Re: [peirce-l] Aesthetics, Axiology, and Artistic Truth

2012-03-29 Thread Catherine Legg
Thank you for posting your thoughts on this, Michael! How does the concept of style which you elaborate below relate to Peirce's distinction of 'tone' from 'token' and 'type'? Cheers, Cathy -Original Message- From: C S Peirce discussion list [mailto:PEIRCE-L@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU] On

[peirce-l] Aesthetics, Axiology, and Artistic Truth

2012-03-26 Thread Michael Shapiro
Dear Peirce Listers, Apropos of the recent messages regarding the Peirce Society meeting at SAAP earlier this month in New York, yes, I was there too and heard Tom Short's responses after his paper (unsatisfactory, in my estimation; but he told me that he hadn't slept the night before)