Re: [ozmidwifery] Frustration

2007-03-01 Thread Michelle Windsor
] On Behalf Of Michelle Windsor Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2007 8:50 PM To: Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] Frustration It amazes me that sometimes these doctors just don't seem to learn. We have had a run of inductions and LUSCS for either SGA or LGA lately because

Re: [ozmidwifery] Reflux

2007-02-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi All, I'm not sure if this has come up on the list before but has anyone else heard of success for reflux/colic from osteopaths? When I was working in Darwin there was an osteopath who had done further studies in treatment for babies, and had had some good success according to the

Re: [ozmidwifery] co-sleeping

2007-01-23 Thread Michelle Windsor
There's no doubt that co-sleeping is the norm for indigenous women. In my experience the baby is either in bed with the mother, or on the breast. Often the aboriginal women would be puzzled as to why the other (ie white) babies were crying. It was a bit of an adjustment coming back to work

Re: [ozmidwifery] * tough* membranes

2007-01-21 Thread Michelle Windsor
I haven't heard of this Jo but did read something fairly recently (possibly on this list!) that women who took vitamin C were less likely to have pre-labour ruptured membranes. It is interesting that some women's membranes seem to break so easily, like when doing a VE and others stay intact

Re: [ozmidwifery] What happened with this birth?

2006-12-29 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to say thanks too for the excellent advice. I'll be keeping your email for future reference : ) Cheers Michelle - Original Message From: Heartlogic [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Friday, 29 December, 2006 12:24:40 PM Subject:

Re: [ozmidwifery] Dr Jose Villars and pre-eclampsia

2006-12-28 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Janet, In Ina May Gaskin's latest book she has their stats for pre-eclampsia. just off the top of my head I think it was something like 0.2%. She believed this was largely due to the healthy diet of the women, many of them vegans. I think it's facinating and since then have taken more

[ozmidwifery] Haemorroids

2006-12-20 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone, Just needing some help for a friend who is 36/40 with very painful haemorroids. Is there anything that can be done apart from symptomatic relief and not becoming constipated? And in your experience how painful do women find them when they are pushing? Thanks in advance Michelle

Re: [ozmidwifery] Pap smears while pregnant?

2006-11-17 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Sam, One of our obstetricians said it wasn't worthwhile doing them in pregnancy as they are not accurate due to the changes in the cervix. Even women with CIN I did not have repeat paps during their pregnancy. Not sure how evidence based this is. Cheers Michelle - Original Message

Re: [ozmidwifery] Cord clamping and waterbirth

2006-11-17 Thread Michelle Windsor
As an aside, I am of the impression that the cord vessels don’t have any valves. This is a really interesting point Mary. An article I read some time ago believed that the respiratory distress sometimes seen with caesar babies was related to hypovolemia, from when the baby was held above the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Delaying synto with active 3rd stage

2006-11-15 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Sue, I have also read and heard of this practice in America of giving the synto after the placenta has been delivered. One of the obstetricians who used to work here went to a conference over there where they were discussing 3rd stage management. When she suggested giving the synto before

Re: [ozmidwifery] lotus placenta

2006-11-12 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Mary, I can't speak from personal experience on this one but I remember Maggie Banks saying that she often took cord blood from placental vessels about 2 hours after the placenta had been delivered and had never had a problem getting the blood. I am assuming that these would have been with

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fully dilated no urge to push

2006-11-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Philippa,This does seem to be unusual as even when women have a dense epidural and don't push, if the contractions are fine then they will often push the baby down anyway. Did you try a really deep squat?I've noticed thatdespite many women wanting to be upright,that not many will

[ozmidwifery] testing

2006-10-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Just testing. I don't seem to be getting many ozmid posts and definitely missing some.Michelle Do you Yahoo!? Sign the Sunrise petition to fight global warming

[ozmidwifery] sonotrax doppler

2006-10-19 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi All,Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand of doppler. It is advertised in the latest ACM journal, $620 (+ GST), waterproof, visual display. Seems an ok deal. Thanks Michelle On Yahoo!7 Mobile Business Solutions: make technology work harder for you

Re: [ozmidwifery] asthma in labour

2006-10-12 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Janet,I remember one woman who would go outside for a smoke, come back inside and have a couple of ventolin puffs throughout her labour! Her labour kept going though. On the other hand there are two women I can think of that didn't go into labour until they cut back on their Ventolin and

[ozmidwifery] Launceston query

2006-10-11 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi,Last week there was a query regarding midwives etc around Launceston. This is the web site of the midwives there who do homebirth as well as run a free standing birth centre. Cheers Michelle On Yahoo!7 Men's Health: What music do you want to hear on Men's

[ozmidwifery] circumstitions

2006-10-07 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi,Has anyone else had a look at this site? There is some quite good info on it, some of it quite graphic (photos). You can go to a link to watch a circumcision, and can also read the autopsy report of a baby who died after haemorrhaging after a circ.All quite

RE: [ozmidwifery] Sports drinks

2006-10-06 Thread Michelle Windsor
I too find the whole ketone thing confusing. When people are on the Atkins diet (high protein, low carbohydrate) they test their urine for ketones which indicates they are breaking down fat. So despite being well hydrated they may have quite alot of ketones in their urine. So when a woman is in

Re: [ozmidwifery] No Contractions

2006-10-05 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Di,This reminds me of scenario that a cousin of mine had with her second bub. Her contractions basically stopped I think when she was fully and she did end up having some synto to get them going again. But what had happened was that the midwife (who said she could have bitten her tongue as

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth in Launceston

2006-10-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Katy,Therewas a free standing birth centre in Launceston run by midwives. I'm not sure if it's still going. There are independent midwives in Hobart but I'm not sure about Launceston.MichelleKaty O'Neill [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear anyone, I have just had a call from my niece

RE: [ozmidwifery] RE:

2006-09-28 Thread Michelle Windsor
Doing midwifery was the biggest learning curve in my life. This was despite having worked in a country hospital as an enrolled nurse and RN where you were expected to assist the midwife at births and give care to women on the ward when the midwife was with someone in labour. I had already

RE: [ozmidwifery] RE:

2006-09-28 Thread Michelle Windsor
Doing midwifery was the biggest learning curve in my life. This was despite having worked in a country hospital as an enrolled nurse and RN where you were expected to assist the midwife at births and give care to women on the ward when the midwife was with someone in labour. I had already

RE: [ozmidwifery] FYI news article

2006-09-21 Thread Michelle Windsor
I could be on the wrong track here. but perhaps at the bottom of all this is somewomen's desire (maybe subconsciously) for something special (the 5 star hotel)to acknowledge what an amazing person she is to be a mother and to have birthed a baby.Unlike some other cultures, our society as a

Re: [ozmidwifery] re birth story

2006-09-14 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Di,As far as I'm aware there's nothing like that here (but having just returned after 7 months away I could be wrong!) Anyway, it's a great idea. I've just returned from doing some relief work in the Community Midwifery Practice in Darwin which is in a block opposite a shopping centre.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Synto question

2006-09-13 Thread Michelle Windsor
like a bad idea to me. Shelly- Original Message - From: Michelle Windsor To: Ozmidwifery Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 1:01 PM Subject: [ozmidwifery] Synto questionJust a quick question does anyone know how long Syntocinon can be out of refrigeration before

Re: [ozmidwifery] The Purple Line

2006-08-31 Thread Michelle Windsor
Great picture! But actually I've always looked at the dark pigmentation either side, rather than the purple line and it seems to be pretty accurate in indicating dilatation.Cheers MichelleJo Watson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have had a request to put my butt on photobucket, so I've worked it

Re: [ozmidwifery] RE: RWH - Pain Relief Comment on Website

2006-08-30 Thread Michelle Windsor
This reminds me of what a woman was told in private antenatal classes that rating pain from 1 to 10 with 10 the worst pain you can imagine, then labour will probably sit at about 20. How's thatfor getting the adrenaline going and inhibiting endorphins! No wonder some of these women walk in at

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding

2006-08-10 Thread Michelle Windsor
:58 PM, Michelle Windsor wrote:Hi Gail,I too wondered why breastfeeding seems so difficult and stressful for so many women... especially once I'd worked with indigenous women andsaw how easy they seemed to find it. So trying to figure it out, I noticed a few differences. Indigenous

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding

2006-08-08 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Gail,I too wondered why breastfeeding seems so difficult and stressful for so many women... especially once I'd worked with indigenous women andsaw how easy they seemed to find it. So trying to figure it out, I noticed a few differences. Indigenous women have alot of exposure to

Re: [ozmidwifery] Roadside births?

2006-08-05 Thread Michelle Windsor
Apparently there were 180 roadside births in Qld alone last year (not sure exactly where this figure came from). By the way, for those who remember the woman who had her breech stillborn baby on the side of the road the hospital has issued a formal apology. For now Emerald has birthing

RE: [ozmidwifery] Henci Goer's Article on GD

2006-08-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
I agree. There seems to be a real misconception even amongst obstetricians that gestational diabetes has the same risks as pre-existing diabetes. A couple of years ago I did a bit of research on it for my masters and could find no evidence that this was so. And according to cochrane the OGT test

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth, Trauma Personality

2006-07-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Kelly,Have you heard of Michel Odent?He isfrench surgeon that became interested in birth, became an obstetricianand ended his career doing homebirths. He has done some excellent work on the effect of birth and has written a number of books. I remember him saying at a conference once that

[ozmidwifery] Glucose tolerance testing

2006-07-16 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone,Just a query regarding when glucose testing is done in pregnancy. Does anyone know what is recommended if the woman has had an impaired glucose result prior to pregnancy? That is, not classed as diabetic but a slightly elevated result. I have a friend with this scenario who is now

Re: [ozmidwifery] Induction due to pulmonary embolism?

2006-07-14 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Kelly,In my (limited!) experience with this sort of thing, women are usually on Clexane which is an anticoagulant ie 'thins the blood'. If the woman went into labour naturally while still on Clexane, obviously her risk of haemorrage would be increased. But to stop the clexane days before

Re: [ozmidwifery] All vaccines at birth

2006-07-07 Thread Michelle Windsor
I often hear women initially say they want their baby to have whatever they need 'to keep them healthy'. When you tell them that about 90% of Hep B is spread by sexual contact it raises some questions!!Cheers Michelle[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [ozmidwifery] Your thoughts on Birth Plans?

2006-06-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Kelly,I'm coming in very late on this discussion but just wanted to add my two cents worth. I like birth plans for a few reasons: 1. they show the women that they do have a choice in things ... alot of women still assume they have to do whatever they're told 2. my experience is that

Re: [ozmidwifery] FW: Birthcentre/ homebirth

2006-06-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Nat,When I was doing my mid training my preceptor and I used to talk about the 'obstetric demons' that sometimes come and sit on your shoulder!! But if you look into the research on homebirth you will find that in healthy women, the outcomes are comparable or better than hospital birth. As

Re: [ozmidwifery] blood loss after 3rd stage

2006-06-06 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Kristin,Most places I've worked consider a PPH to be a blood loss greater than 500-600ml and treatment would be implemented. It's hard to define an average normal blood loss, as the majority of women have oxytocics for third stage. The WHO states that up to 1000ml may be physiological (in

Re: [ozmidwifery] degrees of high BP in preg

2006-06-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
diastolic. So the bloods may be a more accurate indicator of the progression of PIHthan just BP. Where this ties in with cerebral edema/irritation I'm not sure (and the textbooks are packed away. moving this week!) Cheers Michelle Jo Watson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Michelle Windsor wrote

[ozmidwifery] Article FYI

2006-06-02 Thread Michelle Windsor
Trial finds delay in cord clamping protects babies (as reported in the Courier Mail recently)A 30 second delay in clamping a premature newborn's umbilical cord protects against bleeding in the brain and infection, groundbreaking new research shows.The study, which involved 72 babies,

Re: [ozmidwifery] degrees of high BP in preg

2006-06-02 Thread Michelle Windsor
I know the feeling of things changing from week to week!One week we're were asked to start mag sulphate on a woman with diastolic creeping up (90 - 105) whengoing into good labour. 2 + protein in urine, mild edema, no increased BP antenatally, bloods all normal. The next week a woman with

[ozmidwifery] CTG stillbirth

2006-05-27 Thread Michelle Windsor
Recently where I work a primip come in at term plus 7 days in early labour about 11pm. She had a CTG at 3pm which was reactive, good variability etc. (they do routine CTG's on post-dates women). The woman wasn't inestablished labour and the midwife suggested she return home. The woman wasn't

Re: [ozmidwifery] CTG stillbirth

2006-05-27 Thread Michelle Windsor
was probably reflecting accurately - and the poor midwife who was responsible for performing that CTG will be feeling bad enough as it is. Just my thoughts having been through a similar situation..Sadie- Original Message - From: Michelle Windsor To: Ozmidwifery Sent

Re: [ozmidwifery] working in a private hospital ?

2006-05-11 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Julie,I worked in a private hospital in Hobart for a short time when working and travelling. The disadvantages were working within a medical model of care with high intervention rates and the birth being directed by the obstetrician. I only stayed a short time as I felt I would lose my

Re: [ozmidwifery] Group G Strep

2006-04-11 Thread Michelle Windsor
monia and sepsis caused by a group G Streptococcus is described. Clinical and microbiological aspects of group G streptococci are compared with those of group B streptococci. On 4/10/06, Michelle Windsor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

[ozmidwifery] Group G Strep

2006-04-10 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone,Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Group G strep? We recently had a woman come through with it and I hadn't heard of it before. Some midwives thought it should be treated the same as Group B strep (ie IV ABs in labour, obs on bub) and others thought is wasn't a

Re: [ozmidwifery] birth and the weather

2006-04-08 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Kylie,My sister-in-law is a vet in the US and she saysthat when it starts snowing, the cows start calving (great conditions for a newborn!!). She also believes it is from a change in atmospheric pressure. There seems to bea link with this and women going into labour on planes too.Cheers

Re: [ozmidwifery] after birth pains

2006-04-02 Thread Michelle Windsor
I have also known of a woman who had severe after birth pains which she had Pethidine for (after getting through the labour without analgesia). With her next birth she decided not to have an oxytocic (Syntometrine was used in that hospital routinely) and she noticed a big difference.Cheers

[ozmidwifery] hyperthyroidism

2006-02-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi,Just wondering if anyone can help. I have a friend with hyperthyroidism (diagnosed during the pregnancy). She is using alternative treatments as well as taking some medication, but her levels are still elevated. The problem is that the doctors now want to induce her (she is 39+ weeks now).

[ozmidwifery] PTSD

2006-02-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
In relation to the previous posts.. I recently attended a lecture by Professor Debra Creedy (from Griffith University, Qld) on PTSD in relation to birth. She said that psychologists have accused her and her colleagues of making pathology where none exists!! You can read more of her work at:

Re: [ozmidwifery] reaction to anti D

2006-02-02 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Lindsay,I haven't seen a reaction to anti-D but apparently they can have reactions ranging from soreness at the injection site, cold/flu like symptoms to anaphylaxis. Cheers MichelleLindsay Kennedy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HiI wondered if anyone had every had a woman have an reaction

Re: [ozmidwifery] dive reflex

2006-01-25 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Emily,What I've read of the dive reflex (especially in relation to water birth) is that it is a reflex where the epiglottis stays closed, therefore not letting water enter the lungs. While there is fluid in the lungs prior to birth, this is secreted by the lungs and some of it is excreted

[ozmidwifery] testing urine

2006-01-07 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone,Just a query, wondering what other places do with urine testing in pregnancy. At the moment we are doing first visit MSU's and otherwise only testing (dipstick) if symptomatic, +/- MSU. Recently there have been a few women admitted with pyleonephritis, one who ended up in ICU in

Re: [ozmidwifery] Let baby decide birth date

2005-12-28 Thread Michelle Windsor
My sister-in-law is a vet in the States and I've heard the same from her regarding interferring with horses births.. they know that you can't often improve on nature!!Cheers MichelleJulie Garratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So, I was chatting with a family friend who breeds show

Re: [ozmidwifery] terms to express practice

2005-12-15 Thread Michelle Windsor
I'm not sure what they mean by "clinical approach" (? assessment, implementing practices, evaluation etc?) but I would say about the holistic aspects of your care eg. not just providing physical care but addressing the social, emotional, psychological needs of the women which includes their

Re: [ozmidwifery] mackay midwives

2005-11-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Fiona, Yes I had heard that Kirsten is leaving. It could be interesting to see what comes out of this. The two private obs have had a midwife working with them for about 12 months now doing some of the visits because they were so busy. As far as problems at the birth centre... we seem to

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re:cervidil

2005-11-02 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Alesa, We are using cervidil at Mackay Base (Queensland). I personally haven't had much experience with it as I mostly work at the birth centre, but the feed back from the other midwives that I've heard so far has been positive. They feel that it is less invasive than Prostins, as it can be

Re: [ozmidwifery] Lactation after ART

2005-10-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Jenny, This is something that I noticed as well when working in a private hospital in Hobart. The general consensus by the midwives there was that if a woman needed help to become pregnant then perhaps there was an underlying cause which would then interfere with lactation. The midwives there

Re: [ozmidwifery] Mackay

2005-10-21 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Di, I'm sure it will be fine for you to come and have a look through. The Birth Centre number is: 49 686404. Our appointment days are Tues-Thurs, but on Mon Fri we may or may not be there (doing home visits etc). Hope to catch up with you. Cheers Michellediane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi

Re: [ozmidwifery] birth centres in Australia

2005-10-12 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Sally, As per your request.Mackay Birth Centre, Queensland, ph: 0749686404. Cheers, Michelle sally tracy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear allam trying to update a list of birth centres or places that the midwives and women refer to as birth centres...Denise H. made a list of models of

Re: [ozmidwifery] Induction and third stage labour

2005-10-05 Thread Michelle Windsor
I have to admit I've never really understood the reasoning behind the baby supposedly receivinga bolus of blood if the cord is not clamped after synto. If the placenta is separating from the uterus how does that cause excessive blood to transfuse to the baby? Cheers Michelle Susan Cudlipp [EMAIL

Re: [ozmidwifery] baby poo

2005-09-15 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Mary, Was talking to a friend of mine recently who is a midwife and had twins. Her boys were fully breastfed and absolutely thriving one always had the typical yellow breastfed poos and one always had green poos! So perhaps it has something to do with the baby's own digestion? Cheers

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re: Breech Babies

2005-09-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
Both our consultants will attempt ECV if the woman wants, provided there is adequate liquor and no cord entanglement etc. I can't tell you the success rate, but there are definitely those they have turned which have then birthed vaginally. Cheers MichelleHelen and Graham [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

RE: [ozmidwifery] if mother wants to be directed for pushing

2005-08-25 Thread Michelle Windsor
I guess the big fear associated with pushing before the woman is fully is that the cervix will either swell up (and then take longer to dilate) or tear. About the only time I've seen swelling of the cervix is when women are directed to push by staff who have been mistaken in their VE (ie not fully

Re: [ozmidwifery] Clinical experiences

2005-08-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Lindsay, Sorry we can't offer you anything in Mackay at the birth centre. At present we are unable to have student midwivesin the BC or the maternity unit unless they are actually on staff and paid. Hope something works out for you somewhere else. Are there still some midwives doing homebirths

Re: [ozmidwifery] VBAC's and Midwifery led birth centres

2005-08-05 Thread Michelle Windsor
At the Mackay birth centre we don't do VBACs. I wasn't there when they developed the exclusion criteria but I'm guessing it came from the obstetricians who would consider VBACs "high risk". Cheers MichelleHoney Acharya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All Wondering if anyone can tell me about the

Re: [ozmidwifery] RH - Anti D

2005-07-25 Thread Michelle Windsor
Having done a bit of research on it recently for our birth centre women it seems that only 1.5% of negative women will become isoimmunized during pregnancy. And that figure includes a large proportion who are mismanaged and not given Anti-D when potential sensitizing events occur eg. bleeding,

Re: [ozmidwifery] DEM's

2005-06-01 Thread Michelle Windsor
Yes we have a New Zealand DEM working both in the Birth Centre and the hospital at Mackay (Qld). Have also heard there is a DEM in a Level 3 position in Townsville. Cheers, Michelle[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks Cas. Great to hear : ) Anyone know of any others in QLD so far?Holly carole

Re: [ozmidwifery] Homebirth In Rockhampton/Yeppoon?

2005-04-10 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Justine, As far as I know there aren't any homebirth midwives in Rockhampton/Yeppoon or the Central Qld area. We do get women from Rockhampton (and other areas) coming toour Birth Centre in Mackay, so maybe this is an option if the woman doesn't want a hospital birth. Regards MichelleJustine

Re: [ozmidwifery] another wonderful birth

2005-04-06 Thread Michelle Windsor
Julie your birth story reminds me of one that Vicki Chan told last year at a conference, I can't remember all the details but it was something like this. a woman ('Alice') rings up and says her membranes have ruptured and she's got mec liqnot the average description.yes,Alice isa

Re: [ozmidwifery] GDM question

2005-04-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Jo, As per the Cochrane Data Base, there is no evidence to support glucose testing in pregnancy, and it is not accurate at least 50%-70% of the time. Even if the test was positive, there is noevidence tosupport treating gestational diabetes. Treating gestational diabetics withinsulin reduced

Re: [ozmidwifery] PPH

2005-03-18 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Monica, In the WHO guide to care in childbirth it says is that up to 1000 ml blood lossmay be physiological in healthy populations. This WHO guide was published in 1997 I think, and I haven't yet seen a more recent edition. You can purchase it through Birth International

[ozmidwifery] Ina May's new book

2005-03-18 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone, Has anyone else read Ina May's new book? (Ina May Gaskin's guide to childbirth) It is just brilliant very easy to read and is actually as much for pregnant women as for midwives.The outcomes of "The Farm" are included at the end which just blow you away - all achieved with women

Re: [ozmidwifery] Double uterus cervix

2005-03-10 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Andrea, I don't have any experience myself but a friend of mine told me about her experience, so will pass it on. My friend Jane was working in a rural area inSouthern China (for MSF) and was doing the antenatal care for a woman with a double uterus and cervix. Apparently there is a much


2005-03-07 Thread Michelle Windsor
references of that research on primips if you have them. Thanks. Cheers, Joanne - Original Message - From: Michelle Windsor To: Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 3:52 PM Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] MORE ACTIVE MANGAEMENT Hi Leanne, There is some evidence now

Re: [ozmidwifery] ACTIVE Vs EXPECT MAGMT

2005-03-01 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Judy, After reading your post it reminded me of what one of my friends said (she is a midwife and works for MSF). She was in western Africa and if a person had a Hb over 80 they would use them as a blood donar if they needed one!! Cheers MichelleMaternity Ward Mareeba Hospital [EMAIL

[ozmidwifery] Gestational diabetes

2005-02-25 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has some good recent research in relation to gestational diabetes. What I'm looking for is data similar to what is found in ''A guide to effective care in pregnancy"... Enkin et al which states all forms of glucose testing should be reviewed due to the 50%-70% false


2005-02-24 Thread Michelle Windsor
n FRCNA FACM ProMid Professional Midwifery Education Service 0419 528 717 - Original Message - From: Michelle Windsor To: Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 10:34 PM Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] MORE ACTIVE MANGAEMENTI haven't heard of a study of this type bei


2005-02-23 Thread Michelle Windsor
Ihaven't heard ofa study of this type beingb done. I find it interesting that the NSW policy (similar to many others) of PPH is over 500ml, and yet the WHO states that in healthy populations (ie not anaemic etc) up to 1000ml blood loss may be physiological. It isoften said that blood loss at birth

RE: [ozmidwifery] question

2005-02-19 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Susan, I'm not sure if this helps but this is what we were told at the ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) course I went to in 2003. They recommended that there is either total active management or total physiological management of the third stage. Active management meant synto given

RE: [ozmidwifery] epidural research

2005-02-17 Thread Michelle Windsor
Dean and Jo wrote: I seriously question the validity of the research being done these days! I know what you mean Jo, and I seriously question some of the interpretation of research. Some of the medical profession take any studythat suits them and quote it as evidence based practice. Today I went

[ozmidwifery] Castor oil

2005-02-15 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any info on side effects of women taking castor oil (in relation to the baby) to try and induce labour. A few of the midwives I work with have noticed that there seems to be a connection with taking castor oil and having mec liquor, ? it is affecting the baby as

Re: [ozmidwifery] Telemetric?

2005-02-11 Thread Michelle Windsor
Á telemetric CTG is a cordless CTG. Mt Isa (Qld) had one (in 2000) and used it. More recently when I worked in Hobart in a private hospital, they had one.If you really have to have a CTG on, then these areway ahead of the tradition CTG. It allows the women to be mobile and the one in Hobart was

Re: [ozmidwifery] Telemetric (addit)

2005-02-11 Thread Michelle Windsor
Of course the down side is the cost about $17000 I think!Kim Stead [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You'll have to excuse my ignorance butt.. what is a telemetric CTG compared to the standard contraption? ---Original Message--- From: Date:

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth Centre

2005-01-23 Thread Michelle Windsor
address: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>website: 20 Jan, 2005, at 20:13, Michelle Windsor wrote: Hi Jan, I agree that there can be a huge difference in what is regarded as a 'birth centre'. Here in Mackay we have a birth centre which is a small house at the back of the mat

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth Centre

2005-01-20 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Jan, I agree that there can be a huge difference in what is regarded as a 'birth centre'. Here in Mackay we have a birth centre which is a small house at the back of the maternity unit. There are four midwives and we care for women from early pregnancy through to the birth and beyond. The

Re: [ozmidwifery] Re:cold epidurals

2004-11-06 Thread Michelle Windsor
I don't want to drag out this discussion on epidurals etc but just had to reply to this. I think it is a big deal if a woman decides to have an epidural prior to induction of labour. Look at how long it can take to induce a primip... 3 or 4 lots of Prostin, ARM and then Synto. So realistically we

[ozmidwifery] Epidurals

2004-11-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
While on the subject of epidurals I read an article recently about a study involving ewes which had epidurals during their labour. They wouldn't mother their young. A new term I learnt this year while doing a short contract in a private hospitalwas the "cold epidural" - the epidural you have

[ozmidwifery] indication for ARM?

2004-10-04 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi all, I am in complete agreement with all that has been said about the risks of ARM's in normal labour. But a few cases came to mind where I think that the ARM's were appropriate. To condense: * awoman admitted at 23+ weeks with APH and incompetent cervix. Made it to 28+ weeks, had a rapid

Re: [ozmidwifery] research question

2004-09-17 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi Barb, I agree with what you're saying. I think as midwives we are often caught between a rock and a hard place. We know what the evidence is, and we sign our registration renewals saying we will comply with the ACMI code of practice for midwives (which includes evidence based practice) and

[ozmidwifery] Alfalfa tea

2004-09-07 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi everyone, Have been following the discussion about breastfeeding and ways of increasing supply. Just have a query has anyone had an experience with using alfalfa tea to increase supply? A friend of mine said she had an oversupply for 6 months which someone told her was due to drinking

[ozmidwifery] caesarean section

2004-05-30 Thread Michelle Windsor
Hi, I'm new to the list but had to add a bit to the caesarean section issue. Doing an assignment last year we had to analyse some perinatal statistics (Qld). In the last 30 years the maternal mortality rate has slowly and steadily increased (figures up to 1996) and while they didn't give a