Re: [PDCurses] Problem with halfdelay(), and fix

2002-03-03 Thread William McBrine
now. I'm not sure if that should be applied as is, since it would affect all ports. And I haven't yet figured out why the Turbo C++ routine (based on delay() from TC's dos.h) isn't working. Still no luck there... anyone else? -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PDCurses] Licensing/GPL

2002-07-23 Thread William McBrine
. ;-) -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] Borland Makefile patches

2005-05-26 Thread William McBrine
In recent versions of Borland C++, the name of the linker has changed to ilink32. More importantly, the makefile mistakenly lists pdcclip.c as being in srcdir rather than osdir. Here are the patches. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED] *** win32/bccwin32.old 2005-05-26 20:03:57.963471800

Re: [PDCurses] Cross compiling for AROS

2006-01-21 Thread William McBrine
). It seems very incomplete. I haven't tested it, and I can't read the .info files yet (gotta set up UAE again, I guess). Presumably you'd extract the original 2.4 archive first, then this on top of it. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PDCurses] Totally lame question

2006-05-16 Thread William McBrine
will look like? It doesn't really look any different. You can alter the appearance by specifying the font, colors, etc. But it still looks pretty much like an xterm window. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PDCurses] PDCurses compilations problems

2007-02-25 Thread William McBrine
executable, not a directory. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.0

2007-03-31 Thread William McBrine
of the changes. The focuses for this release are X/Open conformance, i18n, better color support, cleaner code, and more consistency across platforms. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] Windows character sets

2007-05-12 Thread William McBrine
. The narrow-character build uses the OEM code page, as always; in this case, the char string functions are not wrappers, and the wide-char versions are not available. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.2

2007-06-06 Thread William McBrine
there -- some because people will want them, some to get out of the way before moving on to anything else. And no, I'm not really planning to do a release every month from now on. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] PDCurses for SDL

2007-06-13 Thread William McBrine
-config based build (Makefile) for Unix, or MinGW (Makefile.mng) for Windows. (The build system is the main thing that needs work before it's released.) -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PDCurses] Static Linking

2007-09-19 Thread William McBrine
On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a pre-compiled library for Windows that will allow me to statically link to pdcurses Why not compile it yourself? The default is to build a static library. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.4 binaries

2008-09-08 Thread William McBrine
Pre-compiled Win32 DLLs are posted now. -- William McBrine [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PDCurses] wmove() nonfunctional?

2009-02-23 Thread William McBrine
versions of PDCurses, wgetch() places the cursor at its current position in the window, since that's where the input text will appear. ncurses doesn't actually move the cursor until it starts outputting the text. -- William McBrine

Re: [PDCurses] SP-lines is negative

2009-06-21 Thread William McBrine
SP It seems to me that, when I've seen that kind of error before, it was due to someone trying to use a Win32 console build in a non-console terminal, like xterm. However, the mention of stderr.txt suggests that you're using an SDL build. So, I don't know. Anyone else? -- William McBrine

Re: [PDCurses] Extended ASCII character encoding

2012-05-07 Thread William McBrine
On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Bill J Gray wrote: Is there any particular character encoding associated with PDCurses? No. In the case you're talking about, the input comes from ReadConsoleInput(). It's Windows itself that determines the active console code page. (The

[PDCurses] SourceForge: CVS - git; GitHub

2015-06-17 Thread William McBrine
Sorry for the delay. I finally got around to looking at Frank Palazzolo's CVS to git conversion and was satisfied with it, so I forked it on GitHub, and cloned it to SourceForge. The old CVS repository is now gone. Further changes will be pushed to both SourceForge and GitHub.

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.5

2018-01-15 Thread William McBrine
PDCurses 3.5 is now available: Catching up on many of the changes of the last (ahem) ten years... hopefully without breaking too much (I'm saving that for later). Source only, no binaries yet.

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.6

2018-02-14 Thread William McBrine
PDCurses 3.6 is now available: 256 colors in the Windows console, real blinking and fixed up attributes everywhere, fixed X11 install, more. Source only, no binaries yet. SourceForge has been down all day, so it doesn't have 3.6, and links to it are temporarily disabled --

Re: [PDCurses] Custom font with PDCurses 3.6 / SDL2

2018-03-24 Thread William McBrine
On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 3:09 PM, Karl Garrison wrote: > Also, I don't see this in the docs anywhere, but it took me a bit to realize > that the BMP needed to be 1 BPP. ... I suggest adding a note to the > documentation about the BMP depth requirement Ahem... "The font is a

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.7

2018-12-31 Thread William McBrine
PDCurses 3.7 is now available: Lots of SDL2 fixes, compatibility with stdbool.h, various fixes including wincon resizing, general code and doc reorganization and cleanup.

[PDCurses] PDCurses 3.8

2019-02-02 Thread William McBrine
PDCurses 3.8 is now available: SDL fixes, DLL fixes, run-time version info, documented a lot of undocumented functions, etc.