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2006-12-30 Thread adamnamy
Ahh...Ok. I must have, I got the two Sue's mixed up. You just never know in cyber world, you could be talking to your next door neighbor and never know! Thanks, Amy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Sue Cookson Sent: Saturday, 30

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2006-12-30 Thread adamnamy
Ok sorry, do not wish to expose anyone...just enthusiastic. A -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mary Murphy Sent: Sunday, 31 December 2006 8:21 AM To: Subject: RE: [ozmidwifery] For Sue Amy, the Sue you are

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2006-12-30 Thread adamnamy
We have a new record... I hope for her sake she has plenty of energy -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

[ozmidwifery] For Sue

2006-12-29 Thread adamnamy
Hi Sue, Now I have to ask.are you the Sue at swans who I know from a few shifts we did together at the swan valley centre and recently on restorative? It is a very small world indeed and that would make me smile if it were so, after the whinge I had about my most recent birth experience

RE: [ozmidwifery] waterbirth

2006-12-22 Thread adamnamy
Hi Lynne, Does Selangor take midwifery students? It seems a great place to learn the skills. Amy _ From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Lynne Staff Sent: Thursday, 21 December 2006 8:05 PM To: Subject: Re:

RE: [ozmidwifery] waterbirth

2006-12-21 Thread adamnamy
Sue, Can I ask, do you work at Swans? I saw in the local paper that they have upgraded the facilities and have installed and new bath. It would be a bit mean (not to mention misleading) to market it and then tell women they can't use it. Amy _ From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [ozmidwifery] Drug-induced labour raises complication risk

2006-10-23 Thread adamnamy
Hmm.interesting. Am I right in thinking the induction/augmented rate is much higher than 10-20% here in Australia? Anyone know any stats off hand? Amy From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Kelly @ BellyBelly Sent: Monday, 23 October 2006 6:00 PM

RE: [ozmidwifery] doubles

2006-10-14 Thread adamnamy
Not me Mary From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mary Murphy Sent: Saturday, 14 October 2006 4:16 PM To: Subject: [ozmidwifery] doubles I am receiving 2 of everyones emails. Is this happening to others or just me? MM

[ozmidwifery] Goodbyes

2006-10-13 Thread adamnamy
I too appreciate the variety of input from all contributors. Things get a bit heated but thats life at the coalface. Our biggest challenge is not each other but an attitude that says women cant be in charge of their own bodies and make their own decisions. Lets not lose sight of that goal

RE: [ozmidwifery] Nestle - take note of the last line -

2006-08-23 Thread adamnamy
This is a bit odd. I could only read 3 paragraphs in both your emails until I clicked reply to respond when the whole article appearedbelow. Anywayarent they shameless with their aggressive marketing of a second rate product. Amy From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

RE: [ozmidwifery] Fw: info required

2006-08-17 Thread adamnamy
If you were my midwife, I would be so grateful that I had someone who would truly advocate on my behalf and protect me from the attitude that I was hospital property during my stay there. Hospital staff and doctors sometimes get their priorities mixed up dont they? As a consumer, I

[ozmidwifery] VBAC in Perth

2006-06-29 Thread adamnamy
Hello everyone I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who is 33 wks pregnant with No 3. Previous 2 pregnancies ended in C-sec. She is seeking out any VBAC friendly doctors in Perth who can provide accurate information without all the emotive BS. She is still feeling very traumatized by

RE: [ozmidwifery] VBAC in Perth

2006-06-29 Thread adamnamy
Thank you Nicole and Janet, I appreciate your quick responses and I am sure she will too! I am so pleased to be offering her some useful resources. . Janet, those two word documents are an amazing source of info for womenthanks for sharing that with us all. Amy

RE: Re: [ozmidwifery] ctg stuff

2006-06-16 Thread adamnamy
It would be good if we could change the ordinary persons thinking from intervention is necessary to save lives and prevent bad outcomes- and that the trade- offs are minimal to the truth about how dangerous and ineffective they can be and how choosing one often means setting yourself up

RE: [ozmidwifery] How long before synto is used?

2006-06-14 Thread adamnamy
This is really pertinent thread for us mothers on the seems an issue about which there are no clear guidelines which makes it really hard for women who are attempting to be in charge of their own labors. They don't even know what sort of time frame they will have in which to relax into

RE: [ozmidwifery] Birthing Music

2006-04-12 Thread adamnamy
Title: RE: [ozmidwifery] Birthing Music I listened to Sinead O'Connor's album of old Irish songs (album is called Sean nos Nua) during my sons birth-over and over. It really resonated with me because she sings about mother earth, women, babies and the power in those things.I loved it and it

[ozmidwifery] on the subject of induction

2006-03-04 Thread adamnamy
Title: Message Just seeking some advice from midwives out there-I know I will most likely forget to ask all of these when I go to the antenatal clinic or have my next midwife visit I am 35+something weeks and have started to show signs of cholestasis over the past few weeks. Blood

RE: [ozmidwifery] prison birthing

2006-02-08 Thread adamnamy
. Regards Anne Clarke Queensland - Original Message - From: adamnamy To: Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 12:21 PM Subject: [ozmidwifery] prison birthing Do any of you midwives out there know how birth happens

RE: [ozmidwifery] Post cs support

2006-02-03 Thread adamnamy
Title: Message On the subject of traumatized womenmy two cents When I was 22 and pregnant for the first time, I had an innate fear, more like terror really of going to hospital for the birth. I dont know what drove me to so actively avoid a hospital birth but I just knew that it would