[PAYCO] Re: Congress Invitation

2009-09-04 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Izwe Lethu! Majoni it is very said that we have lost the focus of our revolution to an extent that we have created enemies in us. I just need to give a simple example that is evident to everyone. No matter how much ANC is divided they always know that the interest of the organisation comes


2009-09-12 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Izwe Lethu! Please comrades I would like to echo my humble plea to all Pan Africanist out there. I think we made our points regarding our views and opinions on PAC and the current PAC leadership. This is not time to settle the score. I think COPE is there for those who want to settle scores. 

[PAYCO] Pan Africanists Material

2009-09-20 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Revolutionary Greetings!! Comrades I would like to appeal to all comrades who have Africanist material books in a soft copy to make it available to all of us taking advantage of this chart medium. Dispide being veteran's of this movement, by nature of being in this oganisation for so long we


2009-10-08 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Izwe Lethu!! Majoni I think it is high time that we accept that there's  always been problems in the organisation. At this juncture realy we should be able to deal with them. Maybe the following might help in triggering a clear sober political retrospection. When Payco was formed it was not

Re: [PAYCO] new political spaces

2009-12-15 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
In transforming the PAC into an advanced organisation to occupy the centre stage of political developments in our political epoch we are confronted with arduous tasks and our experience is far from being adequate. SO WE MUST BE PREPARED AND BE GOOD IN LEARNING. Conditions changes all the time,

Re: [PAYCO] Ideology

2009-12-16 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Majoni! Please let me take this opportunity to further elaborate more on the question of Ideology. The truth is that we have comrades who regard themselves as Marxist within PAC. Unfortunately this comrades in their study of Marxism they somehow missed Marxism on the question of a National

[PAYCO] Sobukwe Memorial Lecture Speech

2010-03-03 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
THE PAN AFRICANIST CONGRESS OF AZANIA SOBUKWE MEMORIAL LECTURE AN INPUT BY THE AFRICANIST DUDU DERRICK BILA (APLA MILITARY VETERAN OF THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE) Mister program director, the honourable President of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (Mr. Letlapa Mphahlele), the former

Re: [PAYCO] *sigh*

2010-03-29 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Majoni!! Forces if we are realistic it should be known by every PAC member that revolution does not come easy. This is because PAC is a revolutionary movement which strives for total liberation and not for constitunal rights as the ANC was. We are therefore confronted with a huge task of


2010-03-30 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Mo Afrika Lesufi your atterances are the ones which perpertuate the demise of this movement. You must stop to refere to any of PAC comrades as lumpens or whatever. We are part of those comrades and we remain true to this movement. You are only pointing one finger to others forgeting the rest of


2010-04-06 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Comrades I think it is clear now to everyone of us to conclude that we commited a biggest mistake by participating in the negotiations that we knew will never deliver a true freedom to our people. PAC leaders then under President Makwetu conspired to accept what the settler regime was offering


2010-04-14 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Comrade Mduduzi There was one comrade I knew who had a book on David Sibeko about his involvement in the UN. It was a green book with the face of David Sibeko. I happen to see this book arround 1990-1993. unfortunately the comrade passed away arround 2007/8 and was then a member of DA. His

Re: [PAYCO] Convention of confusion

2010-05-19 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Mo Afrika Kwame Maybe comrade I should remind you that Letlapa, Modini and Skwatcha I just the few leaders of PAC. We are the PAC. I don,t think we should put much blame on what is happening in the PAC on those few. The trueth is those few represent the majority of PAC members and that leaves

Re: [PAYCO] Indeed PAC needs Unity

2010-05-23 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Mo Afrika Kwame Joni lets not make this issue of unity a shallow misdirected topic. Leadership of Letlapa is very much recognised in our constitutional institution . We cannot continue to disregard this fact. You can argue much on this issue, you can even give practical references to this

Re: [PAYCO] Indeed PAC needs Unity

2010-05-24 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
have viable, credible constituency base structures Yours in quest for Africanist cause Soso Mashiloane Former PASMA DSG 076 363 --- On Sun, 5/23/10, Mohlomphegi Mphahlele mohlomph...@yahoo.com wrote: From: Mohlomphegi Mphahlele mohlomph...@yahoo.com Subject: Re: [PAYCO

Re: [PAYCO] PAC leader joins ANC

2010-05-28 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Nkrumah --- On Mon, 5/24/10, Mohlomphegi Mphahlele mohlomph...@yahoo.com wrote: From: Mohlomphegi Mphahlele mohlomph...@yahoo.com Subject: Re: [PAYCO] PAC leader joins ANC To: payco@googlegroups.com Date: Monday, May 24, 2010, 6:00 PM Ma Afrika!! The heading of this not so supprising news

Re: [PAYCO] PAC leader joins ANC

2010-05-28 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
in simple terms. Can I assume you only know the dictionary explanation of the word revolution? Thanks With Respect-Mohlomphegi Mphahlele On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 11:43 AM, Mohlomphegi Mphahlele mohlomph...@yahoo.com wrote: Comrade Snow I wish I could not answer you on this comment


2010-05-28 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Izwe lethu Joni!! You said it mouthfully From: Masande Gonya 1masa...@gmail.com To: payco@googlegroups.com Sent: Fri, May 28, 2010 2:02:01 PM Subject: Re: [PAYCO] PAYCO VS PACyl ON SA FM Africanist we must be vigilant, the media is not right tool for now ,

Re: [PAYCO] The Rise of A Star : Welcome Ikwezi To Our Shores

2010-10-17 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
I must say that I am not empressed by the crop of leadership in PAC since the passing of President Lekoane Mothopeng. Comrades who have been close to me for all those years will attest to that. My biggest concern is that we cannot continuasly fail this movement by electing a leadership which at


2010-12-16 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
PAC Comrades We are not cursed at all. Unfortunately I do not support comparing infighting within PAC now with what happened during the apartheid era. I would say the infighting then was influence by ideological differences with exception to later PAC external mision differences. Our

Re: [PAYCO] Resolutions as tabled, corrected and adopted by the NCC

2011-01-31 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Cmorades I think if we cannot criticaly scrutinize and critic each other and speak our mind openly on all issues pertaining to PAC we won't come alright. It must be clear to everyone that we are following all developments within our movement. Here I include all PAC and PAC fuction members.


2011-06-28 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
Cdr Mduduzi and all other Africanists   Race remains as Sobukwe has said a thorny issue. Like you comrade it is really difficult for me to separate an African from a Settler. However I pasted an extract from Sobukwe State of the Nation Campaign and believe it should give us an insight into this

[PAYCO] This Kit changed all my life

2011-09-14 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
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[PAYCO] Look what i found here

2011-09-17 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
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[PAYCO] Hi friend...

2011-10-07 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
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Re: [PAYCO] Khumbula i Afrika!

2011-10-10 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
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[PAYCO] Fwd: Look what i found here!!

2011-10-26 Thread Mohlomphegi Mphahlele
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