[ozmidwifery] Privately funded birth centres

2007-03-04 Thread Kate reynolds
Hi all, Can anyone tell me whether there are any privately funded birth centres in Australia? If there is, who manages the births and how are the clients billed? Are they shared care with GP/OBs and do the Drs still attend and therefore bill for the birth? Or are the GP/Obs paid an on-call

RE: [ozmidwifery] birth and the weather

2006-04-06 Thread Kate Reynolds
Hi Kylie, I am not sure about the change in pressure theory but I certainly notice anecdotally that lots of women rupture their membranes on a full moon (and most present with just the ruptured membranes and not yet in labour). The full moon alters the magnetic pull of the earth so I

RE: [ozmidwifery] insulin dependant diabetics

2006-03-29 Thread Kate Reynolds
I forgot, I cant see that anyone would have a problem with her bring in her frozen colostrum if she is lucky enough to get a stash pre-natally (I could have filled a few bottles before I had mine!). Cheers, Kate

RE: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-04 Thread Kate Reynolds
In WA now the med students (student doctors) in their training attend a SPEC (student pelvic examination clinic) supervised by midwives but the teaching is done by volunteer women (teaching associates) who not only teach the students as they perform the taking of a history, breast, abdo,

RE: [ozmidwifery] article FYI

2006-01-18 Thread Kate Reynolds
I agree Gloria, the South Australian research offering this causative link suggests that it is only relevant in the absence of a 'sentinel event' in labour. CP with spastic quadriplegia is almost always associated with hard evidence of significant and prolonged hypoxia during birth - no mere

RE: [ozmidwifery] vasa previa

2005-12-21 Thread Kate Reynolds
Unless someone actually palpates or visualizes vessels presenting then you could never make the diagnosis and Im sure, in the many I have seen post birth, by the proximity of the vessels to the hole in the membranes that many of the vessels were actually presenting in front of the babies

RE: [ozmidwifery] question

2005-11-17 Thread Kate Reynolds
Hi Barb, How awful that they were able to bully you out of Birth Suite. You can always report this OB direct to the medical board who are then obliged to fully investigate; you can also discuss anonymity with them as you have been bullied for your efforts. Perhaps your union or the

RE: [ozmidwifery] question

2005-11-17 Thread Kate Reynolds
I cannot find any such RANZCOG policy (i.e. not waiting for restitution) on their website perhaps you could ask the OB to produce it for you to read for yourself??? Ill bet it wont be forthcoming. Kate

RE: [ozmidwifery] Oral EPO dose for cervix?

2005-09-21 Thread Kate Reynolds
Hi Kelly, A balloon induction is similar to the old way of induction before E2 gel (used to feed F2alpha into the catheter every 2 hours). A foleys catheter is inserted through the cervix, the balloon is then inflated with 30mls sterile H2O, the catheter is placed on traction (i.e taped firmly to