re: ExgSend - ExgDisconnect

2004-03-05 Thread Gavin Peacock
Both IrDA and Bluetooth Exchange buffer all the data you send and don't actually send anything until the call to ExgDisconnect. The while Ir or Bluetooth transaction happens within the ExgDisconect call. So you need to have enough space available for a copy of what you are sending in order to

re: MemoPad import/export under Cobalt

2004-03-05 Thread Gavin Peacock
MemoPad has always used the same format for multiple text entries (or categories). It uses multi-part mime (rfc2046 multipart/mixed) including support for quoted printable. This will work back to 3.0 devices and continues to be supported on Cobalt. FYI Cobalt also supports ExgGet from the PIM

Re: Last cry for help

2002-01-29 Thread Gavin Peacock
Ok, I can't resist a last cry for help... So there is a way to list and select the active network panel connection. This API has existed ever since OS 2.0 when netlib was introduced. The API does not allow you add a new network connection, but you can make an existing one active. There are

Re: Can Palm device access LAN TCP/IP

2002-01-11 Thread Gavin Peacock
With windows 2000 (and presumably XP, but I haven't checked), you can click on make a new Connection in the network and Dial-up Connections Panel. Then select the Accept incoming connections option. Next is a dialog showing your connections options. If you have enabled the built in irDA

Re: bitmaps

2000-05-30 Thread Gavin Peacock
The Beamer application that is included in the sample source in the 3.5 SDK shows how to create and edit a bitmap on the device. This version supports color bitmaps using the new 3.5 APIs, but will also run on any older device. It includes code to detect the system version and use the correct

Re: NetLibIFAttach does not work

2000-04-11 Thread Gavin Peacock
In your given sample code you get the creator ID into a variable called "ifCreator" and then you check a variable called "Creator" in you "if statement" if(Creator == netIFCreatorPPP) You probably have another variable called Creator somewhere, but you want to be checking

Re: Palm Beaming to non-palm (windows) IrObex stacks... interoperability issue

2000-04-11 Thread Gavin Peacock
John, Attempting to maintain compatibility with Microsoft's definition of "standard" is a challenge. There is some kind of magic undocumented work around for setting hint bits on the Microsoft stack. Perhaps you can get some guru at Counterpoint to fill you in on it. This is your best

RE: Receiving app via Beaming

2000-04-03 Thread Gavin Peacock
This bug is fixed in newer versions of the ROM. There was always a workaround. The other DBs were only deleted if the Launcher was active on the other device before you sent the application. So if you exit the launcher on the receiving device before you beam an application to it, the