Re: [ozmidwifery] Lymphedema

2007-02-08 Thread Judy Chapman
What is excessive pushing and who is to say that she will have to do it? Is the downside of excessive pushing worse than the downside of post CS infection, which I have seen some nasty cases of. Cheers Judy --- Katrina Flora [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, has anyone had any experience with

Re: [ozmidwifery] Pinky on ACA TONIGHT - Channel 9

2007-02-06 Thread Judy Chapman
ACA was on after the cricket here so I saw the trailer and stayed to watch. Great Pinky, you came across as much more caring than the other woman. Cheers Judy --- Kelly Zantey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Check out ACA tonight at 6.30pm, Pinky will be on about babies and sleep. Don't forget to

RE: [ozmidwifery] Mum Gives Birth In Toilet - Monash Medical Centre

2007-01-24 Thread Judy Chapman
Hi Sharon, It is very tempting to think of a fast labour as great, especially for someone like me who had two CS for FTP. I have learned, though, that many women who do have very rapid labours can find them VERY intense, and very frightening as they are s out of control. My imagination says it

Re: [ozmidwifery] hep b @ birth

2007-01-24 Thread Judy Chapman
Our unit gives it at the same time as the neonatal screen for that very reason. Cheers Judy --- Lyle Burgoyne [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi , A number of staff in our unit have commented that babies who have Hep B immunisation just after birth seem much more unsettled for the first

Re: [ozmidwifery] Strep B

2007-01-09 Thread Judy Chapman
This is fairly close to what happens at our hospital also. Cheers Judy --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Here at our local hospital of approx 530 births per annum we do not routinely screen all pregnant women. We offer (with a fair degree of pressure, I might add) IV

Re: [ozmidwifery] where has this list gone?

2007-01-09 Thread Judy Chapman
We try so hard where I work to give woman centered care which is great when all goes according to plan. But if it doesn't: why no IV (she was drinking well), why no catheter (she was voiding well), why no CTG (frequent intermittant asucultation showed no abnormalities) etc etc. This was a transfer

Re: [ozmidwifery] How do you deal with your fustrations?

2007-01-07 Thread Judy Chapman
So many women DON'T believe they can birth well. They are so afraid of the pain and afraid of something going wrong. Then is becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and they are then so thankful they had the obstetrician. I, also, am so frustrated at the choices sometimes but it will take a huge shift

Re: [ozmidwifery] Kaede` Anne

2006-11-23 Thread Judy Chapman
Congratulations Rachel and Dan. That sounds fantastic. I hope postnatal goes as well. Cheers Judy --- Dan Rachael Austin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! I birthed Kaede` Anne yesterday morning at home in water after a gentle night of labour. Born at 38 weeks, she weighed 6 pound 14oz. She

Re: [ozmidwifery] Does anyone need help ...

2006-11-22 Thread Judy Chapman
One of the areas of concern with spam and email adresses - forwarding on emails. So many people don't delete the adress of the person who sent it to them and there are huge lists which can end up anywhere. As well as that, emails that go to a lot of people should have only one address in the 'to'

Re: [ozmidwifery] hanging baby scales

2006-11-16 Thread Judy Chapman
Sonja, Do they have a web site? Cheers Judy --- Sonja Barry [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Cath Mary, I purchased the hanging baby scales and sling from a company called in his hands. they are based in Texas but they only took about 3-4 days to arrive. The scales are digital and about the

RE: [ozmidwifery] getting synto etc

2006-11-15 Thread Judy Chapman
I have had the woman go to her GP and get a script. Only one so far and that was ok, she also got a script for the Vit K. Re charges. As far as I know they vary very widely over the country. I have only just started up and the first couple were cheaper than the next one I have booked. I found

Re: [ozmidwifery] NO Births

2006-11-13 Thread Judy Chapman
Hush Hush was tried in mareeba but it leaked!! Tut, Tut. Cheers Judy --- brendamanning [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hush Hush is how these things happen. Same is about to happen to Rosebud midwifery but it's being kept quiet because we are 2 weeks from an election it'll affect the voting !

RE: [ozmidwifery] Rest phase before 2nd stage

2006-10-22 Thread Judy Chapman
I have seen it also and consider it normal. Psychology can play a part. Two women, both friends, in the last year, waited at that point for their rushed midwife to travel 60-90 mins to reach them for the birth. Both started pushing within minutes of her arriving. One at home, one at a rural

Re: [ozmidwifery] Trivial ? For hosp midwives

2006-10-20 Thread Judy Chapman
Hi Lisa, In our small rural hospital the MW fills in the bit on the birth reg papers regarding the date, Hospital, wt and MW, we also fill out the centerlink form and give it all to the woman with the baby's personal health record (Qld),Community health and sids stuff and various other educational

RE: [ozmidwifery] blood gasses and other policies

2006-10-16 Thread Judy Chapman
Ramona, She may have to fight tooth and nail not to let the baby out of her sight this time. Only way to make sure formula is not given. Hope she succeeds this time. Cheers Judy --- nunyara [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Barb I had a client just last week for a pregnancy massage. She is

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fwd: term breech trial

2006-10-11 Thread Judy Chapman
I have given them Maggies book and they have read it and still choose CS. They are s scared by what the Dr's say. Cheers Judy --- Janet Fraser [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Re: [ozmidwifery] Fwd: term breech trial Consumers: Put it out there that breech does not necessarily equal c/s and

Re: [ozmidwifery] IUGR

2006-10-10 Thread Judy Chapman
Is it really IUGR Kelly? Maybe like a greyhound, healthy but no spare fat. At 36 weeks babies are taking on their genetic predisposition to weight and this baby's may be small, like its siblings. Serial US, some say they can cause IUGR!!! Cheers Judy --- Kelly @ BellyBelly [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [ozmidwifery] No Contractions

2006-10-06 Thread Judy Chapman
Lisa, I am sure you have said what many of us think. I have worked like that for years and one gets sick of the tightrope all of the time. I am so glad that I am now working without drs, it is just protocols now. Cheers Judy --- Lisa Barrett [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Sue, Thanks for

Re: [ozmidwifery] No Contractions

2006-10-06 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic story Andrea. As I am just starting in home birth I love hearing these variations from hospital stuff. Cheers Judy PS, bet she was pleased after the fact that you had not immediately jumped to ring an ambulance. --- Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sometimes at home the

Re: [ozmidwifery] New Inventors birth seat

2006-10-06 Thread Judy Chapman
Thanks for the feedback Anne. Which one do the women seem to like the best? I have only used the one from the birthinternational catalogue and it seemed to work well for the women. Cheers Judy --- Anne Clarke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear All, Labouring women in my practice, over 20 of

RE: [ozmidwifery] intact peri

2006-10-02 Thread Judy Chapman
With regard to Mary's comment. We had a primi birth in water a couple of days ago, 4375 gm and peri intact, just a messy labial tear I tacked together. No direction for the pushing or not pushing at all, just moving as she wished (actually, I did tell her to keep her bum IN the water, not go in

Re: [ozmidwifery] Belinda birth story

2006-09-27 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic. Had I had any idea one could do that 32 yrs ago I may have tried to have the 4 childen I wanted. Instead I stopped after 2 CS. It was just too hard. For that reason I always get a glow of satisfaction when I hear these stories. Cheers Judy --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [ozmidwifery] Inductions for post term

2006-09-09 Thread Judy Chapman
All the guide lines do say that there is increased risk above 42 weeks. 100%. Of what? I can't recall the figures offhand but say from 1% to 2% is 100% increase but that means that 98% will be ok. Also you need to be sure your dates are right. LMP certain? USS dates after about 12 wks are very

Re: [ozmidwifery] from MIDIRS

2006-09-02 Thread Judy Chapman
tut tut Mary. Why would you think that, if you think there is no other way to do 'the job' than to induce? (says she cynically) cheers Judy --- Mary Murphy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Predictors of cesarean section following elective post-dates induction of labor in nullipara with uncomplicated

RE: [ozmidwifery] OMG what next?

2006-09-02 Thread Judy Chapman
Only in the US. The other item looked a bit expensive to get out here, the hands. Cheers Judy --- Melanie Sommeling [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Don't forget they have free postage and handling :-) _ From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mary Murphy Sent:

Re: [ozmidwifery] OMG what next?

2006-09-01 Thread Judy Chapman
It figures that an OB invented this one. Cheers Judy --- Päivi Laukkanen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What about this one? Päivi - Original Message - From: Jo Watson [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:

Re: [ozmidwifery] Vaginal examinations

2006-08-29 Thread Judy Chapman
I would have to look up the guidelines, haven't read them for a while. In practice, as few as possible. No point if she is not in labour, or if you know she is progressing well anyway. Some women really need to know where they are, I will do it if they really want. That just leaves the women

Re: [ozmidwifery] c/s and other stats for mid led units

2006-08-27 Thread Judy Chapman
Mareeba Maternity had recently compiled stats. You would need to apply through Tableland Health Service District to access them. Cheers Judy --- Tania Smallwood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, Just doing a bit of my own research, and wondering if there are any stats yet for the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: info required

2006-08-18 Thread Judy Chapman
Joy, It takes an enormous amount of intestinal fortitude to do what you did, I admire you so much. I am so fortunate to work in a place without doctors hanging around and messing things up. Please draw strength from your (and our) belief that you did the right thing and sleep well tonight. Cheers

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth, Trauma Personality

2006-07-29 Thread Judy Chapman
Have just found these: Cheers Judy Kelly @ BellyBelly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Help! Someone started a discussion on my forums about

Re: [ozmidwifery] Isobel Joy has arrived...

2006-07-15 Thread Judy Chapman
Congratulations to you Janet and to the whole family. Cheers Judy --- Janet Fraser [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Isobel Joy Stokes Fraser was born beautifully at home, in water, into her daddy's hands Thursday 13th July. She weighs 3.7kgs and has taken to life earthside with remarkable

Re: FW: [ozmidwifery] AFI perienatal outcomes

2006-07-13 Thread Judy Chapman
Lisa, Thanks for this and the other articles. Will keep me reading for a while, then I take them into work for distribution. Cheers Judy Do you Yahoo!? Check out gigs in your area on the comprehensive Yahoo! Music Gig Guide

Re: [ozmidwifery] Trial of Scar

2006-07-06 Thread Judy Chapman
I prefer the term obstructed labour. Then one needs to properly describe what the obstruction was, i.e. POP and not descending despite best effors at positioning, etc. Or obstructed by medical ignorance of the natural process! Cheers Judy --- brendamanning [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When women

Re: Fw: [ozmidwifery] Blood pressure...

2006-07-06 Thread Judy Chapman
I have to totally agree with you Janet. Trust MUST be earned and I think that if all women did not inherantly trust the professionals caring for them, if they ALL questioned everything and made the professionals give good evidence based reasons for interventions, all had second opinions if at all

Re: [ozmidwifery] It's A Girl

2006-07-01 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic Katrina, I hope you are really enjoying your munchkin and congratulations on your wonderful birth. Cheers Judy --- Ceri Katrina [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Everyone I was hoping to announce my news along with the birth story, but the story will have to come later! ;-)

RE: [ozmidwifery] Low iron and inability to breastfeed?

2006-06-19 Thread Judy Chapman
We have recently been directed to use the ferretin level as a measure to suppliment or not as it is more reliable that the Hb. The OB argues that a woman may have adequate iron stores but still show a low Hb in the blood but she does not need to take extra iron. If this woman's Hb does not come

Re: [ozmidwifery] Kath's story

2006-06-17 Thread Judy Chapman
I just love hearing stories like that Andrea. Congratulations to you both. Cheers Judy --- Andrea Quanchi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was 'with' a woman on thursday night when she birthed that left me on a real high Kath has been seeing me for her whole pregnancy and we had discussed

Re: [ozmidwifery] ctg stuff

2006-06-17 Thread Judy Chapman
So true Andrea. Many years ago a woman consented to be admitted with a transverse lie at term but rejected any treatment. She was a mulipara. Many times over the next week the dangers were explained (such explanation was well documented) and she declined CS. Finally she consented and it was

Re: [ozmidwifery] RE:

2006-05-26 Thread Judy Chapman
Another reason for not giving something you have not checked and drawn up yourself. cheers Judy --- Melissa Singer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Amanda, I have worked places where they don't give Vit K until mum and baby have returned to the ward. They changed their practice so babies

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re:

2006-05-26 Thread Judy Chapman
Penny, Does it have to be supplements. Could it be a good wholesome diet including good sources of Vit K? cheers Judy --- penny burrows [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: One thing that I wonder about: Routine supplementation with any vitamin seems to be a bad idea for pregnant women as well as for

Re: [ozmidwifery] Hep B, vit K

2006-05-25 Thread Judy Chapman
As far as I am award it IS the capture theory. Stick thousands of babies with Hep B vax to maybe save one. For those who do consent at our hospital we give on the day of the Neonatal screening. One of our midwives has looked into the perinatal data in Qld and found that there were not figures for

Re: [ozmidwifery] high GTT result?

2006-05-15 Thread Judy Chapman
Need more info. Is that the one hour result or the two hour result. If it is the two hour result she needs a consultation with a diabetic nurse or Dr and it is high. Cheers Judy --- Janet Fraser [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, can someone clue me in on what's considered a high result to get

Re: [ozmidwifery] massage in pregnancy

2006-05-03 Thread Judy Chapman
I guess this has already been answered but I have been overseas and am just now catching up. When I did massage years ago I was taught not to massage a pregnant woman's belly, not because of the risk of miscarriage but because of the risk of being blamed if a miscarriage should subsequently

Re: [ozmidwifery] managed versus physiological 3rd stage, was: after birth pains

2006-04-04 Thread Judy Chapman
I have done quite a few physiological third stages and, like labours, are all different. Have had a couple of women who have been in a lot of pain until the placenta delivered, then it was cured. They complained of back pain. Both eventually asked for synto to get the placenta out and stop the

Re: [ozmidwifery] PPH C/S

2006-03-31 Thread Judy Chapman
She CAN always say no. How bad were the other PPH's? Enough to really comprimise her? She is probably at risk of another but it might still happen if she has a CS. Cheers Judy --- Kelly @ BellyBelly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, A woman on my forums has had two normal births of

Re: [ozmidwifery] Larry

2006-03-20 Thread Judy Chapman
Speaking from Mareeba, we did ok, 40km north of the centre of the storm. Bit scary going to work though at 0630. Cheers Judy diane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Hope you gals up North managed to weather the storm without too much damage this morning. Any new little Larry's born in

RE: [ozmidwifery] Re: N/A

2006-03-17 Thread Judy Chapman
I have to back up what Barb says. I used to live 40 mins from work and had to go up the range to get home. After twice waking on the wrong side of the road and once having an accident I learned to have a power nap when I got tired on the drive home. What a difference. Please don't take as long to

Re: [ozmidwifery] public-private birth centres

2006-03-07 Thread Judy Chapman
Interesting concept. Has he given any indication how he thinks it would work? What is his reputation for birthing? cheers Judy --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone, we have been approached by a doc here in the south west of WA about establishing a public/private birth centre, I am not

Re: [ozmidwifery] of interest

2006-03-02 Thread Judy Chapman
They can't seem to get their head around women as individuals and how each birth event should be treated individually and not generalised into categories. cheers Judy --- Mary Murphy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Isn't it interesting that reasonably accurate is acceptable in medical research.

RE: [ozmidwifery] pelvic floor information

2006-02-21 Thread Judy Chapman
Skipping isn't bad either if you don't have a trampoline on tap. cheers Judy --- Megan Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ideally we all can benefit from pelvis floor excercises, including men. My dad had his prostate removed recently for cancer and I told him to start and excercise his

Re: [ozmidwifery] A first for me

2006-02-13 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic Andrea. At times like that one wonders why you would do any other job. It is such a buzz for me still after all these years. For us at work they are not allowed to be planned waterbirths but our women know that we can only recommend they come out, we can't make them so they just stay

Re: [ozmidwifery] fear

2006-02-06 Thread Judy Chapman
Yes, I have. When I was working in Saudi. Grand Multi, coule see the baby's head at the introitus but she would not push, wanted a CS. It was a very interventionist place, a dribble of synto was commenced, easy when all women had an IV, and eventually she gave one big push and the baby came out.

RE: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-05 Thread Judy Chapman
Barb, So sorry to hear you have had such a shocking time. I can offer no tips, not having been there myself but I pray that there will come a time that you can settle into more normal pre-trauma type of life. Cheers Judy --- B G [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There is no 'cure' for PTSD!! You just

RE: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-04 Thread Judy Chapman
I am sure that debriefing helps even if it does not cure. I remember one particular woman at my previous place of work who rang me many times and needed to talk about her EM CS (possible not necessary) and I felt sad for her when I left there as we had not finished debriefing. I think it helped a

RE: [ozmidwifery] Weight gain in pregnancy

2006-01-29 Thread Judy Chapman
Sorry Nicole, but I was working on the premise gained from research and the media that a large proportion of the obesity in western society was directly linked to an increase in fats, sugars and the volume of food available along with decreasing exercise rates. There are always people with

RE: [ozmidwifery] Weight gain in pregnancy

2006-01-28 Thread Judy Chapman
weight well prior to conception so that these toxins are out of mum's system. Regards, Nicole. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Judy Chapman Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 11:04 PM To: Subject: Re

Re: [ozmidwifery] Weight gain in pregnancy

2006-01-27 Thread Judy Chapman
One of the women I cared for last year decided to lose some weight while she was pregnant and got hold of the weight watchers diet (couldn't join officially because of pregnancy), which, as most would know is just good balanced eating, and combined it with lots of walking and lost about 6 kg while

Re: [ozmidwifery] Vaginal breech in hospital

2006-01-23 Thread Judy Chapman
What a great story Sue, that doesn't happen much. Recently we had a breech birth at our small rural hospital. Not meant to happen. Primip, booked for ECV and immediate CS if not succesful though she certainly did not want that. Came in and had a precipitate labour, managed to drop a foot out

Re: [ozmidwifery] Scheduled Caesareans...?

2006-01-10 Thread Judy Chapman
I have thought this for years but seeing how hard it is to eliminate Failure to Progress from the OB language I think it would be harder to change EL CS to SCS or Booked CS. Cheers Judy --- Kelly @ BellyBelly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: One of the women in my forums posted this comment which I

Re: [ozmidwifery] belly dancing midwives:)

2006-01-03 Thread Judy Chapman
Hi Julie, I have been doing a bit of bellydancing for 6 years and I believe my back is a lot stronger for it. I don't get anywhere near the amount of low back pain I used to get. More fun than formal exercise too. Are you protecting your back by trying to stay at the same level with the woman by

Re: [ozmidwifery] Peaceful birth

2005-12-06 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic, congratulations, what a woman. Oh for a world of consumers with as much commitment as you have. Cheers Judy --- Justine Caines [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear All Here¹s the news and even a little pic! Thank you all so much for your lovely wishes! JC xx

Re: [ozmidwifery] CF screening

2005-12-03 Thread Judy Chapman
This article on the birthinternational site is good for decisions re downs, I am sure it could be extrapolated to CF. Cheers JudyRobyn Dempsey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Who says that because testing is available, that you have

Re: [ozmidwifery] Newborn Examination question

2005-12-01 Thread Judy Chapman
- Original Message - From: Helen and Graham To: Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 3:24 PM Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] Newborn Examination question T - Original Message - From: Judy Chapman To: ozmidwifery

Re: [ozmidwifery] Newborn Examination question

2005-11-29 Thread Judy Chapman
We do the newborn examination after birth but then recommend that they go for the 5 - 10 day well baby check with their GP. This is just since we have been working as a birth centre. Cheers JudyHelen and Graham [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyoneI have a question regarding

Re: [ozmidwifery] Mother friendly hospitals

2005-11-22 Thread Judy Chapman
This is one reason the people of Mareeba fought so hard for their maternity ward. We have 3 rooms which used to be two bedded and have been converted to just one with a Queen size bed, TV, fridge, table and chairs and an easy chair. Partners are welcome to stay as are close others if partner

Re: [ozmidwifery] Antibiotics and Ceasars

2005-11-22 Thread Judy Chapman
We used to do 3 doses of Keflin but that has ceased not. I think the anaesthetist, depending on who it is, just gives a one off dose of cephtriaxone nowdays. Cheers Judy PS Hi Dot, good to see you progressing on, hope all is going well. Dorothy Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a

Re: [ozmidwifery] question from Year 10 student

2005-11-07 Thread Judy Chapman
I would take a punt at the even pressure of the fluid filled uterus along with the baby's blood pressure adjusting naturally to that position. Cheers Judy --- Bowman Family [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am involved in the CoreOf Life Program for Year 10 students. It is a fun and interactive

Re: [ozmidwifery] Abby's Birth Announcement

2005-11-04 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic and Congratulations Abby. Love to heare those so positive stories. Cheers Judy --- Abby and Toby [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HI, Sorry for the x-post, but thought I would share that thismorning at 3:46am I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Runah. After a couple of days of

RE: [ozmidwifery] level 2 midwives

2005-11-01 Thread Judy Chapman
As well, there are limited number of positions for NO2 so that many midwives who is able to care for complex care patients are restricted to NO1 positions purely because one does not get the position and hence pay, on ability but on the number of such positions avialable. Cheers Judy --- B G

Re: [ozmidwifery] FYI: News article for QLD maternity

2005-10-31 Thread Judy Chapman
Hope they save some for up north here. Judy --- Megan Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This was on, Megan Extra $52m for maternity services From: AAP October 31, 2005 QUEENSLAND has announced an extra $52 million for maternity services in the state's public hospitals.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re: Midwifery Educators

2005-10-25 Thread Judy Chapman
Sounds like the birth through water the other day. Said when she told me she felt like pushing I am obliged to ask you to get out of the bath, but I can't make you. She stayed. Cheers Judy --- Maxine Wilson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ha ha - I remember doing the same in my mid training tho we

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re: Midwifery Educators

2005-10-24 Thread Judy Chapman
They can't be too busy if they have nothing better to do than nitpick on cord cutting like that. It has been more years than I can remember that I have put the plastic clamp on first and only one metal and had dad cut. Of course in emergency you do what is best at the time, but a Policy or

Re: [ozmidwifery] Obs first visits

2005-10-23 Thread Judy Chapman
In Mareeba the women are booked under the Midwife's name. I guess it takes a long time to change. We are not rocking the boat right now as what we are doing is very different to what most of the rest of Qld does and we are just too happy to still be alive. Working with the OB's in Cairns is one of

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re: twins birth story

2005-10-23 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic Yvette. I have been wondering a lot lately how you went. I wish you all the best for the future. Cheers Judy --- Lindsay Yvette [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, Some of you may remember me going on about trying to plan a vaginal twins birth. Babies are 8 weeks old now here's the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Obs first visits

2005-10-22 Thread Judy Chapman
At Mareeba the women are not seen by an OB. They are supposed to have just one visit sometime with a Dr to check they are normal healthy but that does not always happen. All charts are case conferenced with the supporting OB and suggestions for care are discussed if there is anything out of the

RE: [ozmidwifery] Infant Sleep

2005-10-21 Thread Judy Chapman
Just like they hide sugar in everything. Judy --- Ken WArd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Having a little one with milk protein allergy I have learnt to check all labelling. They hide milk in just about everything. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [ozmidwifery] Infant Sleep

2005-10-17 Thread Judy Chapman
My sister found out that it was carbonated softdrinks that was upsetting her second baby and driving her nuts. Not fizz, no fuss. Many thanks to the Child Health Nurse who twigged to it. Judy --- Pinky McKay [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: clever bub refusing to drink the chamolmile - its related to

Re: [ozmidwifery] Scottish dads push wives toward C-sections? I don't think so

2005-10-16 Thread Judy Chapman
Just beware the documentation. It is not enough to say that you discussed the pro's and con's of the course of action, you have to write exactly what you said. Cheers Judy --- wump fish [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: People will try and sue for a poor outcome regardless of the info given etc.

Re: [ozmidwifery] 4ft 9 and birthing

2005-10-16 Thread Judy Chapman
When will the actually look at the woman. Most women of that size will have an appropriately sized baby and no problems - something we have all had experience with. Cheers Judy --- Robyn Dempsey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Wump fish was saying last week an Ob said a primip who was 4ft 9' should

Re: [ozmidwifery] Scottish dads push wives toward C-sections? I don't think so

2005-10-15 Thread Judy Chapman
Be good to start a trend with that one!!! Judy --- Maxine Wilson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What about when you feel like giving the drugs to the obstetrician! Maxine - Original Message - From: Ken WArd To: Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005

RE: [ozmidwifery] Induction and third stage labour

2005-10-06 Thread Judy Chapman
I think I would be tempted to say that mild jaundice is normal. I can't see primative man cutting the cord so quickly as we do and somehow he managed to survive and even proliferate. Where I work we do a lot of physiological third stages, late cord clamping and early breastfeeding and many babies

Re: [ozmidwifery] VBAC booklet

2005-10-02 Thread Judy Chapman
Jo, I would prefer a CD and run off copies at work. That way we can catch all women who need it rather than just the ones who can afford it. Cheers Judy --- Dean Jo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi to everyone who has requested a copy of the booklet. I am waiting on Carolyn to come back from a

Re: [ozmidwifery] Indigestion at breakfast....

2005-09-22 Thread Judy Chapman
Excellent letter Justine, I only hope she is open to listening. Cheers Judy --- Justine Caines [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear All My response to Miranda. JC xx Dear Miranda Your headline today was perfect. It is unfortunate that the story did not follow. I am a Mother of 4,

RE: [ozmidwifery] Oral EPO dose for cervix?

2005-09-22 Thread Judy Chapman
This one? Cheers Judy --- Vedrana Valèiæ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I remember I was reading somewhere about how 40 weeks is not the mean duration of pregnancy, it is more, and it is different for first and subsequent pregnancies. I can't seem to

Re: [ozmidwifery] Question

2005-09-20 Thread Judy Chapman
The only experience I have had of this is as the admitting midwife when a woman came in from a home birth with a 4th degree tear. She fed babe while waiting for OR, had the repair and went home again when she had recovered from the anaesthetic. As I saw her around town many times later I found

Re: [ozmidwifery] Tears and repairs

2005-09-20 Thread Judy Chapman
Honey, I feel that 3rd and 4th deg tears are getting out of the ordinary and the woman needs a really good repair to function well afterwards, this puts it in the realms of an OB. As well as that the repairs can be quite painful and it is not unreasonable to offer a proper anaesthetic for it.

Re: [ozmidwifery] wyong reopens

2005-09-19 Thread Judy Chapman
Fantastic news, Congratulaions to all. Cheers Judy --- diane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone, Hot breaking news today... Wyong birthing unit is opening next Monday as a low risk birthing unit. Anything outside the ACMI guidelines are refered or transfered to Gosford. We're so

Re: [ozmidwifery] care of the newborn

2005-09-17 Thread Judy Chapman
They obviiously don't believe the babies are normal healthy babies. Judysally williams [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am sure we have discussed this before but as usual discarded info coz notrelevant to me at that point!!Does anyone have guidelines for care of the normal healthy term infant? I

[ozmidwifery] I am steaming mad

2005-09-15 Thread Judy Chapman
Have just heard from my brother. One of his daughters has just had her second baby, somewhere Melbourne way. First baby, normal birth, not small but I don't know the weight. She was told this one was big, probably over 11 lbs so she was scared and had a CS. Came out less than 9 lb. Child is in

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re: ] Friend with breach baby...told CS only options.

2005-09-15 Thread Judy Chapman
Thanks for this Gloria, It makes things a lot clearer. Cheers Judy --- G Lemay [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There ARE some important things with breech. This is where your anatomy and physiology of the newborn is very important. Understanding the circulatory system of the baby, the way the

Re: [ozmidwifery] FW: Article re. caesars....

2005-09-05 Thread Judy Chapman
Probably should send this one to Pesce if you already have not. Judy --- Denise Hynd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Subject: RE: [MCMgtCte] FW: Article re. caesars See: A Plaintiff's Verdict: Meador v. Stahler and Gheridian -

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re:

2005-09-03 Thread Judy Chapman
Yeah, We have an expert GP (not) who wants all women to be assessed by a Dr on admission!!! This in Mareeba where the Dr has not been involved at all in normal birth for years and years. You can imagine our reaction. Our OB in Cairns is NOT impressed and has written to the appropriate place to

Re: [ozmidwifery] More news on midwifery units

2005-09-03 Thread Judy Chapman
I hope the people of Mona Vale get behind the midwives and jump up and down, loud and long as they did in Mareeba. If they don't their service will be shelved for good. We certainly got somewhere with the help of the Hirst report and the support of the Cairns OB's. Cheers Judy --- Andrea

RE: [ozmidwifery] Re: Breech Babies

2005-09-03 Thread Judy Chapman
I have just been surfing this site, some good stuff. I have a multi with a breech at 36+ wke at the moment and I dearly want her to be able to birth here. Cheers Judy --- Vedrana Valèiæ [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A very interesting discussion on breech births and midwives:

Re: [ozmidwifery] Emailing: video05 you will like this

2005-09-03 Thread Judy Chapman
It's not bad, all in spanish but you get the drift with the acting and prior knowledge of what goes on. Cheers Judy --- Ceri Katrina [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I got it, it was a email link for a video of a guy having a baby in a very medicalised setting. On 03/09/2005, at 3:51 AM,

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re-learning how to do breech births

2005-09-03 Thread Judy Chapman
We northerners really enjoyed the workshop in Townsville last year and I imagine there would be enough midwives to do another up north, maybe sunny Cairns this time? Cheers Judy --- Andrea Robertson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello Denise, There is a lot of interest in this workshop, but

RE: [ozmidwifery] Men at births

2005-09-01 Thread Judy Chapman
One of the most moving father involvements I have seen was many years ago. Their first baby, she was sweaty and untidy and in pain etc and he just kept whispering in her hear You're beautiful, I love you. Tear making stuff. They are still a happy couple after another three children and 20 years.

RE: [ozmidwifery] Fw: 'Higher risk' in midwife deliveries ( report)

2005-08-30 Thread Judy Chapman
Thank God there are some who support us, they are just not vocal enough. Without the support of the Cairns OB's Mareeba would be history. Cheers Judy --- wump fish [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As a newcomer to Australia from the UK - it seems that the obs are behaving like threatened children.

RE: [ozmidwifery] Fw: 'Higher risk' in midwife deliveries ( report)

2005-08-30 Thread Judy Chapman
You are so right about many Australian Midwives being prevented from gaining the full spectrum of skills necessary for total care of well women. As you said the answer is to give midwives the opportunity to learn what they should not just want OB's want them to learn. Those midwives who work

[ozmidwifery] Re:

2005-08-29 Thread Judy Chapman
What a load of claptrap they write. 'There is none so blind as he who will not see!' seems to be appropriate for those 600 OB's who obviously don't read the evidence. Cheers Judy --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In todays Australian Send instant messages to your online friends

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