Re: [Paraview] [Paraview-developers] ParaView 5.2 Release Candidate 1 available for download

2016-10-14 Thread Gena Bug via ParaView
Thank you for the clarification, David. On 13.10.2016 20:20, David Lonie wrote: On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 7:18 AM, Gena Bug via ParaView <> wrote: On 11.10.2016 18:15, Utkarsh Ayachit wrote: Folks, Among several new features, this release includes anti-aliasing support

[Paraview] OSPRay rendering issue: 1) opacity 2) moving body rendering 3) ospray , shadow option

2016-10-14 Thread SeongMo Yeon
I am using ParaView 5.1.2. today, what I found with OSPRay is three things. 1) Once OSPRay is enabled, opacity is not applied. is it normal or ParaView bug? 2) I have CFD results of sloshing tank which is moving around. To visualize tank boundary, extrack block filter and generate surface

Re: [Paraview] Question - Streamlines

2016-10-14 Thread Andy Bauer
I'm not sure I understand your use case entirely but I think what you want is to use the Threshold filter. You may want to use it on the 3D object or maybe on just the streamlines. On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 2:15 AM, Ge Heim via ParaView wrote: > Hello everybody, > > I'm

[Paraview] Question - Streamlines

2016-10-14 Thread Ge Heim via ParaView
Hello everybody, I'm relatively new to ParaView and I got a -probably simple- question: I have a 3D-object including a scalar and a vector for velocity. I was already able to plot streamlines through a 2D-inlet (instead just seeding over a line). But I only want to "see" the streamlines in the

[Paraview] Possible error in loading multiple PLY files at once. (UNCLASSIFIED)

2016-10-14 Thread Hennessey, Joseph G CTR USARMY RDECOM ARL (US)
CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED Hello, I am seeing an error when attempting to load PLY files formed from saving parallel .vtm surface files that have been saved in the PLY format. The file name convention for loading them at once seems to break down and only load random subsections of the .vtm