needed to be implemented for this phase is IMAPITable ( in progress ). The basic store is all that's needed to

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Project Status

2005-05-16 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Darrell A. Sullivan, II wrote: Hi Kervin, Thanks for the update on the project status. I am still unable to access the openconnector.org for some reason. Even clicking on links to it from your e-mail and google result in a server not found error. I am able to ping the IP address of

Re: [otlkcon-devel] which outlook/OS versions is used ?

2005-06-29 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Fredrick, Good to hear of your interest. Are you familiar with MAPI? Win32 API Programming at all? I test using Windows XP and Office 2003. What version of the DLLs are you using? We should be past most, if not all, the schema change errors though the DLLs are not complete so Outlook

Re: [otlkcon-devel] GroupDAV support?

2005-07-05 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Helge Hess wrote: On 05.07.2005, at 16:04, Kervin L. Pierre wrote: The best way to help would be to write a good, general purpose, cross-platform GroupDAV library. Like libneon and libical? that's exactly what I was thinking ( I think there are some alternatives for libneon too if one

[otlkcon-devel] Re: Project status and needing help? :)

2005-08-01 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
atomik punk wrote: Message body follows: I there Kervin, Hello Atomik :) I'd like to know how the project is going and if I could help in creating a MAPI free open source library? Could always use the help. The project is coming along. We've got to a nice point where the message

[otlkcon-devel] Re: I'd like to help

2005-08-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Mark, I'm CC'ing the list, in case others are having this problem. Hope you don't mind Mark wrote: I'm using TortoiseCVS. Then you should have a 'diff' option in the 'right click' context menu then. ...I think. I've been trying to compile the otlkcon0 source and get a lot of failures:

[otlkcon-devel] sqlite library error - Re: I'd like to help

2005-09-01 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, The sqlite32.lib file is what's needed for linking. the sqlite32.dll file is needed at runtime. Make sure the '.lib' file is in the sqlite directory and the '.dll' file is in your path. I keep the dll file in c:\windows\system32 Check where the build is looking for the import library,

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Bclient communications protocol library

2005-11-08 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, BClient needs someone to (a) complete the port, and (b) Add CalDAV support. Both those tasks aren't really difficult if you have experience. The library was taken from a fully functional Linux/POSIX codebase, hence the functionality is there. CalDAV is XML, we plan to use the MSXML

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Free version of Visual C++ 2005

2005-11-08 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Charles Wyble wrote: Hello everyone, I came across this link today on slashdot and thought i would share http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/ Thanks Charles for the information. Please let me know if the project works with that compiler. If we have to tweak the project build a

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Bclient communications protocol library

2005-11-09 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
: What is involved in the IMAPITable? We could probably help with that if it's the most urgent... Thanks! Michael Oh 23816(p) -Original Message- From: Kervin L. Pierre [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9:09 AM To: Oh, Michael Subject: Re: [otlkcon-devel

Re: [otlkcon-devel] MAPI / Calendar data

2005-11-13 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Mark, Mark Slater wrote: Hi Kervin, I've been working on the message transport. One thing I haven't been able to determine though, is how MAPI deals with Calendar data. The Inside MAPI book seems to predate the inclusion of Calendars in Outlook (or ignores that aspect completely).

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Creating a user

2005-11-17 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Mark, Mark Slater wrote: So, the general question is, have we figured out how this is done someplace yet? And the more specific question is, does anyone know the proper use of CreateOneOff()? For example, one of the parameters is the address type. The InsideMAPI example code simply

[otlkcon-devel] Re: IMAPITable....

2005-11-23 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
CC'ing a few interested parties... Henry wrote: i had a look at the schema. what about table that contains contents and hierarhy tables. I added a few notes on the O_ITable SQL table. Please let me know what parts need to be extended. http://www.openconnector.org/SQLSchema.html

[otlkcon-devel] Re: Have to bail.

2005-12-08 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Mark, Sorry you fell behind on your thesis. I am working on my masters thesis as well I can relate a bit. Good luck with getting done in time. It would be great to use what you and your lab partner have done. Right now the transport provider is the main focus. I am currently writting

Re: [otlkcon-devel] string to lpctstr

2006-01-07 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Thanks a lot Ron and Mike! Henry made a very large commit to the store that should get us a bit closer to the beta a few days ago. I am currently working on getting it tested in our environment, so things will take some time before they're stable again. We're trying to move the source tree

[otlkcon-devel] new snapshot of OpenConnector available for developers

2006-01-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, There is a new Open Connector [ http://openconnector.org/ ] build snapshot at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=66565package_id=64526release_id=283392 The snapshots should make it easier to get a build going. Start with the snapshot, then use CVS to update the source

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Refernence Implementation

2006-01-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Charles, It's good to hear thinks are moving along with OSER. What does OSER use for a groupware server? My goal is target CalDAV as the calendaring protocol. So if your server implements CalDAV the connector should work. Best Regards, Kervin Charles Wyble wrote: Hello, I think

Re: [otlkcon-devel] mapi for outlook 2003 on windows xp

2006-01-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, Tri Nguyen wrote: Given a service provider dll, such as a message store dll (from the inside mapi book), how do I configure outlook 2003 on windows XP to use it? I can't help you there, because I've never used that DLL. But you can try the MAPI mailing list

[otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Progress Status

2006-01-30 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Group, I have been asked by a few parties interested in the project for a status update. It is hard to estimate the amount of work that's left to do, because a large part of this project is figuring out what works with MAPI rather than writing against a clearly defined specification. We

64bit time - Re: [otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Progress Status

2006-01-30 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Charles, Charles Wyble wrote: Indeed. That is what makes it all the more fun though :) A little masochistic for my taste :) But yes, it does keep things interesting. Software consultant time? Are you paying someone to do the work or is this payment for you and/or other developers?

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Interfaces

2006-02-06 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Matt, Matt McNeill wrote: being able to synchronise/view my personal diary in outlook, very much what is being suggested by CalDAV interface. The only probem is, apart from apache, there aren't many web servers which support webdav. I run an embeded linux server and apache is too heavy.

[otlkcon-devel] Weekly Status ending 2006-04-18

2006-04-18 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Group, Overview Work on the internal message passing API and the also the calendar synchronization code continues. The message passing is now fully asynchronous as messages are processed on their own threads. The synchronization API continues to mature with testing. We are

[otlkcon-devel] Weekly Status ending 2006-05-12

2006-05-13 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Group, Overview A lot has changed since the last status report. Unfortunately the demo release has been delayed for a few weeks now due to our underestimating the workload necessary to get to that point, and new issues that have surfaced. Since the last status, we have fixed a

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Project Status Re: OTLK-CON Project Status?

2006-09-27 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
hundred here and there is that actually useful, or are you only talking about relevant amounts only being in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars? Thanks, Darrell McGuire Pegasys Computer Technologies, Inc. Kervin L. Pierre wrote: Hello Marc, Thanks for the feedback

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Open Connector new snapshot and demo video.

2006-10-23 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Charles, Thanks for helping out. The testing help is very important. Thanks for the bug reports as well, hadn't had a chance to research that bug yet. --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Congratulations on your second release!! I know I will be installing it Thanks. Hopefully things will

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Connect to imap on OSX for email only

2006-11-09 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Andre, Currently, Open Connector only does calendars. I would like to support IMAP/POP/SMTP in the future, but that would have to be after we have rock-solid calendar support. The reason is that there are already other ways to access IMAP/POP/SMTP from Outlook. Either using Microsoft's

Re: [otlkcon-devel] mimedir_tlb.h incompatible with Outlook 2007?

2007-06-05 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Michael, Thanks for the report. I'm looking into this right now. In the near future though, I'm actually looking into moving all iCal operations to libical. Do you have anytime you can put towards this? What 'wire' protocol would Kolab speak? is it documented? Best regards, Kervin

Re: [otlkcon-devel] mimedir_tlb.h incompatible with Outlook 2007?

2007-06-05 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
, 5 Jun 2007 09:20:08 -0700 (PDT) Kervin L. Pierre [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: If you can help move to libical internally, that would be a big leap for the project. I can do a lot of the work myself. I'll send you some documentation. Great, thanks, I'll start having a read over

Re: [otlkcon-devel] mimedir_tlb.h incompatible with Outlook 2007?

2007-06-05 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
--- Michael Sheldon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: http://mailman1.u.washington.edu/pipermail/imap-uw/attachments/20070315/b5c2efca/imap-2006f_annotation_20070315.bin Thanks, I'll plan on doing this by the weekend. Best regards, Kervin

Re: [otlkcon-devel] mimedir_tlb.h incompatible with Outlook 2007?

2007-06-25 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, I just check in the c-client library into the source tree. It would be great if someone would pick up some of the libical integration tasks. Best regards, Kervin --- Michael Sheldon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Kervin, In the near future though, I'm actually looking into moving

Re: [otlkcon-devel] ICalStreamToMessage()

2007-06-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Michael, --- Michael Sheldon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I took a little look at this but wasn't able to make much progress. I've added the #OLKCON_USE_MIMEDIR macro to otlkcon_config.h . If set to 1 the MIMEDIR methods should be used otherwise the ICalExport() and ICalImport() methods

[otlkcon-devel] OpenConnector Project Status

2007-06-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, Development should be back in full swing for the release of a stable build of the OpenConnector project. I am hoping for a September release of the 0.5 stable version, but there is still a lot to be done. Some project areas that need attention include testcase development, libical

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Will Not Login

2007-10-10 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Tom, Sorry for the delay. Darwin should work on the latest SVN source ( probably ). If not I really need to sync with Subversion. There has been a lot of work done since we've last synced to Subversion. I hope to do this in the next week or two. If you'd like I can upload a snapshot of

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Which Version of .Net

2007-10-15 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Tom, Visual Studio 2005. If you have any questions at all about setting up the environment, please let me know. Best regards, Kervin --- Tom Grove [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Which version of Visual C++ .Net should I use if I want to start helping with development or debugging?

[otlkcon-devel] Project source update

2007-10-16 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, I've just synced the source code in the Subversion repository. You can find information on getting the source at... http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=66565 The 'Debug_Installed' target is needed to build. Also, prebuilt dependency DLLs can be downloaded from...

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Project source update

2007-11-29 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Tom, - Original Message The 'Debug_Installed' target is needed to build. Also, prebuilt dependency DLLs can be downloaded from... Okay, I'm so out of Visual Studio development it's kinda sad. When you talk about the Debug_Installed target is needed to build what

[otlkcon-devel] SVN Source code update

2007-11-29 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Group, Subversion source code now has all the changes for the Milestone 2 of the 0.4 release. Instructions for getting the source can be found at... http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=66565 The issues addressed in this Milestone include... 1. Outlook 2007 Support 2. Read calendar data

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Project source update

2007-11-30 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Tom, - Original Message project built successfully. The only issue that I had was that the tests project couldn't find smlog.lib. I noticed the smlog directory Yes, this is a recent change. I removed the dependency on smlog. In fact the smlog source should be removed

[otlkcon-devel] Version 0.5 M2 Milestone Snapshot Available

2007-12-12 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, The second milestone of our next release, 0.5 is available for download from Sourceforge.net at... http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=66565package_id=64526release_id=283392 Please note that this is still just a milestone snapshot and thus is still Beta software. Please

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Install error

2007-12-18 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Appell [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Kervin L. Pierre [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: otlkcon-devel@lists.sourceforge.net Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 6:02:20 PM Subject: Re: [otlkcon-devel] Install error Thanks Kevin. I was able to install and configure the open connector and I successfully connected

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Error Upon Startup

2007-12-26 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Tom, Thanks for the feedback. MSVCR80.dll is the core C runtime DLL. It should have been installed with the application. Do you have any special filesystem permissions setup on this computer? Was Open Connector installed by an Admin user for everybody? Any special system settings?

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Configuring Open Connector to Mac OS X Leopard Server CALDAV

2008-02-06 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Chad, The home URI is the collection which contains the Calendar collection and not the calendar collection itself. Eg... http://cal.example.com/calendars/users/kervin/ The connector expects a folder hierarchy that contains calendars in there. Eg

[otlkcon-devel] New Open Connector Groupware Milestone Build - Version 0.5 Milestone 2.5

2008-02-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, There's a new build stone build of the Open Connector Groupware project at... http://sourceforge.net/projects/otlkcon/ The build fixes all known outstanding deadlock issues. If you witness any hanging with Outlook and this build please let us know. There is also better support for

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Connect outlook 2007 with Open Connector to Mac OS X Leopard Server CALDAV

2008-02-20 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Harry, There does seem to be some issues with the Apple Calendar Server and windows. I am trying to get down to the bottom of it myself. 1. Could you find out what type of authentication your server is configured for? That should be in the configuration XML file for your server. 2.

[otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Groupware Status Report

2008-03-12 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, We have just completed a new build of the Open Connector Groupware project to... http://sourceforge.net/projects/otlkcon/ This is NOT a milestone release but includes fixes for some serious issues reported by testers and a few internal changes. 1. Multi-valued properties are now

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Question about Outlook Connection

2008-03-19 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hi, There seems to be some incompatibility between Apple Calendar Server and the Microsoft HTTP Auth features in certain configurations. I still haven't got Digest Authentication to work yet, and as others have noted, windows sometimes defaults to incompatible authentication schemes. There may

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Question about Outlook Connection

2008-03-31 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
, the default calendar calendar WILL show up and I was once (!) able to add an event to it (as seen by iCal client), although this quickly stopped working... HTH, /Emil 19 mar 2008 kl. 22.27 skrev Kervin L. Pierre: Hi, There seems to be some incompatibility between Apple

[otlkcon-devel] Open Connector Project Status

2008-04-25 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Group, It's been a while we sent a project status out to the list... Work continues on final 2 Open Connector Outlook providers. The Address-book and Freebusy providers. Those are the new components in Milestone 3. The Address-book provider is roughly 75% done and is the bigger of the 2

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Has anybody managed to make it works with davical (rscds) ?

2008-06-17 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Edouard, I haven't tested at all with RSCDS. I plan to take a look at it at some point. Currently we've been developing against the latest Bedework and Apple Calendar Server SVN. The servers seem to deviate in their implementations enough to require some work on the client-side to get

[otlkcon-devel] Development Blog for Open Connector

2008-07-07 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello, I've been working on getting more documentation on the Connector out there. Two major changes in the works is a new website, based on a Content Management System that is in the works but not complete and also a new blog. The goal of the blog is to introduce more visibility into the

Re: [otlkcon-devel] Unable to install

2008-07-29 Thread Kervin L. Pierre
Hello Randy, Thanks for the report. Serveral things... Unfortunately Vista isn't supported as yet. I plan to get to it, but it's a non- trivial issue at the moment. Please see... http://blog.openconnector.com/?p=5 for requirements. Also... http://blog.openconnector.com/?p=6