Re: [ozmidwifery] article FYI

2006-01-18 Thread Jo Watson
On 19/01/2006, at 7:44 AM, Gloria Lemay wrote: H . . . isn't that convenient for the ob/gyns? Only two cases I have seen were two breech boys born in hosp---one cesarean and one with Piper forceps applied to after coming head. Gloria Gloria, I have never heard of Piper forceps -

[ozmidwifery] Wish me luck...

2006-02-03 Thread Jo Watson
Well, after nine months on maternity leave, my finances (and my husband!) have told me it is time to do some casual shifts at work. This morning is my first one. I am just doing a 6 hour shift, and my husband will bring my 8 month old, Will, to work for me at 10am for a feed. :) (these

Re: [ozmidwifery] Wish me luck...

2006-02-04 Thread Jo Watson
On 04/02/2006, at 4:13 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Jo Hope your day goes well,youre an absolutely brilliant midwife and have led -by-example with Will and your family choices.We all know how we feel going back to work after our holidays let alone THE most important work-break,but

Re: [ozmidwifery] fear

2006-02-06 Thread Jo Watson
Lieve, that story brought a tear to my eye! Amazing.JoOn 06/02/2006, at 3:37 PM, Lieve Huybrechts wrote: Then I asked how she was born: a ventouse extraction. I said, ok, you didn’t finish your own birth. She was wondering if that was so. I asked if that was a theme in her life: doing things, but

Re: [ozmidwifery] placental gardening

2006-02-20 Thread Jo Watson
Vicky, I am in the same boat - mine is still in the freezer from almost 9 months ago! I also had a home water birth, 29 min pushing, 7 hours total labour, physiological third stage... I am also a primip Midwife ;) Jo On 20/02/2006, at 4:19 PM, Vicky Gotte wrote: Hi everyone, I was

Re: [ozmidwifery] placental gardening

2006-02-20 Thread Jo Watson
would thrive in a pot with a placenta. Maybe you need a pair of pots ( and half in each as it might be too much for one and would also increase your chances of having one survive Andrea Q On 20/02/2006, at 7:46 PM, Jo Watson wrote: Vicky, I am in the same boat - mine is still in the freezer from

Re: [ozmidwifery] repair surgery and bf

2006-02-21 Thread Jo Watson
I'd definitely go to a plastic surgeon... an ob does baby and mum stuff... this seems to me like something more cosmetic ( not saying it like she's only getting it done for looks!!) Jo On 21/02/2006, at 7:21 PM, Janet Fraser wrote: She's been told by several Obs that the lower oestrogen in

Re: [ozmidwifery] Testing

2006-03-13 Thread Jo Watson
*waves*I see you!JoOn 13/03/2006, at 7:42 PM, Mary Murphy wrote:1,2,3. MM

[ozmidwifery] Re:

2006-03-16 Thread Jo Watson
Congrats!!I am not a caffeine drinker at all, so a mocha at the start of the night sees me through usually.  If I have one after midnight though, I find it tough to sleep.  Bring a book, not a hard-to-read one.  Some magazines, just incase it's quiet.  If it's busy, you won't have any trouble

Re: [ozmidwifery] Maternal Vitamin K?

2006-03-23 Thread Jo Watson
On 24/03/2006, at 1:11 PM, Sue Cookson wrote: Same sort of riks/benefits as any vaccination concept - oral vs IM route with IM bypassing normal modes of K intake which is either dietary or produced in the gut, IM including preservatives etc within the product. Hi Sue Here in WA the

Re: [ozmidwifery] quote of the week

2006-04-02 Thread Jo Watson
So true, Mary.  Women are the harshest judges of eachother.  Some of the pregnancy/birth/parenting forums I read show this to be true in almost every topic.  :(JoOn 02/04/2006, at 3:58 PM, Mary Murphy wrote:"If I could wave my wand, our culture would be of peace, of

[ozmidwifery] Sunrise

2006-04-03 Thread Jo Watson
The baby whisperer was on Sunrise this morning - did anyone see it? Touting strict day time routines to make your baby sleep all night. You *need* to do [this] etc. No mention that every baby is different. I'm sure there would be a transcript of it up somewhere if anyone's interested. I

[ozmidwifery] My Sunrise Email

2006-04-03 Thread Jo Watson
with helping your baby to sleep in gentle ways, not forcing them to learn that no one will come to them if they cry in the night. For your next baby sleep expert, I nominate Pinky McKay. :) Thanks, Jo Watson (Mother and Midwife) -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit http

Re: [ozmidwifery] Sunrise

2006-04-04 Thread Jo Watson
Oh I KNOW! I forgot to mention that in my email - perhaps you should!JoOn 04/04/2006, at 1:28 PM, Alexandra Gosden wrote:I thought it was disappointing that she used baby bottles to decorate the disappointing information!Alexxx 

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birth Sexual Assault

2006-04-10 Thread Jo Watson
On 10/04/2006, at 6:48 PM, Justine Caines wrote: I have been saddened to hear that generally there is little understanding amongst midwives of the needs of survivors of sexual assault.  The inflexibility of the system perse and the clock (for the women who take a very long time to birth as it

[ozmidwifery] DEM?

2006-04-11 Thread Jo Watson
Does anyone know if there is a DEM course in WA? Thanks. Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] premature urge to push

2006-04-11 Thread Jo Watson
Pethidine actually seems to work quite well in this situation... but not so good for babies. I'm assuming all manner of positioning was tried, such as hands and knees, rocking, etc. I have found that for some women bouncing on the birth ball through contractions is a good distractor from

Re: [ozmidwifery] de midwife course in wa

2006-04-12 Thread Jo Watson
Thankyou Nicole - the person who this info is for doesn't want to do nursing as well as Mid... perhaps in a few years? Jo On 12/04/2006, at 5:06 PM, Nic and Dale wrote: Unfortunately there is no DEM course in WA as yet. They were trying to bring in a double degree (BMid/BNursing) based on

Re: [ozmidwifery] Birthing Music

2006-04-12 Thread Jo Watson
Hi Katrina, I used Jack Johnson for the start of mine when I was trying to chill out and work out if this was 'it'. Jo On 12/04/2006, at 8:16 PM, Ceri Katrina wrote: Hi everyone I know this is going to be a very individual preference, but just wondering if any of you wonderful people

[ozmidwifery] My Placenta

2006-04-19 Thread Jo Watson
... is gone from my freezer :( It must have been thrown out, but I don't remember doing it, and my husband swears he didn't - so it's a mystery! I was going to bury it on Will's first birthday next month, and then get a 'Mother's Love rose from the ABA website to plant in late July, but

Re: [ozmidwifery] BF videos

2006-04-24 Thread Jo Watson
I don't know what it's called, but the one where the freshly newborn baby crawls up the mother's abdomen and attaches itself to the breast without any help is awesome.  Made me cry!Hopefully someone else knows the name of it?JoOn 25/04/2006, at 9:59 AM, Kristin Beckedahl wrote:Can anyone recommend

Re: [ozmidwifery] BF videos

2006-04-25 Thread Jo Watson
From memory about 30 min or so, but can't be sure.  Definitely less than an hour.JoOn 25/04/2006, at 11:58 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Jo, how long does it take the baby to find the breast and begin feeding?  MM I don't know what it's called, but the one where the freshly newborn baby crawls up the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Mastitis question

2006-04-25 Thread Jo Watson
I started doing a Lactation Advisor course at the end of my pregnancy last year, and I remember that with mastitis, no matter what is coming out (blood or pus or whatever) the baby should still be breastfeeding directly. They are better than any breast pump around, and the milk will

Re: [ozmidwifery] Misoprostol aka Cytotec

2006-04-26 Thread Jo Watson
It is - in the 3 hospitals in 2 different states I have worked in (maternity) it is used to induce labour where the baby has died, and to treat PPH. I have not heard of it being used to induce labour where the baby is still alive, apart from mid-trimester abortions (conditions not

Re: [ozmidwifery] Mastitis question

2006-04-27 Thread Jo Watson
Nicole, how do you get a doctor to prescribe fluconazole for thrush???I have it again, and am going down the whole daktarin oral gel route again, plus vinegar to soak the dummies in when not in use.  JoOn 27/04/2006, at 6:04 PM, Nicole Carver wrote:Hi,I am working as a lactation consultant at the

Re: [ozmidwifery] Mastitis question

2006-04-27 Thread Jo Watson
Thanks, Nicole.  I'm trying to stick to a good low sugar/yeast diet.:)JoOn 28/04/2006, at 5:23 AM, Nicole Carver wrote: Also, when dealing with thrush diet seems very important, as does making sure baby is treated too, regardless of symptoms. Having suffered it with three babies, I didn't have

Re: [ozmidwifery] EFM on satellite systems

2006-04-28 Thread Jo Watson
I thought it was more so that the woman wasn't stuck in the room - she can go for a walk to the coffee shop or in the garden or something.  Just to normalise labour a bit for those considered a bit more high risk.JoOn 28/04/2006, at 3:19 PM, sharon wrote:the efm on satellite systems does not

Re: [ozmidwifery] Midwife of the year

2006-05-04 Thread Jo Watson
I hope you mean friday :)Congratulations again, Mary.JoOn 05/05/2006, at 8:04 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Hi, just to let you know that I will be interviewed on ABC radio at 1030 this morning (thurs) (wa time). cheers, MM 

[ozmidwifery] Sleepworks

2006-05-10 Thread Jo Watson
This is a program offered in Perth - does anyone know anything about it? I know Ngala is pro-controlled crying/comforting... I guess I'm just hoping this might be a bit different. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit

Re: [ozmidwifery] tongue tie snip?

2006-05-18 Thread Jo Watson
Yup, they snip other stuff 'willy-nilly' so why not a lil frenulum?JoOn 18/05/2006, at 5:57 PM, Ken Ward wrote:Most ob's should be able to snip a TT in labour ward. Seen it done many times.-Original Message-From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Barbara Glare Chris

Re: [ozmidwifery] Superbrats - on tonight

2006-05-23 Thread Jo Watson
I missed it, but I am pleased to see it is repeated twice more!  Will have to remember next time.  I was really interested in seeing that one.JoOn 23/05/2006, at 6:58 PM, Helen and Graham wrote:Have just finished watching Superbrats.  What struck me was the calm behaviour of the children belonging

Re: [ozmidwifery] informed consent

2006-06-02 Thread Jo Watson
I can relate to this. When I was pregnant a doctor at work asked where I was having my baby. When I said, "At home" he said, "Show me your armpits!" ... "I wouldn't have picked you for a hippy!" Nice... Jo Mary Murphy wrote: At the moment I am reading a book around

Re: [ozmidwifery] degrees of high BP in preg

2006-06-03 Thread Jo Watson
Michelle Windsor wrote: By the way with the first woman the doctor insisted that women can have eclamptic seizures even if their bloods are all normal. Has anyone heard of this? He did hold off on the mag sulphate when we were unhappy to give it (in view of normal bloods and BP

Re: [ozmidwifery] using a baby sling after C-section

2006-06-16 Thread Jo Watson
I would say that would be the best way to carry the baby, as the load will be closest to her body, therefore the lightest.HTHJoOn 17/06/2006, at 4:27 AM, Päivi Laukkanen wrote:Hi, I was asked by a woman if she can wear a babysling two weeks after her c-section. She was told not to carry anything

Re: [ozmidwifery] Starting solids too early

2006-06-18 Thread Jo Watson
I'm sure that is right for normally birthed babies, but those born via c/s or who have their cords clamped early don't get their 'owed' blood volume, so their iron stores might not be as good as they should be.JoOn 19/06/2006, at 7:58 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Does anyone have information about the

Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets nearly sold !

2006-06-22 Thread Jo Watson
I am going! I'm bringing a Midwife friend and my 1yo (who my sister will look after during the days).  Can't wait!Jo WatsonOn 22/06/2006, at 4:24 PM, Susan Cudlipp wrote:Are many Ozmidders going to the conference?Sue

Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets nearly sold !

2006-06-22 Thread Jo Watson
On 22/06/2006, at 8:17 PM, Barbara Glare Chris Bright wrote:I'm definately going, and so is my beautiful assistant and homebirthed daughter, Cassie (8) We are having a bit of a girl weekend.  Say hello to us at the Australian Breastfeeding Association/Mothers Direct stand.  BarbOoh, you'd be the

Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets nearly sold !

2006-06-22 Thread Jo Watson
*thanks* :)JoOn 22/06/2006, at 8:35 PM, Barbara Glare Chris Bright wrote:No sew on patch.  Will add stickers to the inventory! Barb- Original Message -From: Jo WatsonTo: Thursday, June 22, 2006 10:19 PMSubject: Re: [ozmidwifery] 24th HBA conf - Tickets

Re: [ozmidwifery] Today Tonight (VIC) Caesarean Births

2006-07-10 Thread Jo Watson
OOH, can someone please provide a rundown on this for us not in Victoria?  Or do you think there will be a transcript?Thanks,JoOn 10/07/2006, at 4:32 PM, Kelly @ BellyBelly wrote:FYI there is a story on tonight about increased caesareans being performed. Best Regards,Kelly ZanteyCreator,

Re: [ozmidwifery] Pinky on TV tomorrow x 2!!!

2006-07-12 Thread Jo Watson
Thanks for your reply on the Today show, Pinky ;)I thought you came across really well, and hopefully made people think twice about co-sleeping, especially.9am with David and Kim, what's that show? Or is that the name of the show?  I don't think we get that here in WA if it is the name.Good

Re: [ozmidwifery] Pinky on TV tomorrow x 2!!!

2006-07-12 Thread Jo Watson
Yup the first email she read out to you on the Today show was mine :)I hope to catch your other appearances - as I think you are very well spoken, don't seem to get flustered with questions, and have a lot of great ideas :)Thanks,JoOn 13/07/2006, at 9:09 AM, Pinky McKay wrote:The show is called

Re: [ozmidwifery] Isobel Joy has arrived...

2006-07-15 Thread Jo Watson
Congratulations, Janet!  Well done :)Welcome, Isobel!JoOn 15/07/2006, at 7:29 PM, Janet Fraser wrote:Isobel Joy Stokes Fraser was born beautifully at home, in water, into her daddy's hands Thursday 13th July. She weighs 3.7kgs and has taken to life earthside with remarkable alacrity! Thanks to

Re: [ozmidwifery] Testing

2006-07-21 Thread Jo Watson
Welcome back, Mary!JoOn 22/07/2006, at 10:16 AM, Mary Murphy wrote:Just returning to the list after holidays. MM

Re: [ozmidwifery] Henci Goer's Article on GD

2006-08-04 Thread Jo Watson
Precisely why I never had the OGTT in my pregnancy.  No proven improved outcomes for mums or babies with diagnosed and 'treated' GD.JoOn 04/08/2006, at 4:49 PM, Mary Murphy wrote:The best way for those who disagree is to find the definitive studies that address all of Henci’s points. If is such an

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding

2006-08-09 Thread Jo Watson
Michelle, can I please post this to another group?  There is some talk in on usenet about 'trying' to breastfeed.  I won't put your name on it at all, if you like.Thanks :)JoOn 09/08/2006, at 12:58 PM, Michelle Windsor wrote:Hi Gail,   I too wondered why breastfeeding

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding feedback

2006-08-09 Thread Jo Watson
I totally agree with this as well... However, I work in a hospital as a Midwife, and had a wonderful homebirth experience, no drugs, normal 3rd stage, etc, skin to skin immediately... But my boy just had no idea. My 'equipment didn't help much, either. I ended up hand expressing for 24

Re: [ozmidwifery] Vaginal examinations

2006-08-30 Thread Jo Watson
Sure. Just don't look at my butt ;) There are no attachments allowed on this mailing list, am I right? I guess I can just email it to those who ask to see it. :) Jo On 31/08/2006, at 7:07 AM, meg wrote: Can we see it? Megan - Original Message - From: Jo Watson [EMAIL PROTECTED

[ozmidwifery] The Purple Line

2006-08-31 Thread Jo Watson
I have had a request to put my butt on photobucket, so I've worked it all out, and there it is: :) Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] The Purple Line

2006-08-31 Thread Jo Watson
the purple line, what does this mean regarding the birthing woman? Megan -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Jo Watson Sent: Friday, 1 September 2006 12:42 PM To: Subject: [ozmidwifery] The Purple Line I have had

Re: [ozmidwifery] The Purple Line

2006-09-01 Thread Jo Watson
LOL I didn't even notice you left! Jo :) On 01/09/2006, at 3:12 PM, Mary Murphy wrote: -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Jo Watson Sent: Friday, 1 September 2006 11:12 AM Jo, I had forgotten just how clear the photo was. No wonder I

[ozmidwifery] OMG what next?

2006-09-01 Thread Jo Watson I think this is actually a real product... Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: PI Insurance - urgent - more interested midwives needed

2006-09-05 Thread Jo Watson
I agree and disagree, Tania.I believe there IS an us and them.  I am a hospital based Midwife... I see 'them' homebirth based Midwives and look up to and admire them for their experience and expertise in home birth.  I look at the hospital based Midwives I work with and also admire their

Re: [ozmidwifery] Fw: Karicare Ad/Parents Jury

2006-09-13 Thread Jo Watson
Me too - let us know if you get a reply - thanks :)JoOn 14/09/2006, at 6:53 AM, Pinky McKay wrote:Barb _ I registered but could figure out how to vote so have emailed the site owners.Pinky- Original Message -From: Barbara Glare Chris BrightTo: Thursday,

Re: [ozmidwifery] Doppler u/s

2006-09-22 Thread Jo Watson
When researching for my own preg I found that doppler and CTG is more direct and therefore more intense than visualno refs sorry, BF at keyboardJo :)On 23/09/2006, at 7:52 AM, Roberta Quinn wrote:Can anyone tell me the difference between a hand-held doppler and a visual ultrasound macine? Is a

[ozmidwifery] Education

2006-09-26 Thread Jo Watson
Hi :) Does anyone know what a Midwife would have to do to become a Midwifery Educator? I am interested in doing something like this - perhaps a few tutorials a week or something. I can't seem to find anything online so far tonight, but I'll keep looking. I feel I need to do SOMETHING

Re: [ozmidwifery] term breech trial - ECV option

2006-10-12 Thread Jo Watson
Justine I would LOVE to see these !!JoOn 12/10/2006, at 9:49 PM, Justine Caines wrote: As a British midwife I have experienced lots of breeches but this was the first time in the water.  It was amazing as the water stopped that hang and the pressure that the cord is sometimes under.  Apart from

Re: [ozmidwifery] cord blood gases

2006-10-13 Thread Jo Watson
Absolutely routine in private births where I work, but getting there with the public ones, too, sadly. Jo On 13/10/2006, at 4:07 PM, Naomi Wilkin wrote: Hi all, Just wondering how common it is for cord blood gases to be done in maternity units. I work in a small metro. hospital with a

Re: [ozmidwifery] doubles

2006-10-14 Thread Jo Watson
Just singles here, Mary.Hope you're well :)xxJoOn 14/10/2006, at 4:16 PM, Mary Murphy wrote:I am receiving 2 of everyone’s emails.  Is this happening to others or just me?  MM

Re: [ozmidwifery] We can make a difference (long)

2006-10-16 Thread Jo Watson
On 17/10/2006, at 8:45 AM, Heartlogic wrote: Many (if not all) words from health professionals are hypnotic, and wire their way into a woman's mind and experience. While I agree with this in relation to women and birth, I have to (in most cases) disagree with this in regards to

Re: [ozmidwifery] cord blood gases

2006-10-19 Thread Jo Watson
I can have a look at work this afternoon if it's not too chaotic.See what I come up with.JoOn 19/10/2006, at 10:06 PM, Mary Murphy wrote:"Has something significant changed in the last 12 years then Mary?" Lisa, the usual "window", especially when technology and machines is concerned is 5 yrs.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Breastfeeding help in Mackay

2006-10-22 Thread Jo Watson
Kenacomb ointment on the nipples tiny amount and dab off before expressing (perhaps by hand?) and yes you can give baby EBM with blood in it - as long as she is hep c and hiv neg.Good luck to her!  It can be done!JoOn 23/10/2006, at 7:43 AM, diane wrote:HiI have a friend who birthed last week

[ozmidwifery] International Help

2006-11-02 Thread Jo Watson
Hi wise women :)Someone on another newsgroup I subscribe to has this request... can anyone help?I am giving a talk on midwifery to a group of obstetricians next week.We are in the US but I am interested in comparing our model of carewith other countries.I am having a particularly difficult time

Re: [ozmidwifery] International Help

2006-11-04 Thread Jo Watson
Thanks heaps, Paivi and Janet! I will pass that on. Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] Call to action

2006-11-08 Thread Jo Watson
This looks pretty exciting so far! Will have to read it in depth first though. I've printed out the document to read while waiting in waiting rooms and the like ;) Jo -- This mailing list is sponsored by ACE Graphics. Visit to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Re: [ozmidwifery] getting synto etc

2006-11-15 Thread Jo Watson
From what I've heard, it is a drug not licensed for use in obstetrics (but it is used, obviously) ... I can't remember it's primary function though. And I can't be bothered googling right now. Jo On 15/11/2006, at 5:02 PM, meg wrote: I work at a major tertiary hospital-we stock

Re: [ozmidwifery] getting synto etc

2006-11-15 Thread Jo Watson
Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying. :) Jo On 15/11/2006, at 6:25 PM, Melissa Singer wrote: Hi Jo, I think it is not licenced for use for induction of labour with live babies in australia. It's ok for stillbirth induction and pph. Melissa - Original Message - From: Jo Watson

Re: [ozmidwifery] breastfeeding as contraception

2006-12-22 Thread Jo Watson
Hi Jayne, Are you saying that maternal fat levels increase when ovulation returns? If so, in which way? ie fatter = earlier or later? I have put on a significant amount of weight since having my bub almost 19 months ago, and we are still breastfeeding about 5 times in 24 hours, but for

Re: [ozmidwifery] breastfeeding as contraception

2006-12-23 Thread Jo Watson
trying to caution over re breastfeeding as a contraception - there seems to not be a fixed set of rules that can be given out to each individual. Regards Jayne - Original Message - From: Jo Watson To: Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2006 2:05 AM Subject: Re

Re: [ozmidwifery] * tough* membranes

2007-01-21 Thread Jo Watson
I have absolutely no data on this, but someone once told me it correlates with weight gain during pregnancy. Has anyone else heard of this? Jo On 21/01/2007, at 9:22 PM, Kristin Beckedahl wrote: Hi all, Can anyone comment on what makes the membranes 'tough' hard to break (AROM)

Re: [ozmidwifery] * tough* membranes

2007-01-22 Thread Jo Watson
- Original Message From: Jo Watson [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Monday, 22 January, 2007 10:07:14 AM Subject: Re: [ozmidwifery] * tough* membranes I have absolutely no data on this, but someone once told me it correlates with weight gain during pregnancy

Re: [ozmidwifery] fenugreek

2007-02-13 Thread Jo Watson
Hi Catherine. I used it once or twice in the last 20 months. I think it's 2 capsules 3x per day, but I took one once and 6 hours later I had MELONS on my chest. I don't think I really needed it, but I was just having one of those small moments of self-doubt. Jo On 14/02/2007, at 6:45