Re: [peirce-l] The Pragmatic Cosmos

2012-03-29 Thread Khadimir
I can confirm that last bit about the difficulty of explaining these concepts, though I do so as a Deweyan always wondering exactly how did he borrow and deviate from Peirce's concepts. I do hear a number of people say that they like Peirce, but it is never clear to what they are referring. That

Re: [peirce-l] The Pragmatic Cosmos

2012-03-29 Thread Khadimir
with synechism? Best, Ben - Original Message - *From:* Khadimir *To:* PEIRCE-L@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU *Sent:* Thursday, March 29, 2012 1:44 PM *Subject:* Re: [peirce-l] The Pragmatic Cosmos Steven, This seems to be a plausible judgment of contemporary scene, if a sparse one. If I

Re: [peirce-l] Meeting Peirceans in New York, blogs

2012-03-19 Thread Khadimir
Uh oh, I have been called out. I will share the link to my blog, *Immanent Transcendence*: . The blog covers American, continental, and cross-tradition thought, though I spent many months discussing object-oriented ontology. I tend to write fairly

Re: [peirce-l] Proemial: On The Origin Of Experience

2012-03-05 Thread Khadimir
I would agree with the general thrust of the comments that more specificity is needed early. The current text appears to be motivated by a question that it unfolds. I think that is a fine rhetorical device, however, it needs to unroll in a few sentences and then hit us with an answer very

Re: [peirce-l] Logic is rooted in the social principle is rooted in logic

2012-01-12 Thread Khadimir
Greetings. Gary, your last point on morpho- vs. teleo-dynamics is excellent. But is not the distinction relative to analytic perspective? That is, what is may be described in terms of morphodynamics, but what might (will) be in terms of teleodynamics? The distinction is more temporal than