Re: [PD] math + music examples

2011-03-24 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi, just a tip: begin with everybody clapping hands and counting loud every clap, and then counting in different modulos , and then go to pd showing how pd does the same. Then the same with pitches, first singing, etc...i always start with quick collective musical exercise and then go to computer

[PD] fx in text and background color in gem

2010-11-05 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi list, I`m trying to make some text and apply some pix_ fx on it. It is working well, but i could not make it work with white background and black text... if someone can take a look at the patch woul be perfect, thanks for help, Cristiano texto_teste.pd Description: Binary data

Re: [PD] fx in text and background color in gem

2010-11-05 Thread cristiano figueiró
, 2010 at 2:07 PM, cyrille henry wrote: hello Cristiano, after a gemframbuffer, you need a translateXYZ 0 0 -4 cyrille Le 05/11/2010 17:47, cristiano figueiró a écrit : Hi list, I`m trying to make some text and apply some pix_ fx on it. It is working well, but i could

[PD] array comparison

2010-10-13 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi list, I'm with a little problem here: In the attached patch, imagine that the arrays are probabilities of something (i.e. pitches), i would like to automate something that would have the output: array1 is more stable than array2 and thinking that the array would be changing it's values in

Re: [PD] GEM Shear / angle relationship - sinusoidal error

2010-09-02 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi Ed! Thanks for sharing this patch, i remember when you did show this project. Here is missing [0_maker_1] abstraction in the package. Cheers, Cristiano On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Ed Kelly wrote: Yes, that's what I meant to say. Radians is only for the [tan], but

Re: [PD] list operation

2010-04-30 Thread cristiano figueiró
thanks for the answers, i will try all and post the results ;) On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 11:06 PM, Matt Barber wrote: Ha ha, mine had a hilarious and totally unnecessary extra [list-map]. That's what happens when you work hastily... how embarrassing; oh well. MB On Tue,

[PD] list operation

2010-04-27 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hello everyone, I would like to compare all the values in a list with a value of input and then decide which is the closest value and replace that value closer to the amount of input. For example, I have a list 2, 10, 35 and have an input value of 12 I would like the list as output 2, 12, 35.

[PD] launch pd problem in ubuntu 9.10 (?)

2010-03-11 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi everyone, i'm having a trouble here running pd-ext (Pd-0.43.0-devel-20100310-ubuntu-karmic-i386.deb) in ubuntu 9.10. When i open with normal user, everything is ok, except for the webcam in pdp (the webcam is ok in other programs like cheese). When i launch pd as root it gives a message:

Re: [PD] pdcon09 and iscl2009

2009-08-05 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hei Marius, the pics from Bahia are great :) There are some more in the blog: Thanks for coming and shared, was very nice meet you all. See you in the next ;) Abraços figo ___ mailing list UNSUBSCRIBE and

[PD] crashing with pvoc~

2009-07-01 Thread cristiano figueiró
hello everyone, we are here working with [pvoc~] from bsaylor . This patch is always crashing an we don't know whyno idea, ... any idea? cheers Cristiano mimosa-time.pd Description: Binary data ___ mailing list UNSUBSCRIBE and

[PD] pd + git

2009-06-16 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi everyone, A little question about work with git in patch repositorys: Can i acces directly in pd my older revisions? I'm doing in the wrong way i think, i pickup some commit id and save with another name and than open pd :p thanks cristiano ___

Re: [PD] pd + git

2009-06-16 Thread cristiano figueiró
exactly, well...i can acces every commit in text format, then save as othername.pd and then open pd..anyone maintain pd patches repos in git? On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 2:00 PM, cristiano figueiró figoc...@gmail.comwrote: exactly, well...i can acces every commit in text format, then save

Re: [PD] Pure Data project needs feedback

2009-06-12 Thread cristiano figueiró
hey, you should tell people that this is only for windows!! and why rapidshare? put your code on or something like that cheers On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Lau Llobet socunasind...@gmail.comwrote: Since rapidshare account has collapsed because the amount of downloads I've

Re: [PD] beat detection

2009-04-08 Thread cristiano figueiró
[aubioonset~] | [rhythm] :) On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 5:37 PM, Alex wrote: there is [bonk~] in pd there is also a pd external that uses aubio [in the aubio distro i think, it is also in apt [ubuntu]. -Alex On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Scott Wade

Re: [PD] The PdCon09 webpage is UP

2009-03-16 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi Ed, yes you still can upload the paper to your submission. Cheers Cristiano On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 4:31 AM, Ed Kelly wrote: AAArgh Should I send the paper? Please be gentle with me! Ed Lone Shark: Synchromatic: Out December 1st 2008

Re: [PD] PdCon09: TeX paper templates

2009-03-12 Thread cristiano figueiró
Hi, we're working on a latex template to Pd Con 09. I'm not a very latex person so i'm asking help to others to improve this. Would be nice if any of you could help on this :) I think that this model could be good (with all images and .sty in one package) :