[ozmidwifery] bounty packs

2006-02-04 Thread wump fish
I have a problem with giving out bounty packs as it is but... Opened one yesterday and noticed an addition hidden inside. Castlemaine have produced a 'dad's pack'. It includes: earplugs (so you can ignore your crying baby); a face mask and gloves for nappy changing; stickers saying 'I

RE: [ozmidwifery] bounty packs

2006-02-04 Thread Ken WArd
] Behalf Of Janet Fraser Sent: Sunday, 5 February 2006 7:42 AM To: ozmidwifery@acegraphics.com.au Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] bounty packs That's utterly shocking, Rachel. There's enough crap from multinationals and no real information about bf or birth but to add that rubbish in merely adds insult