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2006-02-03 Thread Michelle Windsor
In relation to the previous posts.. I recently attended a lecture by Professor Debra Creedy (from Griffith University, Qld) on PTSD in relation to birth. She said that psychologists have accused her and her colleagues of making pathology where none exists!! You can read more of her work at:

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2003-12-22 Thread Dierdre Bowman
Brisbane has a group that has been established in line with the NZ trauma group. NZ group is I believe is, www.tabs.org.nz and qld is [EMAIL PROTECTED] although the woman leading this group is currently out of action having just had a bub.

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2003-12-22 Thread Diane Gardner
Thanks Dierdre, I will pass the info on. regards Diane

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2002-11-05 Thread DebSlater
Sheila Kitzinger's Birth Crisis Network was set up as a telephone "counselling" service for women with PTSD resulting from childbirth. I went to a workshop on this at her house in Oxfordshire some years ago - it was just becoming an acknowledged issue in the UK then (as opposed to PND). There was