Re: [ozmidwifery] Pregnancy testing

2007-01-07 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Anne the pregnancy test reading levels of bHCG which are elevated only in the first trimester and peak at 60-90 days post conception. They then decrease after 10-11 weeks and plateau at 100-130 days at a lower level that is maintained until birth and is not detectable by 2 weeks post

Re: [ozmidwifery] What happened with this birth?

2006-12-29 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Congratulations Sue on hanging in there and having just completed my BMid degree'. I'd say welcome to the sisterhood but it feels like I'd be doing it 23 years too late. Andrea Q On 30/12/2006, at 2:14 PM, Sue Cookson wrote: Hi Carolyn, Gail and others, I can't agree with you enough

Re: [ozmidwifery] what happened in this birth..?

2006-12-28 Thread Andrea Quanchi
It would be easy to be critical after the fact and as you say without being there but from my experience I would suggest the following Just the fact that she was labouring so well and progressing at home does not suggest sub optimal positioning at this stage as this lead to spurious type

Re: [ozmidwifery] Urgent advice please

2006-12-22 Thread Andrea Quanchi
should be possible Andrea Quanchi On 23/12/2006, at 9:22 AM, A C Palmer wrote: Where is she in NSW, Australia? It may be difficult for her to gain midwife led care as a non- resident of Australia because she has private health cover and she would need to follow the private health lines. I

[ozmidwifery] Happy Christmas

2006-12-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
This was sent to me by a friend and as I say Happy Christmas to everyone on the list, EnjoyAndrea Q Went to Abigail's school Christmas concert (no "proper" Nativity this year ). Each class did a little something followed by a song or 2. Anyway, Ab's class did a Nativity scene, with Ab as Mary ( 

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birthing options in Albury/Wodonga

2006-12-14 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Daaah I just read the whole subject only birthing options was originally dispalyed on my computer Andrea On 14/12/2006, at 4:56 PM, Kate and/or Nick wrote: Hi I have a friend having her first baby in the A/W area. She’s asking me questions about what her care options are, and I have no

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birthing options in Albury/Wodonga

2006-12-13 Thread Andrea Quanchi
trying to imagine what A/W is? Aulbury/Wodonga was all I could come up with? She could try the MIPPs at Wangaratta if this is the case. Andrea Q On 14/12/2006, at 4:56 PM, Kate and/or Nick wrote: Hi I have a friend having her first baby in the A/W area. She’s asking me questions about

Re: [ozmidwifery] temp in labour

2006-12-11 Thread Andrea Quanchi
A woman in labour's temp should be similar to what it is normally. I would consider a woman's temp to be abnormal if it was accompanied by other signs of an abnormal process occurring such as tacchycardia, feeling flushed or unwell. If the woman is labouring in water the water temp needs

Re: [ozmidwifery] Use of sports drinks in labour

2006-12-08 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Where do you buy it and how much does it cost, I am wary of commercial sports drinks because of the amount of sugar in them and the insulin dumping that occurs. Andrea On 09/12/2006, at 11:58 AM, Dan Rachael Austin wrote: Hi Helen, Have you heard of EmPact Sports Drink produced by

Re: [ozmidwifery] retained placenta PPH

2006-12-04 Thread Andrea Quanchi
. She needs to read up on 3rd stage choices Andrea Quanchi On 05/12/2006, at 3:28 PM, Kristin Beckedahl wrote: Hi all, Was chatting to a woman y'day re her first birth. She has very fast labour woke up and was 6cm!, laboured for another 2.5hrs, reached 10cm then they gave me the epidural

Re: [ozmidwifery] independent midwifery

2006-11-30 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I have been with women plenty of times who have chosen for whatever reason to birth in hospital. My view is that it is their choice not mine. and I am happy to go with them wherever they choose. I have only once had a woman whose birth I have not attended but this was because she chose a

[ozmidwifery] birth pool

2006-11-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
If any one is interested there is a la bassine birth pool advertised on ebay with a few days to go in the bidding it is only up to $80:00 so far Andrea Q -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] birth pool

2006-11-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
On 19/11/2006, at 10:36 AM, diane wrote: Does anyone have experience with this type of pool?? Can you get disposable liners ?? Cheers, Di - Original Message - From: Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ozmidwifery Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2006 10

[ozmidwifery] Our Planet AWESOME!!!!!

2006-11-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Not at all related to anything but worth a look Andrea Some really great shots of earth: What A Beautiful Blue Planet! scroll down after opening...

Re: [ozmidwifery] getting synto etc

2006-11-14 Thread Andrea Quanchi
you can purchase syntocinon at QOn 14/11/2006, at 9:13 PM, cath nolan wrote:I have a few births at home coming up and was wondering about synto and other drugs in my kit. How do others purchase them? Do I have to have a script from a doctor? The other issue that I do

Re: [ozmidwifery] Delaying synto with active 3rd stage

2006-11-13 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Where I work when I am not being a MIPP we leave the cord until it has stopped pulsating, or the mother asks for it to be cut and then we give the synt after it has been clamped. Our PPH rate is not noticeably higher Put it this way we have the usual conservative GPs and they do not object

Re: [ozmidwifery] hep c

2006-10-22 Thread Andrea Quanchi
theoretically hep c will be released into the water with woman's body fluids and would be a risk to anyone who put their hands etc into the water ( midwife, partner and baby included). Viruses are very unstable outside the human body but the potential risk would be there.  I would consider the

Re: [ozmidwifery] was I need to vent!!! now WYETH???

2006-10-21 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Well as a MCHN i was certainly not trained by Wyeth. I paid for it myself at great expense.  We did have one session from a company rep talking about formula in the context of those mothers who choose to use formula. It was in relation to  how to read the nutritional panel on the tin and what to

Re: [ozmidwifery] No Contractions

2006-10-07 Thread Andrea Quanchi
wrote: Fantastic story Andrea. As I am just starting in home birth I love hearing these variations from hospital stuff. Cheers Judy PS, bet she was pleased after the fact that you had not immediately jumped to ring an ambulance. --- Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sometimes at home

Re: [ozmidwifery] No Contractions

2006-10-06 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Sometimes at home the women get just as despondent but the difference is that no one is going to walk through the door and under mine me and 'save' her.Last week I was with a women who was birthing at home after three very different and for a variety of reasons not so great labours.. She had done

Re: [ozmidwifery] Doppler u/s

2006-09-22 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Its all in the strength of the machine and the length of exposureAndreaOn 23/09/2006, at 9:52 AM, Roberta Quinn wrote:Can anyone tell me the difference between a hand-held doppler and a visual ultrasound macine? Is a hand-held doppler a lesser evil? 

[ozmidwifery] porta cots

2006-09-21 Thread Andrea Quanchi
. Please pass this on to all you friends and remove any foam matress that you have added to your cots Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] pregnancy

2006-09-19 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I have had a client whose mother died  following the birth of her younger brother. She was four years old and home alone with her mother 2-3 days after giving birth when her mother unable to get off the couch sent Mandy to get a neighbor.  She claims to have no conscious memory of the incident but

Re: [ozmidwifery] mec staining

2006-09-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Meconium staining of the liquor in itself is not an emergency. It is an indication that at some time the baby may not have been happy.  Spontaneous emptying of the bowel contents happens in babies for two reasons, one when they are stressed or upset (hence where the saying  sh*tt*ng themselves

Re: [ozmidwifery] Queries re PI insurance

2006-09-06 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Sue that is a very good point that I had not considered and would like an answer to.  Did this come up in the discussion anyone who was there?Andrea QuanchiOn 06/09/2006, at 6:55 PM, Sue Cookson wrote: Firstly, there are BMid courses which allow students to attend with homebirth midwives - I'm in

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: PI Insurance - urgent - more interested midwives needed

2006-09-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
My feeelings on it are divided as I dont necessarily want CA to be doing my invoicing of clients for a number of reasons one of which is confidentiality. but the deal itself sounds reasonable to me to pay on a per case basis. I would be happy with a per case fee as I feel this would be fair for

Re: [ozmidwifery] test - delete from inbox

2006-09-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
On 06/09/2006, at 3:00 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just testing, Ive sent 2 posts to the list today neither has appeared. So Im trying a post direct from my server to track down the *WTF?* moment Im having. jennifairy -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: PI Insurance - urgent - more interested midwives needed

2006-09-04 Thread Andrea Quanchi
LisaNothing is set in concrete yet but we need 200 names to be able to move forward. There is a meeting today in Melbourne and have been other meetings around the country. I suggest you ring Barb Vernon at  ACMI and she can give you the relevant info for your stateAndreaOn 05/09/2006, at 8:24 AM,

Re: [ozmidwifery] The Purple Line

2006-09-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
That is such a good point because people who have never seen women upright are so surprised when you point it out to them Andrea On 03/09/2006, at 3:15 PM, Synnes wrote: H! Now that would be hard to see if you have the birthing mum restricted on her back on the bed, wouldn't it

Re: [ozmidwifery] Synto question

2006-09-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
It can be out of the fridge for days so long as it is kept below a certain temp ( I think it was 25oC but dont quote that) which most hospitals which are air conditioned would be. At certain times I have experienced episodes in which we have had a number of 'failed' inductions which has made me

Re: [ozmidwifery] Aus-wide MIPP Directory

2006-09-01 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Kelly do you want responses to the list or do you have an address to respond to which would be betterAndrea QuanchiOn 02/09/2006, at 12:45 PM, Kelly @ BellyBelly wrote:Dear all, As you probably know, I have an Australia-wide Doula Directory on BellyBelly, which alone is receiving around 400

Re: [ozmidwifery] midiwfe in Vic

2006-08-21 Thread Andrea Quanchi
The list of MIPP is available at Andrea Quanchi On 21/08/2006, at 10:23 PM, Ken Ward wrote: We have several home birth midwives, all on the internet -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: info required

2006-08-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
If you are called to a meeting Joy make sure you take a personal advocate with you. Puts them on the back foot if they are accountable for what is said in the meeting when you have a witness. Make sure your advocate takes an obvious pen and paper and doodles on it consistently throughout the

[ozmidwifery] childrens books on grief

2006-08-14 Thread Andrea Quanchi
and the mother is confident that everything is OK but how do you explain that to a 5 year old? I have looked in the birth international catalogue but it is hard to know which ones are good. Any suggestions Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit http

Re: [ozmidwifery] childrens books on grief

2006-08-14 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Andrea Quanchi Sent: Monday, 14 August 2006 9:20 PM To: ozmidwifery Subject: [ozmidwifery] childrens books on grief Dear Andrea and all I am after a suggestions of children's books that would be suitable for a little girl

Re: [ozmidwifery] griffith

2006-08-10 Thread Andrea Quanchi
, Andrea Quanchi wrote: There is definitively something happening in Griffith. I have had two women call me from Griffith in the last two weeks wanting a homebirth.  I am willing to go there ( a bit over three hours from Echuca) but was wondering if anyone knows someone living closer who might

[ozmidwifery] griffith

2006-08-09 Thread Andrea Quanchi
in being involved. Any suggestions. I was laso wondering what uni is doing mid up that way whether there was any mid students interested. Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Question of the week.

2006-08-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Like all these things we can all tell stories that support both sides of the equation. I personally know of a baby whose spinal defect was at the base of the skull. The a/n ultrasounds showed that the brainstem was herniating into the meningocele and the parents were told it was incompatible  with

[ozmidwifery] Men at Birth

2006-07-26 Thread Andrea Quanchi
read it. There was only one thing I was disappointed in, it ended. Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Article on breastfeeding preventing bed wetting

2006-07-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
55 children is surely not enough to draw this conclusion from. My first born was breast fed and still wet the bed for many yearsSomething like 1% of boys still wet the bed at 15 and I bet many of them were breast fedHow do they come up with these thingsAndrea QOn 16/07/2006, at 1:51 PM, Helen and

Re: [ozmidwifery] 'Lactation failure caused by lack of glandular development in the breast'

2006-07-13 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Well for those who continue to say the list is working properly I have received this message bit have never seen another post on the subject from Kelly which I would be interested to read Andrea Q On 14/07/2006, at 8:44 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Kelly, I've only just read your post,

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding in OT

2006-07-11 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Well done, keep telling everyone where you work because it can become the normAndrea QOn 11/07/2006, at 7:41 PM, meg wrote:Dear all,I would just like to boast because today I achieve a goal. With the help of an obliging mum, this morning I managed to receive a baby in OT, and except for the brief

[ozmidwifery] midwives supporting homebirth being attacked

2006-07-11 Thread Andrea Quanchi
something they dont want you to do that they will bring this up against you. Is this what the next round is about? Will other hospitals that employ midwives who also work outside the hospital try this one next. I suspect so. Be prepared. Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: online journals

2006-06-29 Thread Andrea Quanchi
This is always an issue unless you 1. are studying and thus have access through the uni.  2. are employed at a hospital Most hospitals have access through the library and a government website but I can never remember what it is. If you work at a hospital check with the IT department or library. 3.

Re: [ozmidwifery] caseload midwifery

2006-06-28 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Nicolecontact the ANF as they have three or was it four different ways you can choose to be paid which all ensure you get your payment and still remain within the award. They seem compilcated when you first  read them but all ensure that over the year you get all your money but allow the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Melena stools?

2006-06-27 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Its not normal for sure and she needs to go see a different paediatrician or maybe a gastroenterologist.  The history of reflux would suggest that he has bleeding in his oesophagus although I would think that it would be seen in hiis possits unless he is one of the babies with non seen reflux as

Re: [ozmidwifery] FW: Birthcentre/ homebirth

2006-06-23 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Did you read Kath's story that I submitted to the list last week. For every bad birth yo have attended I bet there have been more good ones. Most midwives will not see a woman who requires a hysterectomy following birth in their whole careers let alone see more than one in one year so you have

Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets nearly sold !

2006-06-22 Thread Andrea Quanchi
yes I am going along with three of my clients and two midwivesAndrea QOn 22/06/2006, at 6:24 PM, Susan Cudlipp wrote:Are many Ozmidders going to the conference?Sue- Original Message -From: Sally-Anne BrownTo: Thursday, June 22, 2006 12:46 PMSubject:

Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets nearly sold !

2006-06-22 Thread Andrea Quanchi
At the ICM Andrea R gave us stickers to waar on our name badges so we could recognise each other.  Andrea are you coming to GeelongAndrea QOn 23/06/2006, at 12:09 AM, Susan Cudlipp wrote: Should we wear red carnations or something ?- would be great to put faces to names - I am going along with a

Re: [ozmidwifery] Your thoughts on Birth Plans?

2006-06-21 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Doesn't a plan indicate an intention and therefore the desired choice or preference.  They all assume women know there is a choice to make rather than the prescribed doctrine of someone else.The organisation where I work has a proforma birth plan that attempts to give women spaces to write what

[ozmidwifery] Kath's story

2006-06-17 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I was 'with' a woman on thursday night when she birthed that left me on a real high Kath has been seeing me for her whole pregnancy and we had discussed birthing at home many times but she had decided that she wanted to go to the hospital to birth. perhaps if it was my second baby I might

Re: [ozmidwifery] ARM at crowning

2006-06-07 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Rarely, I did use it once for a baby who had very thick liquor after SROM minutes before birth (see the latest birth matters journal for her birth story) but that is the only time. I always have it set up and am happy to set it up and pack it up without using it.  I still have my original cylinder

Re: [ozmidwifery] ARM at crowning

2006-06-06 Thread Andrea Quanchi
A twin o vac new costs around $900 and then there is the annual cost of hiring the O2 cylinder which is relatively inexpensive.  Andrea QuanchiOn 06/06/2006, at 11:41 PM, Lisa Barrett wrote:Hi, Julie, I am an independent midwife and I use bi manual suction.  I have a suction tube with a little pot

Re: [ozmidwifery] informed consent

2006-06-02 Thread Andrea Quanchi
that her or me. Good luck with the assignment Andrea Quanchi I'm a student and have chosen homebirth as my topic for a presentation to give in our final semester. I'd like to compile a map of homebirth practices arounbd Australia.Does anyone have any info or suggestions on where to look

Re: [ozmidwifery] informed consent

2006-06-02 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I'd be interested to see the map when you have finished Andrea On 03/06/2006, at 11:42 AM, Kate Andrews wrote: I'm a student and have chosen homebirth as my topic for a presentation to give in our final semester. I'd like to compile a map of homebirth practices arounbd Australia.Does anyone

Re: [ozmidwifery] students learning

2006-06-01 Thread Andrea Quanchi
then dont but dont let it stop them from attending because the experience is to valuable to waste. Andrea Quanchi On 01/06/2006, at 7:03 PM, Stephen Felicity wrote: I think perhaps you women are the lucky ones; I only recently had an email from a student midwife in SA, lamenting that she

Re: [ozmidwifery] degrees of high BP in preg

2006-06-01 Thread Andrea Quanchi
wrote:wise women...At what point does high blood pressure become an issue in preg?  what is a 'normal' reading for a healthy preg woman?  What reading is considered 'high-risk' or requiring action (without proteinuria)...?Big thanksFrom: Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED]Reply-To: ozmidwifery

[ozmidwifery] Re:

2006-05-25 Thread Andrea Quanchi
The place I work we give it when we do the NST. It was a midwife decision not an evidence based one. Like giving it with the vit K it is easier to do it at a predictable time so that it doesn't get overlooked. The midwives wanted not to do it at birth as they were wanting to do as little

[ozmidwifery] the Baby Catcher

2006-05-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I bought myself Peggy Vincent's book the Baby Catcher for IMD and have just finished reading it. I laughed, I cried but most of all thought I was reading a book that could have been about me. I would encouraged everyone to read it. Thanks Andrea for putting it on the list for IMD Andrea

Re: [ozmidwifery] the Baby Catcher

2006-05-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I bought it from Birth International On 19/05/2006, at 2:00 PM, sharon wrote: where can u buy this book is it avaliable at dymocks ect - Original Message - From: Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ozmidwifery Sent

Re: [ozmidwifery] Caroline Flint

2006-05-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Marytry her 16/05/2006, at 10:04 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Does anyone have a direct email contact for Caroline?  My previous contact is incorrect.  Thanks, MM

Re: [ozmidwifery] Caroline Flint

2006-05-15 Thread Andrea Quanchi
OOps Mary copied the wrong this oneAndreaOn 16/05/2006, at 10:04 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Does anyone have a direct email contact for Caroline?  My previous contact is incorrect.  Thanks, MM

Re: [ozmidwifery] MOY interview

2006-05-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Congratulations Marycan we read the letter anywhereAndreaOn 06/05/2006, at 8:51 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Thanks Jan and everyone else!  I was thrilled that the essence of midwifery was being celebrated.  The woman who wrote the nomination was concise and eloquent in her praise of midwifery skills. 

Re: [ozmidwifery] IMD

2006-05-04 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Thanks LynnI too welcomed a baby at 00:27 this morning and found it a wonderful way to celebrate IMD. Although now up and at it again after 5 hours sleep is a bit ordinary. How come the rest of the world doesnt fit in with this wonderful thing we do. Have a great day everyoneAndrea QuanchiOn

Re: [ozmidwifery] query

2006-05-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Nancy tell us more about what you have, where you are and what prices you are asking. Perhaps pictures or brand names would be good Andrea Quanchi On 03/05/2006, at 10:28 AM, Nancy San Martin wrote: Hello Andrea, I am a midwife in far north NSW, used to be independent until insurance

Re: [ozmidwifery] Feeling your own cervix

2006-04-12 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I dont have the web site bit saved it onto my computer. It was from Gloria Lemay so may be on her website - AQHow to Check Your Own Cervix- "it's not rocket science" Self-Checking of Dilation and Descent"I think it's a good and empowering thing for a woman to check her own cervix for dilation.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth Attendants in Bendigo?

2006-04-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Helen Sandner MIPP[EMAIL PROTECTED]On 06/04/2006, at 2:35 PM, Janet Fraser wrote: Original Message -From: Kelly @ BellyBellyTo: Thursday, April 06, 2006 2:20 PMSubject: [ozmidwifery] Birth

Re: [ozmidwifery] PPH C/S

2006-04-02 Thread Andrea Quanchi
the things is that if her babies are that big imagine how big her placentas are, probably the size of a dinner plate instead of a bread and butter plate.  It makes sense that a large placental site will bleed more than a little one but its whether the woman is symptomatic or not that matters.  If

Re: [ozmidwifery] Maternal Vitamin K?

2006-03-23 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Mary just off the top of my head a baby's vitamin K levels are reduced at birth as a consequence of poor placental transportation of vitamin K. As nature hasn't got much wrong in the birth process you would assume this is the way it is meant to be and increasing maternal vitamin k would

Re: [ozmidwifery] Maternal Vitamin K?

2006-03-23 Thread Andrea Quanchi
except giving a vitamin K injection is not a vacination. It produces no response in the immune system but causes a physiological response that is arguably not needed unless the baby and mother are interupted at birth either necessarily or unnecessarily Andrea Q On 24/03/2006, at 4:33 PM,

Re: [ozmidwifery] placental gardening

2006-02-20 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Why dont you go to a good nursery and ask them what plants would thrive in a pot with a placenta. Maybe you need a pair of pots ( and half in each as it might be too much for one and would also increase your chances of having one survive Andrea Q On 20/02/2006, at 7:46 PM, Jo Watson wrote:

[ozmidwifery] A first for me

2006-02-13 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Today I had my first waterbirth. It was so beautiful. All 4.8kg of him manipulated his way out all by himself. Mum was able to describe his movements to us in a running commentary even down to telling us that the shoulders were rotating after his head was born. tears in Dads ( and the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Janet JoI can only speak about the places I have worked where the vast majority of midwives are mothers and choose to work part time. If you are with a woman in labour and or attend her LUSCS you may not even get to see her again during her stay. She will see a different midwife/s each shift and

Re: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Yeh, Janet but how do we make talking therapies available to the women who need them and who do you see is the person who should be providing this 'therapy' and whenAndreaOn 04/02/2006, at 11:19 AM, Janet Fraser wrote:I remember it but I disagree with it entirely. It struck me as no more logical

Re: [ozmidwifery] internet

2006-02-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
No the list has never been private and anyone can get hold of anything that is on any chat list in the world and pass it on to whom ever they please including the persons or organisations that people are talking about  whether directly or indirectly and we all need to remember this when we submit

Re: [ozmidwifery] Resounding failure of active labour management

2006-02-01 Thread Andrea Quanchi
If anyone has been to captain cooks cottage in Melbourne which was his childhood home that was transported from england you will note that the ceilings and doors are very low. The average height of men then was less than 5 feet. As a species humans are getting taller with each generation.

Re: [ozmidwifery] RE: OP

2006-01-27 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Have you a doll and pelvis model. I find that it really helps for the women to see what it is they are tring to achieve and then they can visualsie it better. I find many women that I see at the hospital ) not having 1 to 1 care are holding everything quite tight in their pelvis. Once I get

Re: [ozmidwifery] dive reflex

2006-01-25 Thread Andrea Quanchi
very subtle andrea R, you should do more bragging about it than that as it is a great resource for the rest of us What she means mike is that she wrote it and you can buy it from her webstore. Andrea Q On 26/01/2006, at 7:58 AM, Andrea Robertson wrote: You'll find the details here:

Re: [ozmidwifery] IV Synto for 3rd stage

2006-01-23 Thread Andrea Quanchi
This is such a poor excuse because you are hopefully not inserting the thermometer far enough to prove that the baby has a continuous gut with no obstructions. The only proof of this is passage of meconium. Baby's that have meconium ileus will have perforate anus' but still have a

Re: [ozmidwifery] sonicaid

2006-01-20 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Huntleigh Health Care I know the have an office in Melbourne and can be found through the white pages if not the internet Andrea Quanchi On 20/01/2006, at 6:03 PM, Mary Murphy wrote: x-tad-biggerHi, I am looking for a contact or company who sells sonicaid hand held dopplers in any state

Re: [ozmidwifery] Photos of beautifull birthing rooms

2006-01-20 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I had a look at this web site and found her story at absolutely amazing and well worth the read Andrea Q On 21/01/2006, at 4:23 AM, Vedrana Valčić wrote: x-tad-biggerPaivi,/x-tad-bigger x-tad-biggeryou might want to ask Andrea Noll, a Hungarian

Re: [ozmidwifery] Syringe for sub-cut Heparin?

2006-01-19 Thread Andrea Quanchi
This injection is only 0.2 mls and so if you give it in a 2 ml syringe the dead space is more than that so common sense says this is not a good idea and thus I have never even looked for a policy regarding it. Can you imagine anyone researching this because measuring the dead space would tell you

Re: [ozmidwifery] What are Buist's pads?

2006-01-07 Thread Andrea Quanchi
of contractions they establish rather than wain again. If you want to ask Pauline Scott I have her email Andrea Quanchi On 08/01/2006, at 7:20 AM, Gloria Lemay wrote: This is mentioned in Optimal Fetal Positioning.  Can anyone tell a Canadian what they are? Gloria in Vancouver, BC Canada

[ozmidwifery] article in our local paper today

2006-01-05 Thread Andrea Quanchi
This was in our local paper today and I thought you might be interested. I sent them an email over a month ago when I received a copy of the report and it took till now for it to appear. Andrea Quanchi -- This mailing list

Re: [ozmidwifery] belly dancing midwives:)

2006-01-03 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I make a point of treating myself to an appointment with my network chiropractor after each birth I attend as I too encourage the woman to choose her place/ position of birth and find my lower back is tight the next day. I generally have no problems this way. He always knows how many births I have

Re: [ozmidwifery] testing

2006-01-01 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I think it is just the christmas new year lull Andrea On 02/01/2006, at 12:47 AM, Susan Cudlipp wrote: I seem to be missing some posts - has the list been very quiet? Very few posts in the past few weeks, and some that are replies but I never recieved the originals Sue The only thing necessary

Re: [ozmidwifery] hello?

2005-12-19 Thread Andrea Quanchi
must be the later because I got your email Andrea Q On 19/12/2005, at 9:05 PM, diane wrote: is the list down or is everyone too busy xmas shopping? Merry Xmas to you all if there is anyone out there! Di

Re: [ozmidwifery] terms to express practice

2005-12-16 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I would think this would be a description of what you do, ie a description of caseload and what it means to you and the women. Perhaps send an email to Pat Brodie or Sally Tracey and ask them. Andrea Quanchi On 16/12/2005, at 12:30 PM, Mary Murphy wrote: x-tad-biggerI am needing to address

Re: [ozmidwifery] Peaceful birth

2005-12-06 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Congratulations to you all, Mum, Dad, Kids, midwives etc Andrea Q On 06/12/2005, at 11:05 PM, Justine Caines wrote: Dear All Here’s the news and even a little pic! Thank you all so much for your lovely wishes! JC xx

Re: [ozmidwifery] RM birth announcement:)

2005-12-04 Thread Andrea Quanchi
well done Julie Andrea Q On 05/12/2005, at 5:41 PM, Julie Garratt wrote: Well I am happy to announce the safe arrival of my university transcript closely followed by my registration and cute little badge after a three year labour at Flinders university.  Many thanks to the midwives, my fellow

Re: [ozmidwifery] Litigation/Insurance issue

2005-11-29 Thread Andrea Quanchi
So Share, we're listening (well reading anyway) On 30/11/2005, at 2:41 PM, Rosetta Timpano - Asset Protection Consultant wrote: Hi, my name is Rosetta and I would like to share with you some info on how to get around the Litigation/Insurance issue, especially when there is no insurance

Re: [ozmidwifery] POP statistics

2005-11-27 Thread Andrea Quanchi
. I use my balls alot in labour but use the stools antenatally. My pilot study was not big enough to show results and thus I acknowledge that all recommendations to women are based on anecdotal evidence and not research. Andrea Quanchi On 28/11/2005, at 9:42 AM, Janet Fraser wrote: I'm

Re: [ozmidwifery] question

2005-11-16 Thread Andrea Quanchi
would occur more severely in true shoulder dystocia. Of course prevention is better than cure and encouraging 25% increase in space within the maternal pelvis is likely to reduce the number of cases where this will be a problem. Andrea Quanchi On 17/11/2005, at 4:02 PM, Susan Cudlipp wrote: Good

Re: [ozmidwifery] question from Year 10 student

2005-11-07 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I have searched through Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Physiology (Blackburn Loper) and cant find anything helpful Andrea Q On 08/11/2005, at 9:54 AM, wump fish wrote: This made me laugh. It is just the kind of question my son (year 9) would come up with. I haven't even thought about it! I

Re: [ozmidwifery] ANF article

2005-11-02 Thread Andrea Quanchi
eek. Andrea Quanchi On 03/11/2005, at 12:45 AM, Denise Hynd wrote: WA ANF members have to pay extra for the ANJ   So can you tell me if we can access the article on the net ? Thanks   Denise Hynd   Let us support one another, not just in philosophy but in action, for the sake of freedom for all wo

Re: [ozmidwifery] 'Breech birth woman wise'

2005-10-19 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Tina, Well done and we can all only aspire to more of these experiences Andrea Quanchi On 19/10/2005, at 6:15 PM, Tina Pettigrew wrote: Hi everyone, tis me againjust wanted to share with you that last Friday while I was working in our family birthing unit I had the most awesome of experiences

Re: [ozmidwifery] support people in OT

2005-10-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Thats where the bed works so well as you have heaps more room, the woman is much more relaxed as she isnt worried that she'll roll off, squash her bub or expose her backside to the whole room. I agree in this situation its more important to get bub on quickly as the poor things have been waiting

Re: [ozmidwifery] private health insurance rebate

2005-10-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
No They no nothing about me and have not asked Andrea Quanchi On 18/10/2005, at 11:56 PM, brendamanning wrote: Andrea,   Do you have a provider number with HBA ?   With kind regards Brenda Manning x-tad-bigger- Original Message -/x-tad-bigger x-tad-biggerFrom:/x-tad

Re: [ozmidwifery] Lotus Birth

2005-10-18 Thread Andrea Quanchi
I cant imagine any animal doing this as it would be too dangerous. A dragging placenta would attract to many predators and one sitting in a nest or a den would be attractive to flies etc which would bring their own problems. Andrea Quanchi On 18/10/2005, at 11:01 PM, Vedrana Valčić wrote

Re: [ozmidwifery] support people in OT

2005-10-17 Thread Andrea Quanchi
Where I work we count women having a LUSCS whether elective or emerg as being in labour and therefore 1:1 under the ANF ratios. The midwife admits goes to theatre and stays there until mum is ready to go to recovery, goes there with her and the rest of the family and stays until they return to the

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