Re: [Paraview] VTK File Format

2016-10-05 Thread David Lonie
That's correct -- the cell information specifies the points by index. You can find more information on the VTK file formats here: HTH, Dave On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Sellmann, Kai Asaad <> wrote:

[Paraview] VTK File Format

2016-10-05 Thread Sellmann, Kai Asaad
Hello everyone! I have created a vtk File with point coordinates, and cell definitions. As I am getting distorted surfaces I was wondering what it could be. The coordinates are nodal coordinates taken from a FE Model. The elements are defined by the IDs of their corresponding nodes. So it

Re: [Paraview] Specify render window size

2016-10-05 Thread Mathieu Westphal
No easy way to do that, but here is a method to be a bit more precise : 1. Create a single view of the size of all views 2. Check the view size in save screenshot window or via python ( eg 999x860) 3. do the computation (999/3 = 333) 4. Set a Tools->"Lock View Size custom" to the correct value

Re: [Paraview] How to combine multiple domain results into one?

2016-10-05 Thread Mathieu Westphal
Hello You can select all your data, then use "Group DataSets" then "Merge Blocks". Regards, Mathieu Westphal On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 2:17 AM, Frank Ding wrote: > This is a beginner question. I have 64-core run result files which have 64 > domain results for each output